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Entry 43: Ethan's Childhood

About a week ago, Miss Piggy gave birth to her fifth child, a boy named Ethan.

It wasn't long before I was asked to help calm the baby. It actually wasn't that hard to do; Ethan seems to be the happiest baby I've seen yet. It was very easy to cheer him up.

Tobias was...being Tobias. Maybe his bath water was a little too hot.

I saw on the news that Maeby was taking over at karaoke. What an afternoon delight!

I gave Gaston some polenta, and it nearly killed him! It was his worst food.

Mr. Saturn had a much better reaction when I gave him some lasagna. He blasted off for his super all-time favorite food!

Each day, I made sure to take some time to play with Ethan.

He would practically grow before my eyes.

I don't play Tomodachi Quest very often, but on this day, I gave it a try. Unfortunately, I was defeated by an engagement ring.

Buster told me he had feelings for Squishy, so he asked her out in the cafe.

But then Mr. Bean also professed his love for Squishy!

Before she could answer, someone else chimed in. Mario, who was working behind the counter, said that he loved Squishy the most!

But Squishy chose Mr. Bean, and they're now sweethearts.

Tobias later got into a fight with Mr. Bean, but they patched things up. And I have way too much fun making Tobias say quotes from Arrested Development. Especially when he's dressed up like a blue man.

In a big surprise, Mr. Saturn has gone from being the shortest islander to being the tallest after getting his legs lengthened by 20 feet. Fortunately, his pants also stretched out without ripping. You just don't want to be standing nearby when that coffee goes through him.

Ethan is now all grown up and ready to move on. I chose to send him away to travel the world. Good luck, Ethan!

I later gave Miss Piggy some corn flakes, and she started dancing. That was her all-time favorite food.

Mr. Bean proposed to Squishy, and she said yes! They got married right away!

They went to France for their honeymoon.

The Mii Homes section of the island now has six homes for the first time.

A new SpotPass item is now available, the interiors uniform. Nintendo sends out two SpotPass items each month, but I have to say that most of them are rather disappointing. I'd rather have one good one a month than two lame ones. At any rate, this interiors uniform is available for $40.00 and can be bought in one of four apron colors.

Yukon Cornelius, Mario, and Kevin Love all professed their love for TZ today.

But TZ turned them all down.

See you next time!

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Notes: Nintendo has graciously provided me with an advance copy of Tomodachi Life. Thanks, Nintendo! All Miis shown were made by me or my friends and are not in the game by default.

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