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Entry 44: Space Vacation

Zoidberg recently asked me if I enjoyed playing video games. Uh, what do you think I'm doing right now?

At the park one night, I found Buster and Shaq blowing bubbles together. Bubbles always make for some good, clean fun.

Miss Piggy told me she and Zoidberg wanted to have another baby! I told them to go for it.

And the next day, a boy named Chase was born. This is Miss Piggy's sixth baby. I've had the game for six months, and Miss Piggy is still the only mother on the island.

Elly asked for a disposable camera, and she used it to take this picture titled "A Funny Thing Happened." I'm not exactly sure what happened, or what's funny about it, but I think it looks a bit disturbing.

Batman, Elly, and I were playing frisbee one morning. Elly and I kept throwing it back and forth, ignoring Batman. He was jumping around and getting mad. But he has batarangs he can throw any time he wants. Let me and Elly have some fun, dude.

Maeby told me that she and Alien were having some troubles. I told her to try to work things out, but they weren't able to do it. They broke up.

I tried to cheer up Maeby by giving her a pretzel, but it backfired. It was her worst food.

The Count had a similar reaction when I gave him pizza. Wait, PIZZA is his worst food? I don't care if he is a vampire and a muppet, you still have to like pizza. Couldn't he at least count the pepperoni on it and be happy?

I played a game with Tobias where I had to guess the zoomed-in picture of an item. However, I lost the game when I misidentified some beads. BEADS?!

Today, Zoidberg and Miss Piggy called me to tell me Chase is now all grown up. He's off to become a StreetPass traveler. Good luck, Chase!

Jeff had a rap battle with Miss Piggy. She said my hair is so crazy, it's hard to ignore. BUT LOOK AT HER HAIR.

I sold some items at the pawn shop, namely some gold and silver coins. My balance reached $10,000 for the first time, so I decided to send Zoidberg to space!
But it's not just Zoidberg that gets to blast off; his family goes with him. So Miss Piggy and Xavier became Pigs in Space!

Looking for an opportunity to satisfy their curiosity, they started off with a visit to Mars.

They also floated around Saturn's rings. But Mr. Saturn was nowhere in sight.

And they took a quick fly-by of the Andromeda galaxy. By the look on Xavier's face, I think he may have been going in his space suit.

When they returned, Zoidberg gave me a martian rock as a souvenir. He also got to keep the astronaut suit.

So basically, the whole "send them to space" thing is really just an expensive vacation. While it's cool to do it one time, I can't see myself sending anyone else off to space anytime soon. Ten thousand dollars is a lot of money.

Tonight, Snoopy told me that he enjoys playing fetch with his puppy friend. I wonder if they both take turns throwing the ball.

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Notes: Nintendo has graciously provided me with an advance copy of Tomodachi Life. Thanks, Nintendo! All Miis shown were made by me or my friends and are not in the game by default.

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