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Entry 48: Island Ranking

Emily, the daughter of Popeye and Lucille 2, has now grown up. My plan for the babies is to keep the first baby of each couple, and then let any future kids travel the world via StreetPass. Since Emily is the first baby in her family, she'll be sticking around Wolf Bobs Island. If you'd like to add her to your island, you can find her Mii on the QR Codes page.

After getting a Tomodachi Life StreetPass, a traveler named Sophie arrived on my island. The boat she arrived on also took Ethan away to travel the world. Good luck, Ethan!

This unlocked a new rankings board, the island ranking!

It compares my island to those that I've StreetPassed. Of the seven islands listed, mine is the most comfortable island to live on. Yay for Wolf Bobs Island!

In the week leading up to Christmas, the shops are decorated for the holidays. There are Christmas decorations and festive holiday music with lots of bells.

Snoopy asked me for a new interior, and I figured since it's the Christmas season, I might as well give him the holiday interior that I bought earlier this month.

"Weird Al" Yankovic wanted to ask out Maeby, so he sang a song for her on the stage at the concert hall.

He asked her to be his sweetheart, but before she could answer, another voice rang out. "Wait!" It was Batman!

He said that he loved her too. But if that wasn't weird enough, Maeby's uncle Buster then flew in, wearing a dinosaur costume! And he asked her out too!

That's got to be the most bizarre asking-out sequence I've seen so far! Maybe it was a bit too weird for Maeby, because she turned them all down.

That evening, Sophie was in her tent at the campgrounds. She offered to sell me some shepherd's pie for two play coins, but I was unable to buy any because I stupidly spent my play coins on puzzle pieces just moments earlier.

I closed the 3DS until I had earned enough play coins, and then I kept talking to her in hopes that she'd offer it again. But it was no use--she wouldn't give me any pie. So I smacked her in the face.

Actually, that was just part of the mosquito mini-game. It took me a few tries, but I finally killed the mosquito that was bugging her.

A couple days later, Miss Piggy and Zoidberg got a letter from their son Ethan. He's hanging out on StreetPass Relay Point Island. I wonder if this will be the last I hear from him. I haven't heard from any of my other travelers in a long time now.

Shaq made a funny face for me, but I thought he looked more sad than funny. Why the long face?

I gave TZ some prosciutto, and she blasted off into space! It's her super all-time favorite food!

On the news, I saw that Breezy was so good at figure skating that she was able to spin nonstop for six hours! If she keeps that up, we may have to start calling her Dizzy instead of Breezy!

On Christmas Eve, the food mart had a one-day-only special: Roast turkey!

Xavier made a funny face for me, and this might even top Shaq's face.

And "Weird Al" Yankovic told me that he's memorized all of the songs on his CD. Well, I would hope so. He even offered to sing them to me! Wow, a private Weird Al concert! Too bad he was just pulling my leg.

I hope you're all enjoying the holidays! I'll see you again in the new year!

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Notes: Nintendo has graciously provided me with an advance copy of Tomodachi Life. Thanks, Nintendo! All Miis shown were made by me or my friends and are not in the game by default.

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