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Entry 50: The Count-Velma Wedding

I gave Zoidberg some tap water, and he loved it so much that he started dancing! It's his all-time favorite food.

Tobias asked me what he should say when he's sad. So I just told him to sob in the shower, like he often does. Because sometimes, not even a bath can wash away the blues.

I decided to add Tobias' brother-in-law GOB (pronounced Jobe) to the island. For those not familiar with Arrested Development, he is also the brother of Buster and Lindsay, the son of George Sr., and he is Maeby's uncle. I tried letting the game make a Mii based on a photo, and this is what it gave me.

But I wasn't quite happy with that, so I made some changes to the Mii. I also gave him a magician costume, since he is a magician after all.

Peach told me things weren't going well in her marriage to Darth Vader. You don't say. The entire Mushroom Kingdom tried to warn you about him. Even Bowser was wondering what you saw in a guy so evil.

But I told them to try to work things out, and they agreed to give it another shot.

I thought maybe a nice vacation would help them to get along better. But when I gave Peach the travel ticket, she went to Japan with Lucille 2!

Bomberman thought it was odd that you never hear bad rumors about Squishy. Hmm, you're right...let's concentrate and think up a juicy rumor right now! I heard she smuggles oranges into other countries! Spread the word!

Buster was interested in dating TZ, so he asked her out in the park.

However, she quickly turned him down.

To my surprise, Mario told me he wanted to get to know Luigi better! But he's your brother and you've been fighting Bowser together for 30 years!

I gave him the travel ticket he asked for, and the two Mario brothers headed off to America. They visited Seattle (to visit Nintendo of America perhaps?), Miami, and Monument Valley. You can see Luigi remembered to pack a propeller power-up. Very helpful if you fall off of a cliff!

The next time I ran into GOB, I gave him a new outfit. Sure, the magician costume fits him well, but so does a banana suit! He did invent the character of Mr. BananaGrabber, after all.

If you'd like to add GOB to your island, the Mii is available on the QR Codes page.

Later on, Zoidberg showed me a funny face he's been working on...

The Count told me he was ready to propose to his girlfriend, Velma. So I told him to pop the question at the fireworks show. But even though Velma was thinking about The Count, she was also thinking about her other honey too.

I was able to pass the mini-game without any trouble, and The Count asked Velma to marry him.

She said yes, and they got married right away. This is Velma's second wedding (she previously married Annyong). Guests at the wedding included Squishy, Gaston, Inigo Montoya, Lucille 2, Batman, Elly, Peach, and Breezy.

After the wedding, they took their honeymoon in Tahiti. I wonder how long it'll be until Velma gets tired of his counting shtick. One, two, three palm trees! Ah, ah, ah!

When they returned from Tahiti, The Count gave me a shell necklace as a souvenir.

I later gave Squishy some stewed beef, and it nearly killed her! It was her worst food!

Thanks for reading this 50th blog entry. Have you read them all? Be sure to stick around, because I'm not stopping anytime soon. I'll see you next time!

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Notes: Nintendo has graciously provided me with an advance copy of Tomodachi Life. Thanks, Nintendo! All Miis shown were made by me or my friends and are not in the game by default.

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