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Entry 51: Food Reactions

A cat convention was held recently, and several of the island's Miis dressed up like cats as they attended the event. The cats seemed to enjoy spending time with "Pet Me Maeby." When asked why no cats were petting Batman or Elly, they just said it was nothing purrsonal.

While feeding Mario, I recently found both of his favorite foods. He blasted off into space for his super all-time favorite food, a stuffed cabbage roll. He later had his all-time favorite, fudge, and started dance-dancing.

But I was only getting started when it came to finding my Miis' food reactions. I also found Jeff's super all-time favorite (an oatmeal cookie) and TZ's all-time favorite (a pork cutlet). Note: I've now found all four of TZ's favorite/worst foods.

Maeby, feeling frisky after her petting session, now wanted to get married. She asked if she should propose to Conan, and I told her to give it a shot.

They went to a local restaurant, but Conan had noses on his mind! Maybe he smelled the other cats on her!

Once she popped the question, Conan said yes! They got married right away.

The wedding was attended by George Sr., Velma, Darth Vader, TZ, Annyong, Lindsay, Lucille 2, and Mario. All of the cats declined their invitations after hearing that Meow Mix was not being served.

Maeby and Conan took their honeymoon in Japan. That's fine and all, but it seems like too many Miis are taking vacations there. I'm not sure how many vacation destinations are in the game, but I'd like to see some more variety.

The cold winter weather on Wolf Bobs Island didn't stop Elly, Miss Piggy, Yukon, and Lucille 2 from having a barbecue. I like how Miss Piggy had to stand on a stool.

Conan asked for some new clothes, so I decided to dress him like the world's tallest gnome. If Maeby sees him like this, she may never go gnome again.

Just as a reminder, be sure to occasionally sell extra items at the pawn shop. Since 99 is the maximum amount of any item you can own, any additional items you acquire beyond that will be lost. And Miis of a certain level will give you a silver or gold coin every time they level-up, so it's easy to accumulate a lot of them without realizing you're getting close to the limit. I sold a bunch of mine and I was able to get the most expensive interior in the game: The golden interior for $20,000.

In the park, a "lazybones marathon" was held. Each contestant tries to be lazier than everyone else. Even though you might think this would be perfect for GOB, he was actually too lazy to even attend the event.

"Weird Al" Yankovic had some prosciutto, and then melted into the floor. It was his worst ever food. Maybe he shouldn't have taken his own advice to "just eat it."

The food chain continued as I found Luigi's worst food (cappuccino) and Charlie Brown's worst ever food (grits). My islanders are going to start hating me if I keep giving them poisoned food they don't like.

Later that day, Shaq showed up on the news, telling me that I've solved a total of 1,500 problems so far! I don't know what's worse: The fact that I've solved so many problems, or that my islanders are keeping count.

Lucille 2 had some news for me...She and Popeye are going to be having another baby!

Gaston was at the morning market telling me his milkshakes are the best around.

I wonder how he makes them so great. He could teach me, but he'd have to charge.

As of January 16th, a new SpotPass item is available--a patterned kimono. It comes in four colors, and it costs a whopping $560.00. You can buy it now at the import-wear shop.

Popeye then called me to tell me Lucille 2 just had baby #2! It's a girl named Sophie. She has her mother's eyes and her father's smile. Once she grows up, I plan on letting her travel the world.

Thank you for stopping by! Please come again!

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Notes: Nintendo has graciously provided me with an advance copy of Tomodachi Life. Thanks, Nintendo! All Miis shown were made by me or my friends and are not in the game by default.

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