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Entry 56: Zoidberg, Miss Piggy Divorce

Xavier recently asked me to turn him into an adult, so I sprayed him with an age-o-matic. He's all grown up now.

Lucille 2 gave birth to baby #4. It's yet another girl, this one named Jocelyn. I swear, all of Lucille's daughters look the same!

At the morning market, Mario was selling some banana peels! They might be helpful in a go-kart race...but he was actually suggesting them as food! Ew.

Still, they were only six cents each, so I bought 99 of them. I'll buy anything for six cents!

Blake, the son of Squishy and Mr. Bean, has now grown up. As many of you know, I keep the first child from each couple. So Blake has now moved into his own apartment.

In entry 35, I said Miss Piggy and Zoidberg's daughter Scarlett was the ugliest baby yet. And I think she's held that title for a while, but two other couples have made babies that rival Scarlett. First, meet the new child of The Count and Velma: Madeline.

Not to be outdone, Darth Vader and Peach had a son named Juan two days later.

No, you're not seeing it wrong: His face is indeed upside down. His eyes are below his mouth.

While looking at Mario's status screen, I noticed that Luigi is now his best friend! How fitting! They're super for each other.

Once again, I got a letter from Ethan on StreetPass Relay Island--just like I did in entry 48. I don't know if he's been there the whole time, or if he got picked up and then sent there again by someone else. If it's the latter, why didn't I get a letter from the other island he visited? I'm really quite disappointed with the way the StreetPass functions work in Tomodachi Life.

As of yesterday, Jocelyn is now all grown up. So she's off to travel the world! Or more realistically, to stand at the dock for a few months and then eventually take a one-way trip to Relay Island. Have a nice trip!

Zoidberg told me things weren't going well with Miss Piggy. I told him to try to work it out. So they gave it a try...

But they weren't able to work out their differences. They got divorced.

They were my island's first couple, getting together back in blog entry #3, so it's sad to see this happen. Marriages seem so temporary in Tomodachi Life, it's really a bummer. And it's so strange to see that first house spot empty now.

On the bright side, I'm sure some new couple will come along and take that spot. Stay tuned to see what happens next time.

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Notes: Nintendo has graciously provided me with an advance copy of Tomodachi Life. Thanks, Nintendo! All Miis shown were made by me or my friends and are not in the game by default.

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