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Entry 60: Overseas Traveler

Even though Miss Piggy and Zoidberg are now divorced, they still appeared together to tell me they received a letter from their fifth child, Ethan.

In the letter, Ethan wrote that he's visited two different islands and he's currently enjoying his stay on Meowmix Island. (The island that cats ask for by name!)

The following day, a StreetPass boat came to the port. It brought a traveler named Cat, and it also took Leah away. After Cat explored the island, she set up a tent at the campground. So of course, I paid her a visit.

When I looked at her information card, I was quite surprised to find that she came from the United Kingdom! So she must have hopped on a plane and crossed the Atlantic Ocean at some point...unless this was done by Nintendo's StreetPass relay system. Regardless of how it happened, it's pretty cool.

She told she has visited six islands so far, and she hasn't had a chance to clean up in a long time. So she was a bit stinky...

I gave her a bath set, and she hopped into a barrel of water and started bathing. And singing.

She enjoyed the bath, but it washed the purple out of her hair. She's now blonde.

She offered me some exotic cuisine for just one play coin. It's not very often that I get a new special food item, so I jumped at the offer.

She took a picture with Snoopy, and if all goes well, she'll send this picture to her home island's owner back in the United Kingdom.

I fed her a bunch of sweet treats, leveling her up twice to level 5, before letting her sleep for the night.

I've been getting an unusually high amount of StreetPass hits in recent days. Popeye and Lucille 2 got a letter from Leah, who is now on StreetPass Relay Point Island. Also, Zoidberg and Miss Piggy got another letter from Ethan. He's now staying on Party Island. Based on this picture, it looks like he's been partying a bit too much.

Adam has now grown up, and he is leaving Wolf Bobs Island to become a traveler himself.

And at the morning market, Squishy told me she woke up really early to make some spoiled milk! Uhh...

Even though I have no interest in drinking any myself, I bought 99 bottles of it...just to have in my inventory. It was only six cents a bottle, after all. Maybe I can give it to Miis when they do something that annoys asking for a new outfit right after I change their clothes.

Shaq told me that he and Lindsay are thinking about having another baby. I never discourage married couples from having babies, so go for it!

Tobias, who loves his hard-boiled eggs, asked to eat something with eggs.

I gave him some quiche, and he loved it.

Another StreetPass boat brought in a new imported item: Bow ties & jeans. It also took Jocelyn away.

And just today, Lindsay gave birth to her second baby, a boy named Hunter.

Hunter has been added to my list of the kids of Wolf Bobs Island.

I'll be back with more next time. Thanks for visiting!

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Notes: Nintendo has graciously provided me with an advance copy of Tomodachi Life. Thanks, Nintendo! All Miis shown were made by me or my friends and are not in the game by default.

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