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Entry 64: Popular Piggy

First of all, I want to point out that I've made a new page where I list all of the items in my collection. Even though it's not 100% complete yet (I still need many of the StreetPass items), it may help you figure out what items you're missing. Here is the link: Tomodachi Life Collection List.

After giving George Sr. some Salisbury steak, he melted into a pile of gray goo. It was his worst ever food.

GOB asked out Miss Piggy (her?) at the concert hall.

The idea appealed to her, and she said yes. They're now sweethearts!

I gave Gaston some rice, and he loved it! He started dancing for his all-time favorite food.

TZ told me that she and George Sr. were thinking of having another baby. I told her to go for it, and the following day, she gave birth to a girl named Kaylee.

In an unrelated story, lollipops featuring the face of George Sr. have gone on sale. I hope this product is more successful than the Cornballer.

Reviews of the candy weren't so hot. One taste-tester said that George Sr.'s face gets old after a while! You don't say.

Speaking of George Sr.'s face, the woman in this shampoo commercial looks awfully familiar...

They're trying to sell chicken noodle soup scented shampoo. I think I prefer the smell of hot ham water.

I decided to use CutieKat's suggestion and I gave Villager the spring interior. Now it can be the cherry blossom festival all the time!

Before long, Kaylee was all grown up. She has left the island to become a traveler.

GOB must have picked a good time to ask out Miss Piggy. Because many guys on the island have tried to steal her away in recent days! That includes "Weird Al," Alien, Yukon Cornelius, Tobias, and even the Swedish Chef!

Miss Piggy turned them all down.

I decided to give Luigi the horror interior, so that his apartment can look like Luigi's Mansion.

Lucille 2 got a letter asking her to meet someone up on the roof. When she went to investigate, she found Conan dressed as a giant gnome with sunglasses and a fake mustache. He said he was up all night writing this joke.

I noticed that there will still a couple of travel items I needed, so I started handing out travel tickets like crazy. Batman took his vacation in Africa, where he brought along Gaston and Mr. Bean for some reason. Here they are trying to walk past a lion without waking it.

When they returned, Batman gave me some desert sand. When I gave Madison a travel ticket, she took her sweetheart Villager to Hawaii. This wasn't Villager's first time on a tropical island.

They also did some roving around by train while they were there.

Charlie Brown used his travel ticket to go to China with Mr. Bean.

When they returned, Charlie gave me a plush panda that I needed for my collection.

On Wednesday, I got a camper (StreetPass traveler) named Ragyo.

The boat that brought her here also brought some camo hats, and it took Juan away when it left. Ragyo also sold me some churros for just one play coin!

By looking at Ragyo's travel log, I see that she started out in Michigan before going to Wisconsin and then arriving in Ohio. She's traveled over 1,000 miles already.

I gave Madison some yakisoba, and she blasted off for her super all-time favorite food.

Ryder asked out Emily, and she said yes, so they are now sweethearts.

Peach and Darth Vader got a letter from Juan; he's now on StreetPass Relay Point Island. But interestingly enough, there was some text that said "Italy" on the top of the screen. Maybe he took advantage of the recent International StreetPass Week to hop across the Atlantic. Good luck in Europe, Juan!

It's May now, and the interiors shop has a special interior available for this month only: Flower meadow.

The new month also brings a new SpotPass item, the Import Wear uniform. It costs $40.00, and it's available in four colors.

These store uniform items are really pretty boring. The good news is that they're probably running out of them by now. I hope they will find some more creative items for SpotPass downloads. Then again, you've got to wonder how long they will continue to release new items.

If you haven't seen my recent video, it's a rap song sung by Villager at the concert hall. He raps about being a mayor, his annoying neighbors, and the future of Animal Crossing. (view on Youtube)

Thanks for stopping by! I'll see you all next time!

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Notes: Nintendo has graciously provided me with an advance copy of Tomodachi Life. Thanks, Nintendo! All Miis shown were made by me or my friends and are not in the game by default.

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