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Entry 66: Too Young to Marry

Lucille 2 and Popeye's daughter Lily is all grown up now. She left the island to become a traveler. Lily has perfect teeth; too bad no one will ever see them.

Miss Piggy and Zoidberg got a letter from Ethan, who is currently staying on Gallifrey Island. He sent this picture of him and his buddy Woman.

Ryder told me he wanted to propose to Emily; I told him to go for it. He popped the question in the train station, and she said yes.

But this proposal is different from any other I've had on Wolf Bobs Island. They can't get married, because they're not grown-ups!

But Ryder told me if I use an age-o-matic on them, they will become grown-ups and they can get married. So I got out my can of silly string age-o-matic, and gave it a good squirt.

They got taller (and older), and they were now able to proceed with the wedding.

They went to China for their honeymoon.

But not everyone was happy for the newlyweds. Emily's ex, Charlie Brown, said that he flushed all his pictures of Emily down the toilet! Good grief.

A StreetPass boat brought some imported flared miniskirts, and it also took Cat away.

Madison told me she was having trouble with her sweetheart Villager. I told her to try to work things out...but it didn't go well. They broke up.

I saw a story on the news about Snoopy and his pet bird. Snoopy was chasing the bird all around his apartment. Was it Woodstock?

Zoidberg was hungry, and he specifically asked for a crab. Uhh...

Shaq told me he and Lindsay weren't getting along very well. I told him to work things out, but just like Villager and Madison, they were unable to save the relationship.

After unsuccessfully asking out Miss Piggy, I fed "Weird Al" Yankovic some yakisoba. He nearly choked to death as he fell to the ground, as a raincloud continued to dump rain on him. He's clearly having a Bad Hair Day.

A letter arrived from Chase, who is currently visiting Guertena Island. He sent this picture of him and his buddy Zoey.

To my surprise, Buster told me he misses Miss Piggy and wanted to get back together with her!

I asked Miss Piggy about it, and she told me she would think about it. But once the two of them met up on the beach, Miss Piggy shot him down. I still have yet to see a broken-up couple get back together. I'm hoping it happens with Jeff and Elly, but it doesn't seem that the odds are very good.

Lucille 2 and Popeye told me they were having another baby, and this time it was a boy named Zachary!

Zachary is their 6th child, which ties them with Zoidberg and Miss Piggy for the most kids. Meanwhile, their third child Leah came back for a visit!

She brought me some rice pudding from Exanite Island, which I added to my collection list. She also had a nap and a large meal before heading back out to continue traveling the world.

A SpotPass notification informed me that all colors of the graduations caps are now available at the import-wear shop. So we don't get a brand new item this time--the graduation cap was the first SpotPass item one year ago--but we do get new color variations.

Thanks for stopping by! Please come again!

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Notes: Nintendo has graciously provided me with an advance copy of Tomodachi Life. Thanks, Nintendo! All Miis shown were made by me or my friends and are not in the game by default.

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