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Entry 68: Uncle Sam Colors

Bailey, the daughter of Batman and Squishy, has grown up and left the island to travel the world. Wow, Batman has really let himself go...and Bailey looks like an insect. I guess "leaving the nest" is a fitting phrase. I hope my puns don't bug you.

Breezy gave birth to a baby girl named Sofia.

Here is a family picture of Sofia with her parents, Gaston and Breezy.

Yukon Cornelius told me he was working on a funny face, and this is what he came up with. Yeah, that will keep the abominable snowman away.

The following day, I was told that Julia is all grown up now. She left to become a traveler.

I received letters from Gianna and Adam, saying that they're on StreetPass Relay Point Island.

Hailey told me that she wanted to propose to Blake. She did, and he said yes. But there was a problem: They're both kids!

So I sprayed them with an age-o-matic to turn them into adults.

The wedding was held immediately. Afterward, they took their honeymoon in Japan.

Conan and Maeby's daughter Violet has also grown up and left the island.

I gave Darth Vader some roast beef, and it nearly killed him. It was his worst food. Fortunately, his stomach vaporized it and his intestines turned it into dark energy. He just had to use a little Force to eject it.

Two islanders blasted off into outer space for their super all-time favorite foods: Blake launched for a baked potato, and George Sr. loved his gyro.

Before long, Sofia grew up. I debated whether or not to keep her, but ultimately I let her go. I may keep one of Breezy and Gaston's future kids (if there are more), but Sofia is not the one.

Breezy, meanwhile, nearly died after chugging some eggnog. It was her worst food. Maybe she'd enjoy it more at Christmas time.

Lucille 2 and Popeye had another baby, this time a son named Brandon. This is their 7th child, which is a Wolf Bobs Island record.

Yukon received a letter telling him to meet someone up on the roof. When he went up there, he saw Mr. Bean looking more weird than usual. He said "If you look closely at this photo, you might notice something..." and then walked away.

The next day, I apparently interrupted Lucille 2 as she was playing with Brandon. I love scaring my Miis half to death like this.

Juan recently came back for a visit, bringing me a falafel from an island he visited.

TZ and George Sr. had another baby, this time a girl named Zoey.

Miss Piggy and Zoidberg got a letter from Scarlett, saying she's currently staying on Mineral Island. Apparently that island's owner didn't want to share a picture of his/her Mii, since there was no Mii in Scarlett's picture.

Just today, a now grown-up Brandon left the island to become a traveler. Where he'll go, nobody nose.

It's July now, and instead of a new SpotPass item, we once again just get new color variations of a previous item. This time, all colors of the Uncle Sam outfit are now available. They can be bought for $100 each in the import-wear shop.

A boat from Genosha Island brought a traveler named Jace. The boat also took Aubree away as it left. I had a chat with Jace at the campground.

Jace sold me a new special food, some lassi, for one play coin. I've added the lassi (and the falafel from Juan) to my collection list. In fact, every time I get a new item for my collection, I update that page the same day.

And before I ended the game for the day, Squishy told me that she and Batman are having another baby.

I might have to start telling these Miis no when they ask about having babies. There's just so many of them! And I hate when I start up the game, only to be interrupted by an announcement that a baby has been born, needs to be calmed down, or has grown up. Sometimes I just want to check one of the markets real quick, and these forced announcements are so frustrating. Especially when I'm short on time.

Thank you for stopping by. Please come again!

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Notes: Nintendo has graciously provided me with an advance copy of Tomodachi Life. Thanks, Nintendo! All Miis shown were made by me or my friends and are not in the game by default.

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