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Entry 70: 2500 Problems Solved

Popeye was so angry at TZ that he was flaming mad. I guess he can cook his own spinach this way.

TZ was also on fire. For a long time, I've wondered if a Mii will stay "on fire" if they blast off into space. So I tested it out. I already knew TZ's super all-time favorite food was prosciutto, so I gave it to her again. Unfortunately, her flames disappeared once the animation began. (They returned when she came back down to Earth).

Gaston had a confession for me: He keeps secrets from Breezy! Based on his apartment, maybe he's a hamster instead of a rabbit. Shh! Don't tell Breezy!

Lindsay, to everyone's surprise, had feelings for Xavier! She asked him out, and he said yes! They are now sweethearts.

In a trivia mini-game, Villager asked me if this was true or false: Charlie Brown and Snoopy are friends. Well, DUH.

I gave Jeff a sandwich, and he started dancing! Ryder did the same when I gave him a cappuccino. Those are their all-time favorite foods.

I've been telling most couples not to have babies lately (or just ignoring their heart icons altogether). But I did allow Breezy and Gaston to have another baby: They had a son named Cameron.

At the morning market one day, Charlie Brown was selling napoleon cake...while wearing the Napoleon hat! Who knew Charlie Brown was a marketing genius?

Later that day, a newsbreak informed me that I have now solved 2,500 Mii problems!

It wasn't long before Cameron grew up and left the island to become a traveler.

Madison told me that she really misses Villager.

I encouraged them to get back together. But when Madison planned on asking him out, Villager didn't even show up. Aww.

Peach may like Mario, but she sure doesn't care for Luigi. She laughed when she saw him trip on the stairs. So cold, princess.

I gave Gaston a fan, and he had a good time sticking his face in it. Once he was done, he (unintentionally) joked about it being breezy now.

Popeye and Lucille 2 got a letter from their traveling daughter Sophie yesterday. She's currently staying on Bipper Island, where she has reached level 8! She sent this picture of her and her new friend Stella. (Stella is on the right, in case you have trouble telling which is witch).

As of August 1st, all available colors of the vacay swimsuits are now in-stock at the import-wear shop.

They cost $29.90 each; here is a look at the available colors:

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Notes: Nintendo has graciously provided me with an advance copy of Tomodachi Life. Thanks, Nintendo! All Miis shown were made by me or my friends and are not in the game by default.

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