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Entry 71: Inkling Girl Moves In

Villager recently told me he wanted something weird to wear on his head. I guess wearing a viking hat must be too mainstream now. So I gave him a frog hat, and he loved it.

I've noticed that my island has a lot more males than females (33 males and only 14 females). So I decided to add a new female Mii. Since I've been playing lots of Splatoon lately, I decided to make the inkling girl. I also gave her the seabed interior.

If you'd like to add her to your island (or Mii Maker) as well, feel free to scan this QR code. It's also been added to my QR Codes page, along with most of my other Miis.

I've been trying to feed her nothing but seafood related foods (including squid-ink spaghetti) for now. None of them have been her all-time favs/worst foods, but her favorites so far are caviar, sushi, and salmon meuniere.

Meanwhile, Villager and Batman made some funny faces for me. Um...yikes.

In a very surprising move, Lindsay proposed to Xavier!

He said yes, and they got married right away. I'm not surprised that she likes a younger guy (STEVE HOLT!), but Xavier is only one year old!

That resulted in an 11th home in the Mii Homes part of the island.

At the night market one evening, the mystery box contained some green juice! That was the last of the (regular) food items that I needed! Yay for green juice!

I was then interrupted by a Mii Newsbreak. News anchor Darth Vader made a big deal about me collecting all of the food items. May the forks be with you!

George Sr. received a letter asking him to meet someone on the roof. When he went up there, he found his son (nephew?) Buster in disguise. "Keep an eye out for weirdos," he warned.

I then gave George a panini, and he started dancing! It's his all-time favorite food.

When I gave Batman some sushi, he turned mushi. I mean mushy. It was his worst ever food.

A hurricane recently hit Wolf Bobs Island, and Emily was reporting from the heart of the storm! It nearly blew her away, but at least it didn't mess up her hair.

Madison told me she wanted to be all grown up, so I sprayed her with an age-o-matic.

GOB told me that things weren't going so well with Miss Piggy. I told him to try to work things out, but it didn't go very well. They got divorced.

GOB's day got even worse when I gave him some licorice; it was so bad that it made him melt. It was his worst ever food.

A boat arrived from #Train Island, bringing along paper crowns as an imported item. A camper named Eli also got off the boat. But before I went to meet Eli, a newsbreak informed me that traveler rankings are now available on the rankings board.

It lists the travelers that have visited the most islands. Cat, the purple-haired traveler from the United Kingdom who visited in entry #60, was top on the list with six islands visited. Leah, Sophie, and Scarlett ranked 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, respectively.

When I visited Eli at the campsite, he offered to sell me some alligator fritters for five play coins. Sure, I'll bite.

As of August 16th, all available colors of the aloha shirts have now been stocked through SpotPass.

Today, I had another StreetPass camper: Noah from Michael Island. The boat that brought him also stocked some surfer T-shirts. And Noah offered me some Manhattan clam chowder for four play coins.

I leveled up Noah twice (up to level 3) before letting him sleep for the night. And of course, I continually update my collection list each time I get a new item.

Thanks for stopping by. See you next time!

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Notes: Nintendo has graciously provided me with an advance copy of Tomodachi Life. Thanks, Nintendo! All Miis shown were made by me or my friends and are not in the game by default.

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