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Entry 73: Birthdays & Worst Foods

I recently gave Darth Vader a basic swimsuit, and...well...maybe I shouldn't have.

Darth Vader's wife, Peach, celebrated her birthday on September 3rd. She was joined by her husband, her daughter Madison, Mr. Bean, and Hailey. Interesting that Mario and Luigi didn't show up. They must still be mad that she joined the dark side.

Scarlett, the second daughter of Miss Piggy and Zoidberg, returned from traveling for a short visit. She also brought me some mussels from Sil Island.

Tobias showed me a funny face he had been working on, and it made me laugh.

My islanders continue to ask out Miss Piggy. This time, it was Snoopy, Luigi, and Bomberman. She turned them all down.

On September 7th, Kevin Love turned 27 years old. He celebrated with two bananas (GOB and Annyong), a sailor man (Popeye), and a piglobster (or whatever Xavier is).

Squishy also had a birthday eight days later. She celebrated with her husband Batman, her son Blake, the Swedish Chef, and Maeby. Happy birthday, Squishy!

I've been finding a lot of my islanders' favorite/worst foods lately. Lindsay danced for a waffle, which is her all-time favorite food. And Bobby Hill blasted off into outer space for a s'more, which is his super all-time favorite food.

Three of my islanders discovered their worst ever foods, causing them to melt into piles of gray goo. The foods that triggered the reactions were yakitori for Mario, chicken pot pie for Stella, and tiramisu for Annyong. Also, Alien choked when I gave him filet mignon! That was his worst food...and his worst mis-steak.

As of September 16th, all colors of the hats uniforms have been stocked via SpotPass. You can buy them at the import-wear shop for $40.00 each.

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Notes: Nintendo has graciously provided me with an advance copy of Tomodachi Life. Thanks, Nintendo! All Miis shown were made by me or my friends and are not in the game by default.

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