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Entry 80: Blake & Madeline Get Married

Stella recently told me that she has feelings for Villager. She met with him on the beach and asked him out.

But Hailey also showed up, saying that she has taken a viking liking to him too. But Villager ultimately chose Stella, so they are now sweethearts.

A traveler named Grayson stopped on my island to camp one night, and he offered to sell me a chili dog. Of course, I took him up on the offer. The chili dog has been added to my collection list.

As Christmas approached, Tomodachi Life began playing festive music for the holiday season. The shops displayed Christmas decorations and the employees wore Santa hats. Here's a picture of Inkling girl working at her part-time job at the food mart.

Inkling girl wearing a Santa hat while working at the food mart.
I recently found the all-time favorite foods of Lucille 2 and Xavier. Lucille danced for some cheese, while Xavier busted a move for space food.

Popeye also discovered his all-time favorite food: A protein shake. That's not surprising at all.

Blake told me he wanted to propose to Madeline. So at the fireworks show, he said that her beauty outshined the fireworks. Her?

He popped the question, and she said yes!

There was a problem, however: They were both still kids! So I gave them an age-o-matic to make them grow up, and the wedding was then held immediately. Congrats to the new married couple!

Inkling and Zoidberg had some unfortunate food encounters lately. Inkling nearly choked when she tried some orange juice--maybe it looked too much like her own orange ink? And Zoidberg melted after eating some macaroni and cheese. Not sure what's wrong with OJ and mac-and-cheese!

After helping Breezy make up with Tobias after a fight, I was interrupted with a newsbreak. Buster informed me that I have now solved 3,000 Mii problems!

I got a letter from Zachary, who wrote that he has visited 17 different islands!

That sounded amazingly impressive, until I found out it's not quite true. Sure, he may have visited 17 islands, but not 17 different islands. His history indicates he's been going back and forth between Avery Moon Island and Gallifrey Island. I figure it's probably either one person with two 3DS systems or two friends/siblings that StreetPass each other often.

As of January 1st, all colors of samurai clothes have now been stocked via SpotPass. They're available for $77.90 each at the import-wear shop.

Have a happy new year, everyone! I'll be back with the next update in mid-January!

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Notes: Nintendo has graciously provided me with an advance copy of Tomodachi Life. Thanks, Nintendo! All Miis shown were made by me or my friends and are not in the game by default.

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