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Entry 82: First Grandparents

Lindsay recently told me that she had a lot on her mind. You mean, besides the ice cream?

She told me that she and Xavier wanted to have a baby. Since it's been such a long time since a baby was born here, I told her to go for it. Two days later, she gave birth to a boy named Cooper.

Cooper is Lindsay's third child overall, but her first with Xavier. Shaq was the father of the first two--Ryder and Hunter. Cooper is the 38th baby born on the island. For a list of them all, see The Kids of Wolf Bobs Island.

Another point of interest is that Miss Piggy and Zoidberg (Xavier's parents) have now become the island's first set of grandparents! This is the first time a baby born on my island has had a kid of his/her own.

I gave Ryder a disposable camera, and he used it to take a picture of his mother, step-father, and new half-brother. (These relationships are getting tricky to keep track of!) He titled the photograph "New Hope."

On the news, I saw that Hailey recently discovered the world's smallest Mii. It's a teeny-weeny Weegee!

After a StreetPass hit, a Mii named Carson camped out on my island. He sold me some pierogies for three play coins. Delicious!

Once Cooper was all grown up, I decided to send him off to travel the world. Bon voyage!

Cooper may be grown up now, but I'm not so sure about his father (based on that outfit he's wearing).

After giving Tobias a camera, he took this picture of Jeff, Squishy, Alien, and Annyong. He called it "Too Cool for School."

Over by the fountain, Madison and Inigo mutually agreed to break up. They were both pleasant and polite about it, and they thanked each other for the memories. Not many breakups happen this way--in the game or in real life.

As of February 1st, all colors of football uniforms have now been stocked via SpotPass--just in time for the Super Bowl. The new colors are gold, black, green, and orange. Good luck seeing an orange football uniform in the Super Bowl though. (I can only dream). You can buy them at the import-wear shop for $100 each.

Charlie Brown told me he would like a hair accessory today. But he doesn't have any hair!

I gave him the "bed hair" accessory, which looks like a single strand of hair sticking up. He loved it!

Thanks for visiting. I'll be back with more next time!

In the meantime, here's something interesting I found on Amazon: A Tomodachi cutlery set! It's not related to the game of course, but the knives do have the word Tomodachi on them. So you'll have a quirky way of showing you're a fan. :P And just like your islanders will sometimes do, you'll be able to cut the cheese! ;)

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