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Entry 83: GOB Developments

GOB recently told me he's brainstorming mean things to say to his sister Lindsay the next time they have a fight. That sounds just like him.

GOB: I'm brainstorming mean things to say to Lindsay.
Darth Vader asked me for a new interior, so I figured he would feel at home with the galactic interior. It's out of this world. Now it looks like his apartment has plenty of space.

Darth Vader enjoys his galactic interior.
Alien told me he had feelings for Madison, so he asked her out up on the tower (so he could be closer to home?). But before she could respond, they were interrupted...

Alien looks spooked.
It was another green man, Luigi, and he said that he loved Madison too!

Luigi professes love for Madison.
But Madison chose Alien to be her sweetheart.

Lately, I've been doing something I used to avoid: I'm trying to complete the slide puzzles I've been giving my islanders.

Slide puzzle featuring Peach.
Sometimes they're easy to solve, and other times they take a lot of work. But I feel like I've gotten much better at solving them...although I had one that I swear was unsolvable recently.

After giving GOB some spaghetti peperoncino, he blasted off into outer space. It was his super all-time favorite food. Villager had the same reaction when I gave him some eggnog to drink.

GOB blasts off into outer space for spaghetti peperoncino.Villager blasts off into outer space for eggnog.
Bomberman wasn't quite so lucky. When I gave him some herring, he thought it was the worst.

Bomberman chokes on herring.
In another GOB development, he apparently misses his ex-wife Miss Piggy. Their breakup is clearly still bothering ham him.

GOB: I wanted to make Miss Piggy happy forever.
Emily was asked out by Charlie Brown and Bobby Hill. She chose Bobby Hill, so they are sweethearts now.

Emily chooses Bobby Hill as her sweetheart.
But Bobby Hill seems clueless about dating; he's asking all the wrong questions.

Bobby Hill: What's propane?
T. Zelda made a "funny face" for me. I thought she looked like an acorn with lipstick.

Hailey, who normally has gray hair despite being quite young, asked me for a new hair color. I granted her wish, and she loves the new color.

Hailey's new hair color.
Yesterday, Blake celebrated his birthday with his dad Mr. Bean, his mom Squishy, his wife Madeline, and his best friend George Sr. Happy birthday, Blake!

As of February 16th, all colors of the clothing uniforms have been stocked via SpotPass. They are available at the import-wear shop for $40.00 each.

New colors of clothing uniforms are now available.
You probably know my Tobias Mii, and you may know that he's from the TV show Arrested Development. But Amazon actually has a Tobias Bobblehead figure! If you look at the related items, you'll also see bobbleheads of other Arrested Development characters too (including GOB, Buster, George Sr., and more). Kinda cool.

Thanks for stopping by. I'll be back with another entry in early March.

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