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Entry 84: Leprechaun Hat Colors

I gave Bobby Hill a tomato recently, and he hated it! He thought it was the worst!

Madeline had a birthday on February 20th, and she celebrated with her father The Count, her mother Velma, her husband Blake, and her best friend Breezy.

Twice in the past two weeks, Jeff has told me that he misses Elly and wants her back.

But both times, Elly turned him down.

At least she told him in person once. The other time, she had Velma do it for her!

Two of my villagers melted into piles of gray goo after eating certain foods. For Bomberman (who was wearing cat ears at the time), eggnog was his worst ever food. For Gavin, it was an ice-cream cone! Really now, who really hates ice cream that much?

In the park, GOB went to ask out T Zelda. But once he got there, Gavin also showed up and professed his love for TZ.

TZ chose Gavin, so they are now sweethearts.

Chase sent a letter to his parents, and they shared it with me. He's currently visiting Awetera Island, which is the 8th island he's visited. He's been leveled up to level 10, and he took this picture with his new buddy Jor.

As of March 1st, all colors of the leprechaun hats have been stocked via SpotPass. The new colors are black, gold, red, and blue. They are available for $15 each in the import-wear shop.

If you're looking for a real leprechaun hat, try Unfortunately, they don't have any real leprechauns for sale. ;)

I gave Madeline some pasta pesto tonight, and she started dancing! It's her all-time favorite food.

Thanks for visiting. I'll be back with another entry around March 16th or so.

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