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Entry 85: Three Straight Birthdays

Several of my Miis have already eaten every regular type of food--or all but the ruined meal, which I need to find at the morning market so I can stock up. But I've started giving some special foods to those Miis now. The islanders have specific things they'll say after eating these special foods. For example, this is what they've said after eating alligator fritters (Elly) and a crumpet (Breezy).

Elly: I could easily eat a gallon of gator, it's so good!Do I look fancier now? Pip-pip!
On March 4th, Ryder celebrated a birthday. He was joined by his parents Shaq and Lindsay, his best friend Elly, and Madison.

Ryder celebrates his birthday.
The next day was Hailey's birthday. She celebrated with her father George Sr., her mother TZ, her best friend Annyong, and...Yukon Cornelius? Maybe he brought her a present from the island of misfit toys?

Hailey celebrates her birthday.
And on March 6th, Shaq had his birthday too! He was joined by his son Ryder, his best friend Popeye, Conan, and Madeline.

Shaq celebrates his birthday.
The Swedish Chef made a funny face for me, and I was actually able to see his eyes! Well, barely. Yikes.

The Swedish Chef makes a funny face.
Popeye told me that things with Lucille 2 weren't going so well. I told him to try to work things out, but it was no use. They broke up...without even trying to share a can of spinach! That would have solved everything!

Popeye and Lucille 2 break up.
Popeye's day got even worse when I gave him some clam chowder. It was his worst ever food, and he went down with the ship.

Popeye melts into a pile of gray goo after eating clam chowder.
As of March 16th, all colors of the pawn shop uniforms have been stocked via SpotPass. They are available for $40.00 each in the import-wear shop. I bought them all for catalog purposes...and I'll probably never use a single one of them. Those things are ugly!

All colors of the pawn shop uniforms.
Emily proposed to Bobby Hill (him?), and he said yes!

Emily proposes to Bobby Hill.
The only problem? They were both still kids! So I gave them an age-o-matic and that allowed them to grow up and get married.

Bobby Hill and Emily's wedding.

Thanks for stopping by. I'll be back with more in early April!

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Note: All Miis shown were made by me or my friends and are not in the game by default.

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