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Entry 86: Nintendo Uniform Colors

I recently gave Yukon Cornelius a salad, and it nearly killed him! It was his worst food, and I'm really not surprised. He seems like he would eat nothing but abominable snowman meat, seasoned with silver and gold that he scraped off his axe.

Yukon chokes on salad.
Breezy made a funny face for me, but she actually didn't look that different. Except her eyes looked a bit bigger. On second glance, I think she may have turned into a doll!

Breezy's funny face she made for me.
Breezy and Gaston got a letter from their daughter Sofia. She's currently staying on Pokemon Island where she met a new friend named Hammy.

Sofia: I made friends with this really cool street cat. He follows me around everywhere.
Sofia's new friend Hammy dressed in a hamster suit.
I don't think he's a cat...

Batman told me things weren't going well in his marriage to Squishy, but I told him to try to work things out...and they did. He was happy about that, but his day got even better when I gave him a butter cookie. He started dancing; it's his all-time favorite food! Never fight crime on an empty stomach!

Doing the BatDance.
It's funny when you give an islander a food they love, but they're in such a bad mood that they won't show it. So convincing, Luigi.

Luigi looking depressed as the text says he loved it.
As of April 1st, all colors of the Nintendo uniforms have been stocked via SpotPass.

Tobias wearing the yellowish Nintendo uniform.
That's no joke...but it may seem like a joke when you realize that only one color has been added. Anyway, the uniform is available at the import-wear shop for $100.

The Nintendo uniform.

Thanks for visiting! See you around April 16th!

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Note: All Miis shown were made by me or my friends and are not in the game by default.

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