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Entry 91: Swedish Chef Deer

On June 11th, Xavier celebrated his 2nd birthday. He was joined by his mother Miss Piggy, his father Zoidberg, his wife Lindsay, and his friend The Count. "One, two, AH AH AH. Two years old, AH AH!"

Xavier celebrates his birthday.
I'm sure Xavier really pigged out on birthday cake.

After giving the Swedish Chef some cheese, he melted into a pile of Muppety gray goo. Cheese is his worst ever food.

The Swedish Chef melts after eating his worst ever food.

The Chef was in a slightly different form on the news the next day. His face was seen on a mystical deer that was discovered eating chicken pot pies in the wild!

Mystical Deer Discovered!
The Swedish Chef Deer, as it is called, is now known to feed on chicken pot pies.
When the Swedish Chef Deer is approached by hunters, it tries to discourage venison consumption and instead suggests "pork, pork, pork!"

A different type of deer, a reindeer, was spotted on TZ's hat as she made this funny face for me. Uh, Christmas is WAY over. ;)

TZ makes a funny face.
Popeye and Lucille 2 got a letter from their daughter Leah recently. She said that she's staying on Labyrinth Island, which is the 7th island she has visited. She said a little monkey has been following her around. I wonder if it's Kiki from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past!

Leah: This little monkey has been following me everywhere. He's cute but kind of annoying.
On the news, I saw that there's a new flavor of toothpaste: Sausage! Now even when you're brushing your teeth, you can enjoy the flavor of sausage in the mouth.

New Toothpaste Taste: Sausage!

And in the park today, Ryder asked out Hailey!

Ryder: Hailey, will you go out with me?
Even though Charlie Brown also intruded and told Hailey he loves her too, Hailey said yes to Ryder. They are now sweethearts.

Thanks for visiting! There will be another entry in August.

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