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Entry 96: Level 99

Villager recently took off in a hot-air balloon during a festival. On the news, he said it felt like a dream to fly like that. It reminded me of The Bit Block's Animal Crossing Wii U Make Believe video, where players could (theoretically) travel to other towns via hot-air balloons.

Villager takes off in a hot-air balloon at a festival in Tomodachi Life.
After two and a half years, I have finally found Zoidberg's super all-time favorite food! He blasted off into space (from whence he came) when I gave him some cheesecake. Conveniently, he was already wearing his astronaut suit!

Zoidberg blasts off into outer space after eating his super all-time fav food.

At the morning market one day, Mr. Bean boasted about his wonderful crabs. Inkling Girl, who was not impressed, quickly scurried away.

Mr Bean at the morning market: My crabs have a reputation for being the best ever.
And after giving Blake some sashimi, he started dancing! It's his all-time favorite food.

Blake starts dancing after eating his all-time favorite food.
On the Mii News, I saw that George Bluth Sr. was setting up a new company! He's now in the business of shipping banana splits! This was funny to me, because in Arrested Development, George Bluth ran the Bluth Company, which owned a banana stand!

George Sr. Sets Up Company
His new company exports mass-produced banana splits.
I recently leveled up Jeff to level 99. He is my first islander to reach level 99, which is the maximum. Even though you can continue to level islanders up as usual, the number never goes higher than 99.

Jeff levels up.
Jeff's status shows he is on Level 99.

Yesterday, Ann said she was interested in asking out Jeff or Inigo. I told her to ask out Inigo.

Ann to Inigo: I can see for miles, but all I need is you. Oh, won't you be my boo?
Inigo Montoya shocked the world by saying yes. They are now sweethearts.

Inigo to Ann: Sure!
Now that winter is here, there's snow on the ground and the trees are bare. I think the park looks beautiful this time of year, particularly at night.

The park at night during winter.
TZ was interested in Darth Vader, so she asked him out on the beach. I'm not sure what Darth Vader was wearing (or why he was wearing it in winter), but he turned her down.

Darth Vader to TZ: I'm sorry...

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