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Entry 97: Leaving the Port

I recently gave Maeby some chewing gum, and she blasted off into outer space! Surely that couldn't be super all-time favorite food, right? But it definitely is!

Maeby blast off into outer space for her super all-time favorite food.
In the days leading up to Christmas, the shops added some festive decorations such as wreaths on the wall. I hope you all enjoyed the holidays! :)

Cuddle up under the mistletoe with a chilled glass of fresh eggnog.

After a StreetPass tag, a boat from Star Island pulled into the port. It brought a dessert T-shirt, which was a new item for me. Sweet! I bought it at the import-wear shop, and I've already added it to my collection list.

The dessert T-shirt in Tomodachi Life.
When I visited Mr. Saturn, he informed me that I hadn't spoken to him in three months! Yikes! That's a lot of BOINGs and coffee breaks I've missed out on!

Mr. Saturn: I can't believe you haven't stopped by in three months... Three months!
"Weird Al" Yankovic wanted a new look for his apartment, so I gave him the fast food interior. Knowing him, he'll just eat it. And this way, he won't have to get trapped in the drive-thru.

Weird Al Yankovic: Thanks for the great new interior. I like it a lot!
And just today, another StreetPass tag brought me some thigh-high boots from Valencia Island. I seem to be getting some StreetPass items, but no campers lately. David, who was Batman & Squishy's son born in entry 69, left on a boat. The port, which at one time was very crowded with a long line, is now down to just four Miis!

Only four Miis remain on the dock after David left by boat.

Anyway, here is a look at the thigh-high boots. They sell for $56.00 in the import-wear shop.

The thigh-high boots on sale at the import-wear shop in Tomodachi Life.
Emily told me that she and Bobby Hill are thinking about having a baby. Even though it's hard to imagine Bobby Hill being a father, I told them to go for it.

Emily: Bobby Hill and I have been thinking about having a baby...
Just to keep you updated, the Quality of Life rating on Wolf Bobs Island is up to 142 stars.

Wolf Bobs Island. The Quality of Life rating in the top-left corner shows 142 stars.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope your 2017 is off to a great start! See you all next time!

Random thought: Hey, this Mii brawler Amiibo looks like my Mii. :P

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Note: All Miis shown were made by me or my friends and are not in the game by default.

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