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Entry 99: Remarried!

Gaston recently made a "funny" face for me, and it was a bit disturbing. How can I convince him to never make this face again?

Gaston, making a face: What do you think? Are you impressed yet?
Mario told me he had feelings for Madison, so he asked her out in the park. She said yes, so they are now sweethearts. Should I call them M&M?

Mario, to Madison: We go together like salt and pepper. You should totally be my girlfriend.

Inigo Montoya asked me what he should say when he's angry. The answer was clear: "Prepare to die."

Inigo Montoya: OK, I'm going to say 'Prepare to die' when I'm mad about something.
Love was in the air on Valentine's Day. Miss Piggy wanted to propose to Zoidberg! Of course I told her to go for it, and she popped the question during fireworks.

Zoidberg and Miss Piggy enjoy fireworks.
Miss Piggy, to Zoidberg: My love...will you marry me?
He said yes, and they got married for the second time. Congrats to the new (and old) couple!

Zoidberg and Miss Piggy get remarried.
That made the Muppet a very happy piggy.

Miss Piggy blushes.
I gave Tobias a cream puff, and the taste of it made him dance to the blues for joy. It's his all-time favorite food.

Tobias Funke dances for his all-time favorite food.

On February 20th, Madeline celebrated her birthday. She was joined by her parents (The Count and Velma), as well as Lucille 2 and Breezy.

La la la la, dear Madeline...
Snoopy had a dream that took place 50 years in the future. He looked so different, that I couldn't even tell who it was! I guess 50 years is a lot longer in dog years.

An old Snoopy: I haven't seen you in 50 years, Jeff's look-alike...
The youngest Funke made a funny face for me, and asked if I was impressed. Uh, Maeby not.

Maeby, making a funny face: What do you think? Are you impressed yet?

Thanks for visiting! See you again with another entry in April.

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