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Tomodachi Life - The Kids of Wolf Bobs Island

This page provides a list of the children born to Miis that reside on my Wolf Bobs Island in Tomodachi Life. Each one is listed with his/her parents and their status. Residents still live on the island, while travelers have been sent away to travel the world via StreetPass. There will also be a link to the blog entry in which each child was born.

1XavierMZoidbergMiss Piggyentry 10Resident
2HenryMZoidbergMiss Piggyentry 17Traveler
3AmeliaFZoidbergMiss Piggyentry 28Traveler
4ScarlettFZoidbergMiss Piggyentry 35Traveler
5EthanMZoidbergMiss Piggyentry 43Traveler
6ChaseMZoidbergMiss Piggyentry 44Traveler
7EmilyFPopeyeLucille 2entry 47Resident
8SophieFPopeyeLucille 2entry 51Traveler
9MadisonFDarth VaderPeachentry 52Resident
10GavinMConanMaebyentry 52Resident
11LeahFPopeyeLucille 2entry 53Traveler
12BlakeMMr. BeanSquishyentry 55Resident
13JocelynFPopeyeLucille 2entry 56Traveler
14MadelineFThe CountVelmaentry 56Resident
15JuanMDarth VaderPeachentry 56Traveler
16RyderMShaqLindsayentry 58Resident
17HaileyFGeorge Sr.TZentry 58Resident
18AdamMMr. BeanSquishyentry 59Traveler
19HunterMShaqLindsayentry 60Traveler
20LiamMThe CountVelmaentry 61Traveler
21GiannaFGeorge Sr.TZentry 62Traveler
22AubreeFMr. BeanSquishyentry 62Traveler
23KayleeFGeorge Sr.TZentry 64Traveler
24NathanMDarth VaderPeachentry 65Traveler
25LilyFPopeyeLucille 2entry 65Traveler
26ZacharyMPopeyeLucille 2entry 66Traveler
27BaileyFBatmanSquishyentry 67Traveler
28JuliaFThe CountVelmaentry 67Traveler
29VioletFConanMaebyentry 67Traveler
30SofiaFGastonBreezyentry 68Traveler
31BrandonMPopeyeLucille 2entry 68Traveler
32ZoeyFGeorge Sr.TZentry 68Traveler
33LaurenFDarth VaderPeachentry 69Traveler
34DavidMBatmanSquishyentry 69Traveler
35SydneyFGOBMiss Piggyentry 69Traveler
36CameronMGastonBreezyentry 70Traveler
37StellaFGastonBreezyentry 72Resident
38CooperMXavierLindsayentry 82Traveler
39TristanMConanMaebyentry 94Traveler
40AmeliaFBobby HillEmilyentry 98Traveler
41FaithFBatmanSquishyentry 101Traveler
42CharlesMBatmanSquishyentry 102Traveler
43JoshuaMBatmanSquishyentry 107Traveler
44AdamMXavierHaileyentry 109Traveler
45ZacharyM??????entry 111Traveler

Be sure to check out Jeff's Tomodachi Life Blog to follow my ongoing adventures in the game or read my review of the game. Many of my Miis are available to scan and download to your islands too: Check them out on the QR Codes page. I also maintain a list of items in my collection.

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