Here you will find my brief reviews of Virtual Boy games, along with a rating from 1 to 10. A rating of 9-10 indicates a great game; 7-8 is a good game; 5-6 is a mediocre game; 3-4 is a poor game; and 1-2 is a horrible game.

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This pinball game has four different tables to play, all with an outer space theme. Each of the four boards (Cosmic, Colony, Alien, and UFO) has a unique feature: Cosmic has a planet for one of the targets, Colony has a fun comet shooting mini game, UFO features a launching spaceship, and Alien has an alien lair to shoot for. Colony is my favorite of the bunch, although Cosmic is also a lot of fun. Most of the tables also have good music that goes along well with the pinball action. Galactic Pinball is the best Virtual Boy game I have played.
This is a tennis game in which you can play as one of seven characters from the Mario series. The graphics, while not mind-blowing, are done well, and the 3D effect looks good. The control is quite good, but the sound isn't so hot; some of the music becomes quite annoying after a while. Mario's Tennis may not be extraordinary, but it is a solid sports game.
V-Tetris (Japanese import)
This Japan-only puzzle game is a standard game of Tetris. You can choose from several background images and three different tunes, but the gameplay is pretty much the same as in any other Tetris game. Differently shaped blocks fall from the top of the screen, and you try to arrange them into horizontal lines without leaving gaps. There are three different game modes, one of which is new; it lets you play in a double-wide pit that can be rotated. It's not a significant addition, but V-Tetris (like every other version of Tetris) is still an enjoyable game.

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