The Road to Kakariko Village

After several unfortunate situations with blood moons (I kept dying, so the blood moon kept restarting), I finally made it to the Dueling Peaks Tower. I climbed up and used my Sheikah Slate to activate it, and that gave me a regional map for this area. I also gained the Sheikah Sensor, which lets me know when new shrines are nearby.

When I was trying to use Cryonis to make an ice pillar in the water, I made a huge mistake. I pressed the wrong button, and I actually threw my sword into the water! I couldn’t get it back, either! Fail.

Link accidentally throws his sword in the water.After a lot of climbing up the Dueling Peaks themselves, I found two shrines. They had a connected, memory based puzzle that required you to go back and forth between the two shrines. Completing them earned me two more spirit orbs.

A memory puzzle in the shrine on Dueling Peaks.I soon encountered yet another shrine, and this one was more enjoyable. I had to press switches at the correct times to make a ball roll into a designated area. There are more shrines around than I first realized.

When I finally hit the road again, I ran into Mezer. He’s a traveling meat and salt salesman. Now this is the type of bizarre thing I’ve come to expect in Zelda games. 😛

Mezer: I sell rock salt and meat, and I tell you what, they do go great together!
I sell meat and meat accessories, I tell you what.

Across the bridge, I reached Dueling Peaks Stable! I heard music playing, and it reminded me of Malon singing Epona’s song at Lon Lon Ranch in Ocarina of Time. It was nighttime, but I went around to explore. There were horses, goats, chickens, and even a dog!

Horses at Dueling Peaks Stable.
Welcome to the neigh-borhood.

Goats, chickens, and a dog at Dueling Peaks Stable.I went inside and talked to some people, although some others were sleeping. The stable also functions as an inn, but I didn’t want to waste money on sleep. 😛 There was also a very familiar face in here: Beedle!

Beedle: The name's Beedle, but you can call me-- Actually, let's just stick with Beedle.As I waited for morning to come, I explored out back. There were some wild horses, and I snuck up on one and hopped on! I rode my new horse all night long.

Link rides a wild horses at night.In the morning, I registered my new buddy. Look at my horse. My horse is Amazing.

Tasseren: Are you sure you want to name this horse Amazing?We headed out for Kakariko Village, but I soon encountered a side quest. After I recovered some maracas for Hestu, he offered to exchange some of my Korok seeds for a bigger inventory. I definitely needed the space to hold more weapons!

Hestu: If you'll give me just one Korok seed, I'll make your inventory bigger in return!I continued on, and soon arrived at Kakariko Village! There are villagers to talk to, there’s a pumpkin farm, and of course there are shops where you can buy and sell goods.

Kakariko Village in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.At the clothing shop, I bought myself a Hylian hood and Hylian tunic.

Link wearing a Hylian hood and Hylian tunic.But my main objective here was to talk to Impa. She seems to have aged since I last saw her. 😉

Impa: I see...She gave me a history lesson about what happened 100 years earlier, and she told me I need to seek out the four races of Hyrule. Each race is in a different part of the map, so I think the world just opened up even more. But first, I have to go to Hateno (no hate?) Village to unlock my memories. I hope I don’t forget to go there! 😉

There was a shrine nearby, so I completed it for another spirit orb. And since I had five spirit orbs, I decided to teleport back to the Temple of Time. I traded in four of my orbs for a stamina vessel this time; it increases the amount of time that I can exert myself running or swimming. Or dirty dancing with Impa.

Link obtains a stamina vessel after praying at the Temple of Time.
Tastes like lime!

Since I was back on the plateau temporarily, I tried stopping by the old man’s hut. Unfortunately, he was nowhere in sight. I did read a new entry of his diary, however. 😛

See you next time!

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    1. Okay, thanks. Haha, I must have walked right past it. I didn’t mind going back anyway though, because I was hoping to see the old man again anyway (even though he wasn’t there).

  1. I think I’m going to increase my stamina now I have a heart 😛 I think I have 4 spirit orbs, so I’m going to use the Goddess Statue in Kakariko to get that.

  2. I’m really sorry, Impa, for the way the developer designed you. You look 900 years old 😂

    I’m not gonna lie, I was actually a bit creeped out when I saw her because of just how old she really looked 😛

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