Gerudo Town & Vah Naboris

After completing a shrine, I started my trek to the Gerudo Desert. Only women are allowed into Gerudo Town, but I found a tailor in a nearby marketplace that offered to make some women’s clothing for me. That’s right, you have to crossdress to get into town. 😛

Vilia, to Link, who is dressed as a woman: You look adorable!With the new outfit, the guards at Gerudo Town let me walk right in. I checked out the shops and spoke with everyone I saw. The residents and visitors are all female. Or at least that’s what I thought, until I saw a Goron inside! What’s he doing here??

Lyndae: Hang on... I thought men weren't allowed in this town... Why did they let me in?I went in to meet Riju, the Gerudo chief. She saw the gamepad Sheikah Slate on my belt, and figured out I was a guy. But she didn’t kick me out (or cut anything off) because she knew I could help beat Divine Beast Vah Naboris (does that rhyme with…Delores?).

Riju, the Gerudo Chief, in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch (also on Wii U).She told me to have a chat with her soldiers. But first, I saw an open door and wandered inside. It’s a classroom, but they’re not studying geology in here. This is a relationship class! What an interesting course. 😛 I bet the final exam is pretty hard.

Dina: What do you think of my lipstick? I think it'll bring me good luck!I already thought this classroom was rather weird…and then I saw the dummies.

The dummies lined up in the relationship classroom.Do they practice on these dummies? OMG. I’ve heard of crash test dummies, but this is ridiculous! And look at those faces…wouldn’t that be a turn-off? And they’re wearing gloves? I don’t even want to know why.

Before I saw anything even more disturbing, I left the class and went to talk to the soldiers. They told me that the chief’s heirloom (the Thunder Helm) was recently stolen, and they said it was taken to the Yiga Clan’s hideout in Karusa Valley. So I left Gerudo Town and headed in that direction. After looking around a bit, I found the hideout.

This area required some stealth, and also some…bananas? I thought I discovered Donkey Kong’s hidden stash of golden bananas when I reached this room.

A room full of mighty bananas in the Yiga Clan hideout in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

I’m generally not a big fan of stealth in games, and this area seemed quite tricky at first. And I did die a few times. I guess the moral of the story is to never mess with a Yiga’s banana.

Beware, fool, the eye of the Yiga.But fortunately, it didn’t take me too long before I cleared the area and defeated the Yiga Clan leader, Master Kohga. I then recovered the thunder helm and returned it to Riju (after completing a nearby shrine).

After chatting with her, the two of us were ready to head out for Naboris! After taking out the mechanical camel’s feet, I headed inside my fourth (and final) divine beast.

Once I reached the guidance stone inside, I gained access to the map and the divine beast controls. Rather than just turning one object (like a trunk or an entire ship), I had control of three separate cylinders. In addition, those cylinders have circuits that can carry electricity, to power different parts of the beast. This is the most complex of the four divine beasts, and I’d say it’s probably the toughest as well.

The map of Divine Beast Naboris in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Switch.Inside Divine Beast Naboris in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BOTW).But after a while, I activated all of the terminals and then went on to fight the boss of the divine beast. Things were going well, at first. I knocked off half of his life meter in about two minutes. But then, he changed strategies. He’d speed in close quicker than I could find him, and zap me, causing me to drop my shield. This happened over and over again. And his attacks took big chunks of my health as well, so I was consuming a lot of food.

I was struggling, and it only got worse when the Master Sword ran out of power. Not only were my other weapons not as powerful, but his zapping me caused me to now drop my weapons as well! Shock resistance was not helping, either. He was kicking my butt, but I kept going even though progress was slow. Eventually I did beat him, even though I lost many weapons, shields, and food items during the fight. This was the toughest of the divine beast bosses, by far. I feel bad for anyone who headed to this beast first.

With all four divine beasts defeated, I could go on to Hyrule Castle and try to defeat Calamity Ganon. But I’m not in a rush to do that. So I worked on some side quests…including one where I bought my very own house in Hateno Village!

My house in Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Switch.
Home sweet home. And I don’t owe Tom Nook a dime.

One of the homebuilders, Hudson, then set off to start a brand new village called Tarrey Town! I’ve been helping him out by supplying some wood, and by bringing in an employee (a Goron named Greyson) who can break apart large rocks.

Greyson: Hudson praises me a ton for breakin' these rocks. We're findin' some nice ore too!Greyson’s little brother also opened up an ore shop here. Tarrey Town is off to a nice start, but there’s more work to be done!

I then did some miscellaneous things. I had a fairy upgrade some of my equipment, I had Hestu expand some inventory slots, I worked on more side quests, I explored a bit, and I completed a couple of shrines. Even though I have no idea where I’ll go next time, I’m sure it’ll be fun.

And if you haven’t already seen it, here is my Breath of the Wild “Messing Around” video. It features some things I’ve mentioned in previous blog entries. That includes the hunting scene I dropped in on, jumping around shirtless in Ventest Clothing, pole dancing on a treetop, setting wolves on fire, and more. I hope you’ll give it a watch. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Gerudo Town & Vah Naboris”

  1. I actually tackled Vah Naboris first! I wanted to save the Goron divine beast for last.

    Man, it was really tough though. I had to actually leave to get more heart containers mid fight because things weren’t looking the brightest.

    Not to mention I also didn’t have any upgrades on my gear and I wasn’t good at parrying 😀 I eventually beat him though.

  2. I did Divine Beast Naboris first, and it took me about an hour of trying again and again. However, when I did beat it and got the lightning ability, it made all the other boss fights a breeze, especially the water one. But it was hard, considering I hadn’t done too many shrines and had few hearts.

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