Crazy Magic Dreams

After leaving Daisy’s boutique, Letta flew by with some air mail from Master Yen Sid. He is the wizard that lives up in the tower. He asked me to pay him a visit in his tower. He put his beard out the window and I climbed it. Just kidding, I took the stairs.

He told me that ghosts are causing trouble, and he gave me a magic wand so that I could defeat them. Receiving the magic wand earned me a new sticker.

You got a sticker! Wanderful!So I wandered over to the castle vaults and participated in my first episode, called “Chip and Dale Need a Thing.” The chipmunks lost a cog from their machine, and they think a ghost stole it. So it was my job to go fight the ghosts and find their cog.

I then began the quest, which is essentially an action stage. I use my magic wand to shoot magic at the ghosts, and I recover various items along the way. This particular quest only had a few rooms, and it was quite easy to complete. I returned the cog to Chip and Dale and earned another sticker.

Dale: So a ghost had it after all, huh?

Chip and Dale told me that with the cog, they can now fix their machine and open their workshop. I headed there right away.

Dale: Didja know we make furniture here?

After paying them to make a Mickey chair for me, I earned my 14th sticker. Some new clothing recipes were unlocked, and my next task was to add an item to my material log and then go on another action quest to find the item I needed.

Goofy appeared and told me he lost his house keys!

Goofy: I went and lost my house keys!

Does that mean I have to fish in the river for it? Nah, an item being missing means that ghosts obviously took them. I completed the quest and returned Goofy’s keys.

Goofy: Ya sure ain't afraid of them ghosts, are ya?

Now he’s able to go inside his house. That saves him from having to pitch a tent in his garden. And nobody wants to see that.

Goofy: I mighta had to pitch a tent in my garden and live there instead!

In the quest stage, I acquired the thick cloth that I needed to make my Mickey chef outfit. So I returned to Daisy’s boutique and made it. That earned me yet another sticker.

My next task was to complete the third action quest. The king summoned me to ask me to find a missing cauldron that’s needed to open the cafe. So once again, I grabbed my wand and started busting some ghosts.

Once I was done, I returned the cauldron to the king, and in return, he gave me ownership of the cafe! That earned me sticker #16.

I quickly made my way over to the cafe. The cafe has something new this time: a stage. There were dancers dancing when I arrived, and the manager informed me that customers can dance.

Cafe manager: Not only can our customers eat and drink, but they can dance!

I had to choose a name for the cafe, and I went with Gobias. As in Gobias a cup of coffee. 😉 I made my first food item, a frothy caffè la-tea. The chancellor stopped by and became my first customer. After that, we officially opened for business!

Chancellor, eating: Why, this is delicious!

By checking cafe requests, I saw that people wanted snacks and sweets in addition to drinks. So my manager suggested some Whip-a-Dee waffles and fluffy puffy quiche. I fulfilled several more requests, which were mainly just mini-tutorials to teach me how to change staff clothes, furniture, and so on.

Once I maxed out the party gauge, I was able to hold a party! Mickey and Pluto showed up, and we were all able to dance on the stage.

Mickey, Pluto, and Jeff dancing on stage.Cameron the flying camera showed up, and he took a souvenir photo of us all.

A souvenir photo of me, Mickey Mouse, and Pluto.

When the party was over, I finally earned my 17th sticker. I returned home and found a dream book on my bed. I’m supposed to find puzzle pieces (by greeting characters with puzzle icons) to complete a dream puzzle. Mickey and his friends had some puzzle icons, so I greeted all of them to collect the pieces.

Returning to my bed allowed me to enter a magical dream!

Beginning to take a magic dream.

The dreams are bizarre and nothing like what I expected. I was not prepared for the psychedelic insanity I found here here. There are a variety of presents, each leading to an activity.

A crazy magic dream.

You may fly in a plane with Goofy, ride a flying bench with Minnie, drive in a flying car with Donald and Daisy, and more. During each activity, you can pose, change the camera angle, and of course, take lots of pictures.

Driving with Daisy and Donald Duck in a magic dream.
Driving Miss Daisy

You can collect lots of “nice” points in dreams, but otherwise they seem to be primarily just for fun…and pictures.

Minnie Mouse: My goodness! A flying bench!All sorts of crazy stuff in a magic dream in Disney Magical World 2. Once I ended the dream, I earned my 18th sticker. That completes the first sticker album, which is essentially a tutorial. Things should really open up next time, so stay tuned for more!