Lilo & Stitch World

Now that I have 18 stickers, I was able to unlock the notice board. It gives you lots of helpful information such as which seasonal events are underway, how many greetings you can unlock at the castle, which stickers you can work on next, and even if your cafe is sold out of food. The notice board is also available from the main menu now, and unlocking it earned me my 19th sticker.

And with that, I now have the freedom to do whatever I want. Castleton has now shed its neutral tutorial look for the seasonal Halloween look.

The Halloween decorations in Castleon (Disney Magical World 2).

I did a favor for Mickey (all I had to do was give him a polka-dot tulip) and I earned my 20th sticker.

I spotted Stitch near the plaza, and he was talking about painting the beach to make it pretty. He ran off, and I followed him through this gate.

Stitch leads me to the gate to Hawaii.

I ended up in the Lilo & Stitch world (Hawaii)! Stitch was painting on all the buildings in town, and Lilo asked me to catch him and stop him. So I chased down the furry little vandal.

Stitch, holding a paintbrush: What, what?
You need to brush up on your manners.

The episode board for this world was unlocked, so I chose the first episode. Lilo and Stitch then gave me a tour of the island. She showed me the beach, the surfboard shop, the spa, the entrance to the jungle, and Lilo’s house. While there, I met Dr. Jumba and Pleakley. After a chat with them, the episode concluded.

Pleakley: I specialize in mosquitoes! Earth is just so fascinating!

Back on the island, I met Duke and he gave me a swimsuit and a surfboard. I can now go swimming and even surfing!

Duke: Here, I'll give you a swimsuit.

How cool is that? Surfing can even earn you some nice points if you do well. After a few minutes of surfing, I returned to shore and earned a new sticker.

Swimming in Hawaii in Disney Magical World 2.Surfing in Disney Magical World 2.

As I headed to the episode board, Letta appeared with a letter from Yen Sid. He sent me a new magic wand that will work better in the heat of Hawaii. I just wish I could shut Letta up. Her obnoxious voice seriously annoys me…I’d like to shred her.

I started the 2nd episode and began an action quest.

Shooting at ghosts in an action quest in the Hawaii world of Lilo & Stitch.After I completed it, Dr. Jumba gave me a recipe for the quest clothes for this world. I also earned a new sticker for choosing an episode from the episode board.

I returned to Castleton for some shopping and exploring. In McDuck’s, I bought a Halloween suit outfit and tried it on. That earned me the “Ace Ensemble Rookie” sticker for wearing five different ace ensembles.

But some items at McDuck’s can only be bought with friendship medals. The game gives me medals when other players visit my town, through StreetPass or the internet. I’ll talk more about this later on.

I went to Daisy’s boutique and handed over the recipe for the galactic quest outfit. Making a quest outfit earned me my 24th sticker.

The galactic quest outfit in Disney Magical World 2.

Fulfilling a request at the cafe earned me yet another sticker. The stickers sure pile up early on, but they’ll become more difficult (and time-consuming) to acquire later on.

I was able to unlock the Magic Castle air service, and I met Bella and her dreamy twin sister Luna. Filling out my profile card earned me my 26th sticker. I then was able to activate StreetPass for this game.

I was also able to connect online and invite guests. It said I had five visitors and I earned five medals, but I don’t quite understand how this all works yet. I didn’t see anyone arrive. The in-game manual wasn’t clear on the subject either. But I may have more about it in a future entry.

I must say, the game is much more enjoyable now that I’m done with the tutorial. There are lots of things I want to do, but it’s easy to get distracted and just go with the flow. See you next time.

Jumba: Come, I will take you to the jungle.

Update: I found a person on my beach marked with an exclamation point on the map. I think this may be one of the online visitors. Perhaps players who have filled out their profile card will randomly show up in other towns? That’s my best guess so far.

Visitor: Have a great day!Also, after making and buying some outfits (and trying them all on), I earned the “Ace Ensemble Wiz” sticker for wearing 10 different ace ensembles. I also scored the “Accessory Admirer” sticker after acquiring 10 different accessories, and the “Fashion Superstar” sticker after adding an accessory to turn an ace ensemble into a super ace ensemble. I now have 29 stickers.