Weeding Day 2017

Yesterday, carpeting was the premium item at Re-Tail. So I checked my storage and found four leftover special carpets to sell, from the ice, Pavé, and egg sets.

Reese: Since I'm paying premium for all of these items today...the total is an amazing 56,928 bells! OK?Today was Weeding Day, so I made sure to visit Leif at the event plaza before 7 p.m.

Leif: It's the last Friday of April...and that means it's Weeding Day!Believe it or not, this was my first time pulling weeds for Leif! For the first Weeding Day (in 2014), my town was clean and I just participated to unlock the topiaries. In 2015 and 2016, I missed Leif entirely! But I caught him this time.

Leif told me to pull the weeds in town and then return to him. After pulling one, I checked back and he told me I had 11 more to go.

Leif: Ummm, the number of nasty weeds remaining in this otherwise beautiful town is...exactly 11!
This town goes to 11.

So, I went around town and picked all the remaining weeds. Leif then congratulated me on a job well done.

Leif: Ah, Jeff! Congratulations! There are now no more weeds left anywhere in town! We did it!

He rewarded me with a “town cleanup prize,” which was a cosmos fan. Leif claimed to have made it himself, by hand, but I think he was just clowning around.

Leif: The cosmos fan! Handmade, I should add, by yours truly! I hope you like it.
Great, now it’s all mime! I mean, mine!

Here’s a look at the cosmos fan in my house:

The cosmos fan from Weeding Day, on display in my house.
Is this electric, or does it run on flower power?

And up at the Emporium, I saw that the gardening center was closed for the day. That’s because Leif can’t be in two places at the same time. 😛

The gardening corner is closed today due to an event! -LeifAnd just before 7:00, I used my Booker character to speak with Leif at the plaza. Leif said that Forest was already clean and weed-free, but he still gave Booker a gift: a lily record player.

Leif: The lily record player!
So this will play Lily’s records?

My recent dream visitors have been Ian from Somerset and Chris from Windburg. Thanks for stopping by, and have a good weekend! I hope you all had a successful Weeding Day!

Booker’s Full Mailbox

Saturday was Nature Day (aka Earth Day), and I met Isabelle at the event plaza. She gave me a cool globe, and then I helped hug the world along with this headless girl.

The face-cutout standee board for Nature Day (Earth Day) in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.Today, I was surprised to find Pete outside of my house!

Pete: Oh, great timing, Jeff!For a moment, I wondered if there was some new DLC. But it turns out, he was just letting me know that Booker’s mailbox was full. Disappointing. 😛

Pete: I have a bunch of letters addressed to Booker, but Booker's mailbox is full!Booker is my seldom-used second character, in case you’re wondering. He moved into Forest two years ago, and I primarily use him for storage.

I made my way around town, and I soon ran into Rodeo. He asked me for some fruit, and I gave him a perfect orange. He loved it, and he rewarded me with his picture!

Rodeo: I'm moved beyond words! Take my Rodeo's pic as an expression of my thanks!Even though I already got Rodeo’s pic on April Fools’ Day, I now feel like I’ve earned it legitimately. Not that April Fools’ pics aren’t legitimate, but it’s not the same as earning it the hard way, in my opinion. So I’ll probably let Rodeo move out of town the next time he asks.

Molly reminded me that Weeding Day was coming up, and she told me not to pick any weeds I see in the meantime. Fortunately, I’ve been remembering, so I will have a number of weeds by the time Friday comes.

Molly: It's almost Weeding Day! Since we have a special day for it, leave any weeds you see alone for now.Once I was finished playing, I saved my game…and then started it back up as Booker. His mailbox was going crazy, so I cleaned it out and sold all the presents I got in the mail (mostly gifts from Mom).

My Booker character and his full mailbox.

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Just one reminder: Weeding Day is coming up on Friday (at least in America), so if you’re planning on participating, get to the plaza before 7 p.m.! Don’t make the same mistake I did in 2015, playing too late in the day to find Leif!

Reese Without Makeup

The other day, I got to see Reese without makeup on.

Reese, apparently a dinosaur with sharp teeth: Can I help you?Rodeo asked me for some fruit yesterday, and I gave him a perfect cherry. He really seemed to enjoy it. I could almost see his love for cherries beaming through his eyes.

Rodeo, with red eyes: SO GOOD!He then gave me an unexpectedly good reward: a laptop! A cherry for a laptop? Nice trade.

Rodeo: I'm moved beyond words! Take my laptop as an expression of my thanks!After I came out of Re-Tail today, Camofrog approached me. He had heard about my wonderful potty!

Camofrog: So I heard about your potty...He said he’d love to have his own potty…you mean you don’t have one? He offered me 360 bells for it, and I gladly sold it to him. He’s really just flushing his money down the drain.

A message on the bulletin board reminded me that Weeding Day is coming up on April 28th. So that’s next Friday, not Saturday (as I always seem to forget).

~Notice~ Weeding Day is coming on April 28th! Let's all clean the town together! There may even be prizes for those who help!Vivian asked me for an ocean fish, so I headed down to the ocean. The first fish I caught was a zebra turkeyfish, so I took it back to Vivian and it got stuck to her nose.

Vivian: Nicely done, jeff. You got me a zebra turkeyfish.She then rewarded me with a happi tee.

Vivian: I hope you like that, Jeff. It's a happi tee.That item didn’t sound familiar, so I put it on to see what it looked like.

Me trying on a happi tee.It didn’t make happi, so I’ll try to remember not to try that shirt on again.

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