Numbers, Sunset, Merka, & Decorating

Every time I see Boots around town, I try to talk to him over and over. I’m still trying to get his picture.

Boots: Little J! Talk to me, baby.Still no luck with that, but he did offer to trade me a ninja shirt for my five lamp.

Boots: I'll trade ninja shirt on my team. Five lamp on your team comes over to me.Once I caught him inside his house, I took a picture of his new lamp.

A five lamp in Boots' house in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.On Sunday, I found three dig spots all in one area, next to Agent S’s house. All three of them were fossils!

Three dig spots near each other in ACNL.After coming out of Re-Tail, I noticed a pretty red sky at sunset. So I took a few pictures of it from around town.

A red sky at sunset.
In case you’re wondering, I caught that petaltail dragonfly just after taking this picture.

Standing on the beach during a sunset.A train rides over the bridge at sunset in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

On Monday, Merka let me visit her town Muffy, which is very neat and clean. Not messy at all.

Arriving in Muffy.She let me pull her weeds…but unfortunately, she only had three of them because she has enacted the “beautiful town” ordinance. But we also had a good net fight.

Jeff and Merka have a net night in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.I spoke with several of her villagers, and we hung out for a bit. The visit wasn’t long, but it was fun. It was good to see Merka again, it had been quite a while!

Drake: Awesome! I made friends with someone from another town!

Today in Forest, Boots saw the four lamp in my pockets and wanted it. He gave me a stove for it.

Boots: So...your four lamp? Yeah, I've had my eye on that mess for a while now.

I saved and quit my game, started it back up, and repeated that process a few times until Boots was in his house. I was then able to see his four lamp. I’m trying for a complete countdown to zero; I’ll post a collage of all ten pics if/when I complete my mission. 😛

A four lamp in Boots' house in ACNL.While I don’t plan on fully decorating my town for Halloween, I did make a few changes tonight. I changed my path to orange bricks, put up my gravestone design on the face-cutout standee, and put my jack-o’-lantern face on my custom-design sign.

Orange brick path and a gravestone faceboard.My jack-o'-lantern face design on a sign board.

If you’re interested, my gravestone and jack-o’-lantern faces (among other designs) are available on the Halloween QR Codes page.

I also went in my house for some minor decorating. It’s nothing fancy, but I put out my monster masks, some pumpkin heads, and a few other scary things. I may or may not add some more things. Depends on how lazy busy I am. 😉

Some monster masks, pumpkins, and other scary items.

As I was putting things into storage, Molly came over for an unexpected visit. She wasn’t trick-or-treating, but she did have a treat for me. A lemon. Oh, yummy.

Molly: I have a treat for you. It's just a lemon, but it's supposed to be really good.

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Dreaming of ACNLpics

I recently visited the dream town of ACNLpics (dream address 5D00-003F-B507). The town has tons of flowers, and looks really pretty.

Marina in the New Leaf dream town of ACNLpics.

The pretty dream town of ACNLpics.

But the main attraction that makes this town so unique is the collection of villager pictures. According to the mayor’s thread on Bell Tree Forums, it has not only villager pictures of all 333 original villagers, but also the 54 special character pics and the 50 new Welcome Amiibo villagers as well. Wow!

Villager pics of bunnies/rabbits in ACNLpics.

The houses have different themes: One has farm animals, one has pets, one has zoo animals, and one has the Welcome Amiibo animals. Each house is arranged by species. One room is solely devoted to rabbit villagers, while another has sheep and goats, and so on. Very impressive, and very cool!

Villager pics of frogs in New Leaf.Villager pictures of special characters.Villager pictures of Welcome Amiibo animals.

If you want to see any particular villager pics, or just want to be amazed at this huge collection, give this town a visit. The dream address again is 5D00-003F-B507.

For more great dream towns to visit, check out Jeff’s Dream Suite Adventures.

Back in Forest…

Anyway, Thursday was the night of the autumn moon (harvest moon). Isabelle was over at the event plaza to hand out wheat bundles.

Isabelle: To celebrate Autumn Moon tonight, I prepared wheat bundles for everyone. Would you like one?

Here’s a picture of the holiday standee, with the full autumn moon just over my head.

Using the face-cutout standee for the autumn moon.Up on Main Street, I spotted Hippeux the hippo. He just started showing up here, so I’ll be seeing him around.

Hippeux: I like the atmosphere of this place right now. It's sort of romantic, don't you think, natch?The other day, I got to see inside Hornsby’s house. This is what it looks like, if you’re interested.

Hornsby: Welcome to Casa de Hornsby, Jeff! Schnozzle!

Today, Isabelle was back at the event plaza for Explorer’s Day (Columbus Day). She gave me a sailboat model for the occasion.

Isabelle: It's a sailboat model! With it, you can really get into the excitement of Explorer's Day!I then boarded the standee ship. Apparently I’m Kapp’n’s navigator, and I don’t know where I’m going.

The face-cutout standee for Explorer's Day.

Boots asked me for a violin beetle tonight, so I was going to look on my tree stump. But when I got to the spot, I quickly realized that my stump was gone! Hornsby’s house wiped out my tree stump! I didn’t even realize until now.

Hornsby's house in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

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Big Top’s Birthday

Now that Hornsby is all unpacked and getting settled in, it’s nice to see him out walking around town.

Hornsby: Oh, it's Jeff. Hey there, schnozzle!October is here now, and that means candy is available at the shop. You can stock up for Halloween, if you like. And of course, other Halloween themed items are available now as well.

Timmy: Ah, a spooky lamp! A fine item, yes?

I ran into Jack tonight, and he asked if I’d like to help him out on Halloween. I agreed, even though I’m not sure if I’ll actually be playing that night.

Jack: Hee hee hee! I am the mighty czar of Halloween, Jack!

He gave me a bug mask, so that I can prepare to scare my villagers on October 31st. Other masks will be on sale at Able Sisters.

Wearing a bug mask in Animal Crossing: New Leaf for Nintendo 3DS.Today is Big Top’s birthday, so I made sure to attend his party. I thought he might be hungry, since he’s always hungry, so I gave him a ramen cup as his present.

Big Top: A ramen cup? I never would have guessed this would be my present!Vivian also attended Big Top’s party, and she seemed pretty hungry too! I hope she wasn’t expecting Big Top to share his ramen with her!

Vivian: You know it's a good party when I show up. For lunch!As I left the party, Big Top told me he loved the present. Happy birthday, big guy!

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