Shopping for Campers

Last Saturday, I got Lily’s goodbye letter in the mail. She included her picture with the letter. With Lily gone, I’ve now started to see Daisy up on Main Street! She’s a good dog.

Daisy: This is a nice part of town for both shopping and just taking a casual stroll around, bow-WOW.I forgot to mention this last time… But now that December is here, the shop sells glow wands and party poppers. I already have one of each glow wand in storage, but I always enjoy firing off party poppers.

Tommy: Ah, a party popper! A fine item, yes?I found Hornsby sleeping on the metal bench one night. He said he was brainstorming ways to stay awake, and it was so boring that he fell asleep. 😛

Hornsby: I'm awake now! I promise!Hornsby: I was brainstorming ways to stay awake, and it was so boring that I immediately fell asleep.Now that Forest has a villager vacancy, that means I’m able to “shop” for one each time there’s a camper in town. And I’ve actually had a couple of campers this past week. Unfortunately, they haven’t been anyone that I’ve wanted to invite to town.

Alice: Hello. I hope it's all right that I've decided to camp here. You have a lovely town.
No thanks.
Lucha: I'm not anyong suspicious!

Still, it’s nice to have the option. My town has been full for so long that I haven’t had the opportunity for ages.

Today, I found a lost item on the ground.

A lost item on the ground in Animal Crossing: New Leaf for Nintendo 3DS.

I started asking my villagers about it, and I soon reunited it with its owner, Rolf. For returning the item (a book), Rolf gave me a checkered tee.

Rolf: Man, you saved my life!

When I ran into Bob, he told me he would be moving away on December 16th. But I changed his mind for him. I’m not letting him leave…yet.

I’ve been asked to include a link to my first New Leaf entry, so here it is: Moving In. Check it out if you’d like to relive the early days of Forest.

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Frog Gone

On Tuesday, the first snow flurries of the season fell in Forest. Winter is coming!

Snow flurries fall in Forest.December is here now, and villagers have already started giving hints for Toy Day gifts. Agent S told me she wants a gray present, and Aurora said she wants an umbrella.

Aurora: I plan on asking Jingle for a cute umbrella this year.

Today was Lily’s last day in town, so I made sure to say goodbye to her. As of tomorrow morning, Forest will be frog-free for the first time in over a year.

Lily: We won't be living in the same town anymore, but I hope you never forget me!

But unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a new home for her. Elliott, who asked for Lily on Twitter the other day, never responded tonight even though it showed he was online playing New Leaf. Cohen, who also expressed interest in Lily, had to cancel when Flurry moved into his town.

When I visited Big Top, he said it was time to dig up the time capsule! It’s been exactly one month since I buried it.

Big Top: A huh huh huh... I'm thinking it might be time to open up that time capsule.

I went to the northwest corner of town, dug up the time capsule, and returned to Big Top. There was a cycling tee inside, and he gave it to me as my reward. I was wheely excited.

Big Top: It's a cycling tee! Next time I bury a time capsule, I'll let you know, up my nose.
If you bury it up your nose, I’m not digging it out.

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Finishing Booker’s House

Since last time, I’ve ordered the basic display stands I’ve needed from Candi’s RV. They all had to be customized back to their original condition, but that’s alright because I think they look a lot better than the tables I was using before.

Booker's house before and after the transformation.But while I was improving the room, I decided to go all out and finish it. I finally made the designs for the wanted poster on the wall, and I changed the flooring. Here’s a look at the police station as seen on GameCube, and then Booker’s house as it currently stands.

The police station in Animal Crossing for Nintendo GameCube. Booker's house.

If you’d like to visit via the Dream Suite, my dream address is 5D00-000F-7611. And if you’d like to use those patterns, they’re available on the QR Codes page.

Update: Here’s a look at the lower part of the room. I didn’t add the third row of stands/tables because it looked too crowded. But I have the desk, the phone, some papers on the desk, and the locker on the right side.

The lower part of Booker's room.

I found Boots sitting on the metal bench one day, and he said he saved a seat for me. Normally I don’t advise trusting an alligator that tells you to take a seat, but I was pretty sure Boots wasn’t going to eat me. 😛

Boots: Dearie! Saved you a seat!

Lily told me that she was planning to move out of town on the 1st of this month. That actually means the first of next month, which is coming up on Friday. I’m letting her go, so if anyone wants her, please contact me (preferably on social media).

Lily: Well, that really resonated with me. So I've decided to move on the 1st of this month.After depositing some money into my bank account, my balance reached 104 million bells.

Your current balance is 104,000,000 bells.

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