Go Nuts for Nuts

Tuesday was Valentine’s Day, and Isabelle sent me a valentine, along with a chocolate cake. She told me to “enjoy the treat.” Hey now Isabelle, I’m the human, and you’re the dog! I give you the treats around here.

To Mayor Jeff, Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks for always working so hard on behalf of the residents of Forest! Enjoy your treat, and please fell happy and refreshed!

I also received a valentine from Molly, who sent me a chocolate heart, and a Valentine’s Day letter from Mom, who sent me a comfy sweater she knitted.

And in the Roost, I made sure to get my Valentine’s treat from Brewster: Hot chocolate!

Jeff, holding up a cup in the Roost: This must be...hot chocolate!When I scanned my Vivian card yesterday, Wisp appeared (as Vivian) and I asked for a new item. He gave me a men’s toilet.

Wisp, appearing as Vivian: I've got just the thing! Please enjoy this men's toilet!And then today, Camofrog (who appeared to be hiding behind a fish tank) told me his heart was set on owning his own men’s toilet! He offered me 480 bells for mine.

Camofrog: My heart's set on owning my own men's toilet. Will you take 480 bells for yours?I agreed to sell it to him, and he got wayyyy too excited about it.

Camofrog: Ooooohhhh yeeeeeaaaahh! Got what I wanted, got what I wanted! Thank you, ten-hut!Katie was in town, and I told her I would take her somewhere. But first, I just made her follow me around. She can’t fall into pitfalls, but I made her use the face-cutout standee. 😛

Katie uses the face-cutout standee of Harvey.Lily asked me to collect signatures for a petition called “Go Nuts for Nuts.” So Beth opened up the town of Arrested for me, where I dropped off Katie and then began collecting signatures.

Croque: Then again, I can relate. I mean, just take a good look at my face! This is the face of FEAR! GAHAHA!After collecting five of the six signatures I needed, I couldn’t find anyone else. Everyone was either sleeping or just not anywhere in sight. But then Beth told me she found Kitty in Club LOL. So I got her signature to complete my petition.

Kitty: Excuse me? You want a signature for Go Nuts for Nuts?
You interrupted my dancing for a nut petition?

Here’s a look at my completed petition:

Petition signatures for "Go Nuts for Nuts": Croque, Bluebear, Marshal, Fuchsia, Daisy, Kitty.I returned it to Lily, but my reward was a bit underwhelming. Well, at least my friendship with Lily is getting closer. 🙂

Lily: It's a bingo wheel. Thanks so much for being my number-one supporter!

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Vivian Arrives

The fishing tournament was held yesterday. Even though I played too late to participate, I was able to catch the winners’ ceremony. Agent S was the overall winner, with a 6.4 inch pond smelt. Camofrog and Rodeo won 2nd and 3rd place, respectively.

Chip: And in first place, with a deliciously stunning 6.40-inch pond smelt...At the Dream Suite, I visited TZ’s dream town of Hyrule. (She gave me her new dream address–4F00-0025-AAB7–during Friday Night Forest). I also added her updated address to the blog entry from 2014 in which I previously visited her town. I really like her new Splatoon themed room.

Splatfest time! It's Callie vs. Marie in TZ's Splatoon themed room.And in Marshal’s house there, I was able to make this 2 lamp look like it was hovering. 😛

A 2 lamp seems to hover in mid-air in Marshal's house.Back in Forest, I spotted my former villager Peck up on Main Street.

Peck: Heya, Jeff! I'm pumped about shopping today!I found Vivian’s house plot last night, almost exactly where Pasmina lived. It’s just one space to the right. I returned there tonight once the house had been built.

Sign on house: Vivian's HouseI then went inside to meet my newest neighbor, Vivian the wolf. She has an impressive jaw-drop that reminds me of Drago’s similar move. 😛

Vivian, with her mouth hanging wide open: Jeff! I'm here! I made it!
Welcome to Forest, Vivian.

Over at the campground, Harvey had a really huge milk canister for sale. It’s practically half a cow! It’s so heavy, how can I even moove it around?

Harvey: Ah! So you're interested in my milk canister...
Harvey has some big jugs.

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February FNF, Return of TZ

Yesterday, I received Pashmina’s goodbye letter in the mail. She attached her picture to the letter.

Pashmina's goodbye letter in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.With the pitfall behind the standee gone (since Beth fell into it the other day), that meant a new pitfall would be randomly planted somewhere in town. I didn’t find it myself, but Lily sure did.

Lily struggles to get out of a pitfall.I visited Rodeo yesterday, and he continues to send me mixed messages.

Rodeo: Hello again, no thanx! You're always welcome here, or not!He asked me for some new furniture, and I gave him some cans I bought at the campground. He gave me the pothos that the cans were replacing, and now he has cans on his floor. 😛

Rodeo hands me an item as he places cans on his floor.Rodeo then thanked me…or not.

Rodeo: Thanks, no thanx.
It’s so hard to get a read on this guy.

After winning a Fi mask from a fortune cookie at T&T Emporium, Beth invited me over to her town to sell peaches. Perfect peaches were the premium item at Re-Tail, and I sold all of mine for a cool 624,000 bells. Thanks, Beth! I also think I surprised her by showing up so blue.

Jeff, wearing a blue Fi mask: So cold I turned blue.While I was there, I spotted Pashmina’s house plot. She’s going to be living in a nice spot; she has a pond right in front of her house.

Sign post: This spot reserved for Pashmina's new home. -Nook's HomesI returned home and put my new peach money into the bank. My balance topped 91 million bells in the process.

There was a meteor shower going on, so I wished on a few shooting stars…and took this cool picture with my geyser and a fresh snowmam.

I wish on a shooting star near my geyser and snowmam.Today, I scanned my Welcome Amiibo card of Vivian the wolf. I visited her RV, and then asked her to move in. As Xavier suggested, she would allow me to pick up the remaining snooty PWP suggestions I still need. Thanks for the suggestion, Xavier! I’ll save Boots for another time. Anyway, here is a look at Vivian’s RV:

The RV of Vivian the snooty wolf.At 10:00 tonight, I opened my gate for Friday Night Forest. This is the last FNF before Nintendo Switch comes out, believe it or not! Beth came over, followed by someone I hadn’t seen in a very long time: TZ (aka T. Zelda or Toon Zelda)! I hadn’t seen her since October 2015! We posed for a picture near my FNF sign.

Beth, Jeff, and TZ (T.Zelda) by my Friday Night Forest sign for February 12, 2017.TZ brought me a few gifts: a metal flagpole, a comedian’s outfit (which I put on), and some crayons. I’m not sure what I’ll use the crayons for…I’m drawing a blank.

Beth and I went in my house for a bit, and then we later joined TZ at the campground. After we hung out there for a bit, TZ caught up with my villagers as we made our way around town. Eventually, we all went back to my house.

T Zelda: Tried hard make a alikeness.TZ was talking about Good Mythical Morning (a Youtube show), and some gross kinds of ice cream. That included mustard ice cream, and even frog ice cream? Disgusting!

T Zelda: It's tasty in certain states.As I ordered a drink from Bartender Beth, we started talking about food in general, and the dangers of making French toast. 😀

T Zelda: I was into the french toast...We went from room to room as we chatted.

T Zelda: Another helpful advice...Upstairs, I told Beth that her meal was watching her. 😛

Jeff, to Beth: Your meal is watching you.
At least it’s not frog ice cream.

At 11:00, TZ left for the night and I ended the session soon after. Thanks for coming, Beth and TZ! And it’s good to see you again, TZ!

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