January FNF

Last night, I had a chat with Rodeo outdoors. He said he couldn’t see a thing. Even though he blamed the darkness, I’m pretty sure it’s just because his hair was in his eyes!

Rodeo: Oh, it's Jeff! Sorry... It was so dark, I couldn't see a thing!

Tonight, about 10:05, I opened up my gate for Friday Night Forest. Beth came over, followed by Mike–who was dressed like a frog! We took a picture by the FNF sign I made a bit earlier (like…20 minutes earlier).

Beth, Jeff, and Mike stand by the Friday Night Forest sign for January 13, 2017.We went back to my house, where I offered to share my pizza with them.

Jeff, to everyone standing near a pizza: Have a slice.Then we went up to the frog room, where Mike got to hang out with his green brothers.

Jeff, in a frog room: Toadally.I went away for a couple minutes, and when I returned, I found myself in the basement! One (or both) of them pushed me down the stairs! They could have killed me! But I got them back when they both sat down. I stood in the middle, so neither of them could get up again.

Trapping Beth and Mike on a golden sofa.Of course they got me back back by trapping me against a brewstoid, but it was worth it.

Eventually, I escaped and we went up to Main Street. Beth shopped, and then we talked about the Nintendo Switch and the games we were looking forward to. By the way, I hope you’ll give a look to my thoughts on last night’s Nintendo Switch presentation here.

Shortly after 11:00, Meli came over to visit! I hadn’t played with her in a very long time! I invited everyone over to the FNF sign to get a picture of the four of us.

Mike, Jeff, Beth, and Meli standing by the Friday Night Forest sign.We went to my house for a bit, and then we all headed over to the campground. I had scanned Hopkins’ card before opening, so we paid him a visit.

Me, Meli, and Beth hanging out in Hopkins' RV.And we also hung out in front of the fire pit to keep warm.

Jeff, Mike, Beth, and Meli hanging out at the fire pit at the campground.After I saw Harvey sipping coffee, I suggested that we all get some of our own. So most of us headed to the Roost, while Mike caught a stringfish in the river! I saved the game, and it’s a good thing. Because just a couple minutes later, we all got disconnected. I decided not to reopen the gate. But thanks to Beth, Mike, and Meli for coming tonight!

I forgot about it being Friday the 13th, so I didn’t put on a hockey mask and chase them around with an axe. I’m sure they’re disappointed about that. ๐Ÿ˜›

My recent dream visitors have been Graham from Dogville, Jackie from Boba, Nolan from DAnimals, and Juliet from OnceVale. Thanks for stopping by, and have a good weekend!

My First Rodeo

On Sunday afternoon, I visited Arrested and saw Daisy there. I had a chat with her, and I found out it was my old Daisy! Even though I didn’t plan it this way, I’m glad to see she ended up in a friend’s town. And it was good to see her again. ๐Ÿ™‚

Daisy: Remember me, li'l guy? It's Daisy! I moved to Arrested a while ago.Later on, Mike from Key West came over to order some items out of Hopkins’ RV. We hopped into the seats and I tried to drive Hopkins crazy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hopkins is shocked when I blow the horn of his RV.Mike and I got some coffee and walked around town.

Mike stands by as I drink coffee next to my illuminated tree PWP.Over by the face-cutout standee, we had a grave situation. R.I.P. Mike (Rest in Pitfalls).

Mike falls into a pitfall behind my face-cutout standee.Yesterday, I found a new house plot behind the Roost. Rodeo the bull is moving in.

Sign: This spot reserved for Rodeo's new home. -Nook's HomesWhen Resetti showed up at the Roost for some coffee, I made no effort to get his order right. ๐Ÿ˜› He was not pleased with me, and he made up some new swear words to yell at me.

Resetti: Twisted tunnel funk!The northern lights showed up in the sky above Forest last night, and I made sure to take some pictures from various locations around town.

The northern lights as seen from my metal bench.
The view from the central park.
The view of northern lights from near my tulip topiary and geyser.
Southwest park view.
The northern lights, instrument shelter, and open entrance to the Reset Center.
View from the Reset Center entrance behind Re-Tail.

I scanned Maggie’s Welcome Amiibo card and visited her RV. It wasn’t the pig sty I expected. She actually has a lot of gardening items in here; it looks nice.

Maggie's RV, which has a bunch of gardening items inside.Then today, I made my way over the new house and said hello to Rodeo. It turns out that he came from Arrested. I don’t particularly care for him right now, but maybe he’ll grow on me. If not, I could always grab my axe and make some hamburgers out of him. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Rodeo: I'm Rodeo, and I just moved here from Arrested today!There was only one of my Welcome Amiibo cards that I hadn’t scanned yet, so I did that today. This is the RV of Boyd the gorilla. It seems to be under construction.

Boyd's RV with construction items.
His eyes creep me out.

That wrapped up my day in Forest. Just a heads-up for any Zelda fans: Amazon has the upcoming book The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts up for pre-order if you’re interested.

My recent dream visitors have been Sarah from Sunshore, Alicia from London, Stampy from St. Town, and Jacson from Gilford. Thanks for stopping by! Remember, Friday Night Forest is this week! So I’ll see you then, if not before.

Hopkins the Inflatable Bunny

In a previous comment, Xavier informed me that Hopkins the bunny was inflatable! So I had to check it out for myself. I scanned his card again, entered his RV, and took a good look. And sure enough, there’s a spout (is that the right word?) on the back of Hopkins’ head! I wonder if he knows. I’m not going to be the one to tell him; he might feel deflated.

Hopkins: Did you hear?! Hopkins is in town! Hey, that's me, thumper!
So is he a pool toy or an Easter decoration?

That probably makes Hopkins the lightest villager in Animal Crossing. I tried to get him to stand on a scale, but he said no weigh.

Beth came over to visit earlier this week, and unfortunately, she brought Katie with her. My hatred of Katie started back in ACCF, when her presence made my UFO hunting more difficult. But she still annoys me with the way she hangs around day after day if you don’t take her anywhere.

Katie, to Beth: But you being all nice like this makes me feel really good!Lily the frog had an unusual request for me: She wanted Rolf!

Lily: Bring Rolf to me, OK?So I fetched the overgrown kitty cat and brought him to Lily’s pad. Lily asked Rolf if he put a jewelry box in her mailbox. Rolf said yes, and Lily thanked him for it.

Rolf, to Lily: Did it come out of your mailbox in good shape? I had to really jam it in there to get the box closed.Lily thanked me for fetching Rolf by giving me her baby bed. But why did she have a baby bed?

Lily: I'd like you to have my baby bed as a thank-you gift.

I was quite surprised when I went into the lost and found at the police station, and found a space suit! Was this Gulliver’s?

Copper: Looks like you've got yourself a space suit there. Do you want to keep that item?

Today, Lily asked me for some new furniture. I gave her a swinging bench that I bought from the drive-in campground. I’d love to see it in her house, and take it for a test ride. She thanked me by giving me a stripe wall.

Lily: Oh, a swinging bench! Nice!After 6 days, it was time for to change out of my New Year’s Eve tuxedo. So I bought this zipper shirt and put it on.

Mabel: Oh my, you look marvelous!I’m continuing to search for updated versions of dream towns featured in Jeff’s Dream Suite Adventures. And today I discovered that “Freak” has re-uploaded the dream town of Funkytwn! It’s the town with Colonel Sanders on the town flag, and lots of cool rooms like the cosmic bowling alley and the game show set. The outdoors is beautiful too.

The fountain and illuminated clock PWPs in the dream town of Funkytwn.

According to Luna, my recent dream visitors have been Finn from Tumbles, Licha from Snowdin, RetroBoy from Happyhoe, Joey from Hyjal, Sindy from Tony’s, and Chanelle from Burton. Thank you all for visiting, and I hope you have a great weekend!