Windsocks & Indecisive Otis

I made a quick trip to Nookington’s today, so that I could finally sell all the junk I had in my pockets (and some items I had left on the ground, too). Then, I checked out the dump, where I found a paw shirt…and put it on.

I put on a paw shirt in the dump.

I believe today is the last day of the windsocks that are on display around town each May, so I made sure to pose by one. Now the whole town smells like fish! πŸ˜›

The fish-shaped windsocks that are on display each May.

I spoke to Otis, and he told me about Nook’s upcoming sale on clothing. Otis told me he wasn’t interested, so I didn’t have to worry about him buying up the clothes before I got the chance.

Otis: Clothing...? Oh well... It's not like I'm all that into it, but I thought you'd like to know.

But when I spoke to him again, he told me his clothes were all getting small. And he said he hopes Nook has some good clothes at the sale! Wow, Otis needs to make up his mind, I s’pose.

Otis: I hope he's selling some cool duds, I s'pose.

Back outside, I approached Static…only for him to quickly go indoors. When I followed him inside, he got mad at me for coming in uninvited.

Static: Eh, it's just you. If you don't mind terribly, DON'T COME IN HERE UNINVITED, in a flash!
Why? Are you afraid I’ll ask why you have a picture of Tom Nook?

Belle wanted to sell me an item that was “amazing and rare.” She said stores will never carry it, and she had to special order it. And then, she wanted all my money for it. All 29,267 bells. No. Way.

Belle: It looks like you've got 29,267 on you. That oughta be enough. What do you think?

When I bumped into Baabara, she informed me that I have an authentic alarm clock. Wow, an alarm clock. Amazing. πŸ˜›

Baabara: Don't you know you have in your possession an authentic alarm clock? Don't try to hide it!!

She felt that the alarm clock was too sophisticated for me, so she offered to give me an arched window for it. I agreed to the trade. But an arched window seems a lot more sophisticated than an alarm clock to me. πŸ˜›

Baabara: I'll tell you what! Don't you think that alarm clock better suits my sophisticated tastes?

I was asked about the catalog in this game, so I figured I would also post this picture here. Each time you complete a section of the catalog, the item count is marked with a star.

The catalog shows a star next to the item count to indicate when a section is complete.

It’s a very helpful feature that did not make it to the later games. In fact, the newer games don’t even give you the item count! (Wild World did, but not City Folk or New Leaf). So far, I’ve completed the sections for (handheld) items, stationery, gyroids, fossils, and music.

Otis Returns, I S’pose

Iggy just moved in last month, but it didn’t take him long to pop on out of town. I got his goodbye letter in the mail tonight.

What up, Jeff! So, I bolted to begin a long journey of discovery. When will I be back? Never! But turn that frown upside down--I am who I am! You be you, and life'll be fine! Keep it real! -Iggy

A message posted on the bulletin board mentioned the windsocks that appear around town in early May. In fact, they’ll start showing up tomorrow (May 1st)!

Spring is upon us! Flowers and warmer temperatures are a prelude to summer fun! It makes me want to fly a kite. Or a windsock. Be on the lookout for one!

Since today is raffle day, I was unable to sell all the junk in my pockets once again. This is quite annoying. But here were Nook’s raffle prizes for this month:

The Raffle Day prizes for April 2017.

Crazy Redd is coming to town soon, and several of my villagers were talking about him. Candi in particular was pretty mad about it, due to a previous experience with Redd.

Candi: Well, I told that crook he could go hatch an egg if he thought I was gonna pay that much for a sofa!

I found a new house in town, and I was quite happy to see who moved in: It was Otis! He previously lived in Forest in the early years of the town’s existence. While he wasn’t one of my top favorites, I always liked him a lot. I even quoted his catchphrase (I s’pose) in this blog’s very first entry!

Otis: Nice to mee--... Whoops! I said that alraedy, I s'pose! Heh heh! Silly me! You got an extra brain on you?

When I visited Puck, he told me Genji said his clothes were too tight. I agreed, and he called it a “scandle” (typo alert). πŸ˜› And the water bird in front of him makes him look funny; it’s like he has two beaks. πŸ˜›

Puck: Oh no! This is a scandle... My clothes ARE too small...

What other typos are in the game? I’m aware of Copper’s “campain” one, but are there others that you’ve noticed? Leave a comment if you recall any others!

Hank asked me for a new catchphrase, so I told him to say “on my wing.” I then spoke with him several times, trying to get him to use it in a funny way. But less than two minutes later, he already said it was going out of style! So he asked me for another catchphrase! This time I told him to say “on my beak.” But I stopped talking to him soon after that, before he tired of this one too. πŸ˜›

Hank: I'm thinking all the trees in Forest are filled with happiness at the sunshine, on my beak!

Fortunately, the lost and found at the police station had some stationery. I picked it up to mail away some fossils I found. That cleared up a few spots in my inventory. Shortly after mailing the fossils away, I returned home to wrap up my night in Forest. See you next time!

Fighting with Angry Animals

Ribbot has moved on to the computer heap in the sky. Okay, he just moved out of town. I got his goodbye letter in the mail. It’s sad to see him go so soon.

I had a bunch of junk in my pockets, but I couldn’t sell it because today was the last day of the month–raffle day. And I couldn’t participate in the raffle either, because I didn’t have any raffle tickets.

Tom Nook: I just can't let you do this without five raffle tickets. You do understand, yes? I'm terribly sorry!
Oh, you *will* be sorry.

When I spoke with Maple, she said I must’ve caught a ton of fish. I responded “of course,” and she said she was being sarcastic!

Maple: Oh. I was trying to be sarcastic, but I'm not very good at it...

Then she said if I have time to go fishing so much, then I should have time to help people. Well if that’s how you feel, then I’ll spend some time helping you feel closer to Mother Earth.

Maple trapped in a pitfall.

I found Gulliver passed out on the beach, and I woke him up from his long nap. He rewarded me by giving me a Chinese lion.

Gulliver: Yawn... What a great nap! What!? It's 2017?

I saw Tom outside of his house, and I was going to speak with him. But once he saw me, he went right into his house like he was avoiding me! So I followed him inside. He told me about a letter he received, and then said he had to jet.

Tom: Well, gotta jet. Later.

Where are you going to jet to? I have you trapped in a corner, punk. So I started pushing him around until he got angry.

Tom: Ahhhh! Stop it! You're starting to tick me off!
The feeling is mutual.
Stop yelling. You’re scaring your gyroid.

Back outside, Baabara mentioned moving away. That would be great, except that I know she’s bluffing.

Baabara: Well, I didn't know you felt that way! I suppose I can move away without hesitation, daahling.

I soon bumped into my newest neighbor, Iggy the goat. His eyes are practically bulging out of his head.

Iggy: Hey! What's up? And nice to meet you, paaally!

Over by the wishing well, Belle was being her usual mad cow self. She was angry about something, but I don’t know what. When I spoke to her, she told me to stay away from her and said I’d regret it if I didn’t. Wow, so rude.

Belle: I'll totally make you regret it if you don't, in a tutu!

I tried pushing her around, but she never said anything about it. Maybe if a villager is already mad about something (or someone) else, they don’t complain about being pushed around. Interesting.

Ursala was outside of the museum, and she wanted to trade me her tulip chair for my dinosaur egg. No way! I declined the offer, and she got really mad. She asked if I knew who she was (sadly, I do). She then said she hopes I go through my whole boring life with drab furniture.

Ursala: Well, fine, grooomph!! I hope you go through your whole boring life with the same drab furniture!!

So I gave her a shove as well. These animals are getting on my nerves today.

My pockets completely filled up, and I was looking for a way to make space. If I attached some unidentified fossils to letters, I could mail them away. But I didn’t have any paper. Neither did the lost and found or the dump. And I couldn’t buy any, since Nook wasn’t selling anything today.

So I thought maybe I could get some stationery as a reward for helping someone out. Hank is a nice guy, so I asked him. But he told me he borrowed a book from Yuka the other day. Now, for one thing, that’s a lie. Yuka hasn’t lived here for five years!

Hank: I borrowed Yuka's picture book the other day, but the big goof moved away without telling me!

And I was not about to take the train to Ohio for a simple task. Not to mention, the Yuka in my Ohio town isn’t even the same Yuka that lived in Forest in 2012. The Yuka in Ohio moved out of Forest a decade ago! So I said no to Hank, and of course, he got mad at me too.

Hank: I only asked you to do this, because YOU asked ME for work!

At this point, I’d had enough. I returned home and promptly ended my game.