My Mole Cricket Adventure

I found Poncho’s goodbye letter in the mail today. He sure didn’t stick around very long. I wouldn’t think someone named Poncho would be such a fair-weather friend. πŸ˜›

Poncho's goodbye letter in Animal Crossing for Nintendo GameCube.

At the top of my central ramp, I spotted an igloo. This is the first igloo I’ve seen this winter, and it’ll also be the last. The snow will be gone by Saturday morning.

An igloo near the top of the ramp in Animal Crossing.

I found Baabara inside. She liked the violin I had in my pockets, and she offered to play a game for it. Depending on how I guessed the symbol on her cards, I could earn over 3,000 bells for the violin. I guessed that she had a triangle on her first card…and I was wrong. So she only gave me 470 bells for the violin.

Baabara: HAH-HAH! You're SO wrong! What a shame!

Back outside, I found a new villager in acre B-5: Ribbot the frog. I’ve always liked him, mainly because he’s a robot. Is it just me, or does he look even more robotic on GameCube? Maybe it’s the way he blinks? Or maybe my brain is just short-circuiting.

Ribbot: Hey! What's up? And nice to meet you, zzrrbbitt! (Animated GIF of Ribbot blinking)

In Nookington’s, I decided to buy and wear the No. 1 shirt. (Update: I just discovered that you can actually buy this shirt at Amazon!)

Me putting on the No. 1 shirt in Nookington's.

After coming down my eastern ramp, I saw Static staring at the ground. When villagers stare at something, it’s because they’re looking at a bug or fish. Since I didn’t see anything, I figured there must be a mole cricket underground. So I got my shovel out and dug a hole (or three). And sure enough, the little bugger crawled out and tried to scamper away. But I didn’t have any trouble catching it.

Me chasing after a mole cricket with my net out, as Static looks on.

A couple minutes later, I bumped into Ursala. She noticed my mole cricket and said that she wanted it.

Ursala: I've always wanted my own mole cricket, to have and to hold, grooomph! I find them so very cute!
She sounds like the wants to marry it.

Ursala asked if I wanted clothes, paper, or money for it. Of course, I chose money, and she gave me a whopping 2,920 bells for it! I should probably share this money with Static, since he made this all possible. But I won’t. πŸ˜›

Ursala: Wait a moments... How frightfully embarrassing. I only have 2,920 bells right now, grooomph!

I pulled lots of weeds, I mailed a fossil away, and I checked the dump for items; I took a wobbelina that I’ll sell next time. Then I also made sure my town was back to perfect town status before wrapping up my game for the day.

Last night, Bill Trinen (from Nintendo) tweeted about the goodbye letters in Animal Crossing:

Recognize that picture? It’s Boots’ goodbye letter I received in my previous blog entry from January 30th. πŸ˜› I haven’t posted that particular screenshot to social media, so Bill must have visited this blog last night. πŸ˜›

Thank you to all who read this blog, including you. Long live Animal Crossing on GameCube. πŸ™‚


Trading Boots for a Poncho

Today was my first time playing since Toy Day, and I got a letter from Jingle in the mail. He sent me Balloon Fight (the NES game) as a Christmas gift.

I also received a letter from Boots. Sadly, he has already moved out of town. I guess Boots was made for walking.

Boots' goodbye letter in Animal Crossing for GameCube.In acre B-1, I met Boots’ replacement: Poncho. They both share names with things you may wear when it rains. πŸ˜›

Poncho: Hey! Catching an evening walk, are we? I hear that. And by the way, nice to meet you, li'l bear!

I walked by Puck’s house right as the clock struck 10 o’clock p.m., and I saw his lights go out. When I tried to go in his house, the sign said he was sleeping. I think he was really just avoiding me.

Static asked me for a new catchphrase, and I told him to say “in a flash.” When I spoke to him again, he told me I looked awful as ever, and he asked who dresses me!

Static: You're looking awful as ever. Who dresses you?

The funny thing is, he dressed me! Well okay, he didn’t put the clothes on me. But this is the exact shirt (the gray tartan) that he gave me last time when he said I looked awful! If my shirt looks awful, it’s your fault, Static!

He gave me a jagged shirt, but I wasn’t interested in wearing it. I’m not taking fashion advice from him again!

I spoke to my buddy Hank, and gave me a birdcage as a gift. That’s a strange gift to get from a chicken. Maybe he’s just trying to get rid of one of his cousins or something.

Hank: This old birdcage gets in the way of my cross-training. It's yours!

Ursala surprised me by telling me how much she enjoys snowboarding! She said she’s going to hit the slopes this weekend. She’s worried that she might break her nose again, though.

Ursala: I just hope I don't fall down on my face and need another nose job, grooomph! ...I can't believe I said that.

I ran into Hank again, and this time, he asked me for a new catchphrase. I told him to say “at KFC.” This catchphrase has some potential. Hopefully it won’t start to bug me after a while.

Hank: But some insects, like cicadas, fly away if you run up to them, at KFC.

I spotted a balloon present flying diagonally through town, so I followed it. Unfortunately, it never ran into a tree. So I had no choice but to watch it sail away, out of my life forever.

A balloon present flies out of town in Animal Crossing (animated GIF).Candi was already in her house by the time I came by, so I went inside for a visit. She was a bit upset that I hadn’t visited her in so long, and she said if I didn’t come tonight, she would have banned me from entering her house! She was obviously bluffing, but still, that’s pretty rude.

Candi: Honestly? If you hadn't stopped by tonight, I was gonna ban you from my house, sweetie!

After running by the post office and the dump, I returned home for the night.

Toy Day

Today is Toy Day in the world of Animal Crossing. Not to be confused with Christmas Eve (which is tomorrow), Toy Day is the day where Tortimer will be at the wishing well plaza to hand out gifts. He will give a miniature car to boys, and a dolly to girls.

Tortimer: For Toy Day, I'd like to give you this miniature car.

Of course, I already received the car in a previous year, so he didn’t give me another one. Even though his dialogue seems to indicate otherwise. But here is what the car looks like; it’s a model of Gracie’s car.

The miniature car Tortimer gives boys on Toy Day.

In the mail, I found a goodbye letter from Leopold the lion. I kinda liked the guy, but at least I still have him in my other town (Ohio).

As you can see, snow now covers the ground and trees. Christmas lights are also up on many of the regular and cedar trees.

Shaking a Christmas tree (with lights) in Animal Crossing.When I visited Snake, he was complaining about how Katrina the fortune teller ripped him off. But I was more disturbed by the face he was making.

Snake: I didn't really get what she said, and she charged me 50 bells for a reading...
You’re complaining about 50 bells?

Since autumn is way over now, I wanted to change out of my straw shirt. So I went up to Nookington’s and bought this blue check shirt. I know it looks like a tablecloth, but I kind of like it. πŸ˜›

Me trying on the blue check shirt.

I found a new house next door to Maple, and I was surprised to see who it belonged to: Boots the gator! If you follow my New Leaf blog, you saw me recently mention that Boots was one of the Amiibo cards I recently got! I’ve been thinking about inviting him to live in New Leaf town, so it’s a coincidence that he showed up on GameCube right now. Welcome to Forest, Boots!

Boots: OK, I got it, Jeff! Good meeting you, Jeff!

Over by the waterfall, Static was not a fan of my blue check shirt. He said I looked awful, and he wondered who dresses me.

Static: You're looking awful as ever. Who dresses you?

That was pretty rude of him, of course. But on the bright side, he did give me some new clothes for free: a gray tartan. It looks alright, so I went ahead and put it on.

I had a little chat with Puck, and he was talking about Scott (my player in my secondary town of Ohio). But then he changed subjects and started talking about how hungry he is. I better not get between him and his sandwich!

Puck: Well, whatever. I'm hungry right now, and when I'm hungry, WATCH OUT! (animated GIF)After pulling weeds and talking to all of my villagers, I returned home. I played the Tennis game I found last time, for a few minutes at least. Tennis games are tricky at first until you get the timing down and learn the best places to stand. But I didn’t play long enough to fully get the hang of the controls, so I didn’t do very well.

Me failing at NES Tennis in Animal Crossing.That’s all for now, but I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2017!