Hornsby’s Return, Sale Day

Snow flurries were falling from the sky today. But I’m guessing Genji didn’t notice the snow, because he told me that it would start snowing soon.

Genji: I'm pretty sure it's gonna start snowing soon... The air's got that wintry feel to it, you know?
How soon is now?

Static and Snake were also nearby, and they apparently had an argument. They were both mad, but Snake took his anger out on me!

Snake: Go away! Just looking at you makes me want to scream!

I buried a pitfall in hopes that Snake would walk into it. Unfortunately, the wrong villager fell into the rabbit hole. Sorry, Genji.

Genji, in a pitfall: You're kidding me!

Since today is Sale Day, Crazy Redd was in town with his tent full of merchandise. But I didn’t want any of his items, so I just carried on with my day.

Crazy Redd's black market tent on Sale Day.

Another feature of Sale Day is that Tom Nook will have a bunch of grab bags for sale. Each one costs 2017 bells, and contains three items.

Sale Day grab bags in Nook's shop.

I bought two grab bags. My haul included a racer shirt, a Maki figurine, a red pinwheel, an old brick wall, a fancy pinwheel, and a blue golf bag. I put on the racer shirt and sold everything else back to Nook.

I found a new house in town, and Hornsby was inside! Hornsby was one of my earliest villagers in Forest, and I liked him a lot…particularly his catchphrase, “schnozzle.” In fact, I recently used an Amiibo card to add him to my New Leaf town as well!

But after greeting him, the very next thing he said to me was that he wanted a new catchphrase! Nooo!

Hornsby: You know, I'm really sick of saying "schnozzle" all the time, schnozzle. Oh, darn it! Did it again!

I couldn’t decline his request, and the game didn’t let me re-enter the same one. So I just added a third “Z” to the word; he now says schnozzzle.

I visited Sydney in her house, and she told me she was getting really tired. I told her to go to sleep, and she got mad…for a reason that didn’t even make sense. She was furious that I told her to sleep right here in the snow? But we were indoors!

Sydney: Jeff! What do you mean, "Go to sleep!"?! Right here? In the snow!?

She said she’s never going to forget this, and that it’s going to come back to haunt me someday.  I never cared for Sydney much, and now I know why. What a nut.

Over by the wishing well, Baabara told me I’ve put on weight. After I told her I haven’t, she told me not to lie. She said I put on 1.2 pounds since we last spoke.

Baabara: You've definitely gained 1.2 pounds since the last time I laid eyes on you, daahling. I see it.

After selling some fruit and other items, I was able to get my bank account balance up to 18 million bells for the first time!

Phyllis: Your balance is 18,000,000 bells.I then returned home and ended my game for the night. I did not do the Sale Day glitch today, but if you’re interested, here is a video of the glitch I recorded back in 2009.

Take it Back, Paint it Black

It had been eight weeks since I last played in Forest, so I had a ton of weeds around town. I spent a good deal of time plucking them all.

Pulling weeds in my town.

No new animals have moved in this time, so I still have 14 villagers in town at the moment.

I connected my Game Boy Advance and made a rare trip out to the island. I was enjoying Kapp’n’s song about his sailing soul, until he mentioned a stomach full of snails. That part is a bit hard to relate to.

Kapp'n, singing: Me soul, onward it sails, me belly, it ails. I'm so glum, 'cause me tum feels full of snails.

When I spoke to my islander Ankha, she thanked me for the spooky lamp I gave her “the other day.” It wasn’t the other day, though. It was probably years ago.

Ankha: Ah, young Jeff! Thank you so much for the spooky lamp you gave me the other day.

She then gave it back to me, saying it doesn’t fit her room. This cat always seems to ask for things and then gives them back. How rude.

Ankha: But...I don't think it fits my room, you know? I hate to do this, but would you please take it back?

Back in town, Kody noticed my new spooky lamp.

Kody: Hey! Wow! Check out you and your spooky lamp! That looks so killer, Jeff!

He said he didn’t have anything to trade for it, but he asked if he could have it. I agreed to give it to him. He then gave me a lovely lamp in return; he lied about not having anything.

Kody: I was just testing you. I wanted to see if you were a true-blue buddy.
Yeah, but you’re just a blue buddy.

I spotted a balloon present flying around, and I followed it. It appeared to get stuck on the cliff (temporarily), and I tried to use my shovel to pop it. No luck. It soon freed itself and continued flying northeast. Once it got to the train station, it flew away, never to be seen again.

A blue balloon present soars near the train station.

I ran into Tom, and he told me he just painted my roof black. I’m okay with that. Especially around Halloween.

Tom: I painted it black, like you told me to. Check it out.The roof of my Animal Crossing house, freshly painted black.Speaking of Halloween, I will not be participating in the festivities tomorrow. But good luck to you if you’re giving it a go! Beware of Jack’s tricks! Happy Halloween, everyone!

Snapping Up Fish

When I started up the game tonight, I saw that Joey has ducked out of town. I received his goodbye letter in the mail.

Sorry, Jeff, I'm writing to tell you I left Forest secretly, so don't bother looking for me. See, I... Well, I just had to leave, OK? Let it lie. And if possible...send me fruit! -The Hungry Joey

While the best time of year for making money just ended in ACCF (catching summer bugs on trees), the best money-making time in this game is right now! In early September, there are no sea bass (or jellyfish) in the ocean. So any ocean fish you catch will be worth at least 3,000 bells (as long as you don’t fish near the mouth of the river, since salmon can be caught there). For more information, see my September Fishing guide.

So I emptied my pockets and took my rod to the sea. I fished until my pockets were full. It wasn’t raining, so I didn’t catch any coelacanths. And of the two remaining types of fish, I only caught one of the more valuable (barred knifejaw) fish. The rest were red snappers.

My pockets full of fish (14 red snappers and one barred knifejaw).

But still, in under ten minutes of fishing, I earned 47,000 bells. Not bad.

Tom Nook: If I add it all up, my price comes to 47,000 bells. You will sell, yes?

I ran into Tom, and he thought he smelled raviolis? Maybe he just smelled my cologne. I’m wearing Eau de Chef Boyardee. 😉

Tom: Hmm? Sniff, sniff... I smell raviolis!

I bumped into Hank, and he asked me for a new catchphrase to replace “on my beak.” So I told him to say “in a cage.”

Hank: All right! So...how do I sound now, in a cage!

I was trying to get him to use his new phrase in a funny way, but I didn’t have much luck. But he did offer me a new shirt for free, a fish bone shirt. Since it’s such a good fishing season, I decided to put it on.

Jeff changes from a paw shirt into a fish bone shirt in Animal Crossing for Nintendo GameCube.

After that, I pulled some weeds, did some more fishing, and stopped in the post office to mail a fossil away. I also checked my map… Surprisingly, Joey’s replacement has not moved into town yet. But I’ll surely meet him or her next time. Happy fishing, everyone!