Anchovy’s Gambling Problem

Ozzie the Wizard of Oz koala has already moved out of town. He flew his hot air balloon out of town to the land down under, as he repeated “There’s no place like home.” Okay, maybe it didn’t happen exactly like that. But I got his goodbye letter in the mail today.

To my pal, Jeff, I have a hunger...and while I normally just grab a snack to fill up, this hunger will only be satisfied by exotic foods from far-off lands. So, I'm now a wanderer! -Snackily yours, Ozzie

When I spoke to Puck, he told me he was going to build himself a vacation house! But then he clarified: He just means an igloo.

Puck: Pretty soon, I'm going to build a vacation house. Well, more of a vacation igloo, really, brrrrrrrrr.

Speaking of igloos, I found one near the river. Static was inside, and he wanted me to play a game where I could win or buy a kitchen flooring from him. Since he said he could take up to 3,000 bells from me, I declined the offer to play. So naturally, he called me a chicken.

Static: What, you chicken? You shouldn't lead me on like that. Oh well, maybe next time, huh, in a flash?

I met Ozzie’s replacement, Anchovy the bird. He’s lived in Forest once before, a long time ago (before I started the blog). And I’ve had him in City Folk as well.

Anchovy: Your name's Jeff? Uh, nice to meet you, chuuurp. Even if you don't come bearing snacks.

I decided to take a look at the inside of his house, and I was surprised to see a bunch of slot machines lined up! I think this bird has a gambling problem.

A bunch of slot machines lined up in Anchovy's house.

Since I saw two snowballs in the same part of town, I rolled them up into a snowman. I also used my net to give him a pointy hat. But with the horns on my hat showing behind the net, it looked like the snowman was the one wearing a viking hat.

Using my net to give a snowman a pointy hat.

But after that, I murdered him. Just because I could. 😛

I spoke with Tom, and he asked if I’d rather play golf or watch golf. Golf isn’t really my thing, so I just said I’d rather watch. So he basically called me a lazy slug. Rude.

Tom: You? Seriously? You just like sitting on your behind like a lazy slug and watching?

I asked Baabara for a job, and she asked me to catch a fish for her boyfriend. She didn’t specify any certain kind.

"Baby! Get me a fish!" That's what my boyfriend told me this morning. Talk about rude!
Tell him to grab his rod and do it himself.

So I ran to the river and quickly caught a pond smelt. I took it back to Baabara, and she rewarded me with a green lamp.

I also asked Maple for a job, and she asked me to pick up her glasses case from Baabara. So I headed back to Baabara, but she told me she lent the case to Kody. When I asked Kody about it, he said he gave it to Ursala. Is a glasses case really that popular that everybody needs to borrow it? o.O

Kody: But Ursala came by the other day and snaked it. I know I should have kept it. I was out of line. I'm sorry.
It’s okay buddy, don’t be blue. We all know how Ursala is.

Fortunately, Ursala still had the case. She gave it to me, and I returned it to Maple. My reward was 835 bells. I was tired after that wild goose chase, so I went home and wrapped up my game for the day.

That’s all for now, but I’ll have a new Animal Crossing GameCube video coming at some point in this upcoming week. Please check my Youtube channel for it, and subscribe so you don’t miss it. See you next time!

Update: Here is the video! It’s a compilation of villager rudeness. Watch as they call me an idiot, a psycho, an insufferable wimp, the most boring person alive, and much more!

Hornsby Out, Ozzie In

I found a letter from Jingle the dark-nosed reindeer in the mail today; he sent me a Balloon Fight NES game. Unfortunately, I also got a goodbye letter from Hornsby in the mail. Well, at least I still have him in my New Leaf town.

To my pal, Jeff, I have a hunger..and while I normally just grab a snack to fill up, this hunger will only be satisfied by exotic foods from far-off lands. So, I'm now a wanderer! -Snackily yours, Hornsby

Candi was walking near the bridge by her house, so I decided to use the glitch to push her into the river. She wasn’t very happy. 😛

Candi: You can just forget about being friends with me, sweetie!

On the cliff near Maple’s house, I found a new house belonging to Ozzie. This spot doesn’t seem to be used very often, although seeing the house here reminded me that Hank once lived in this spot. And Hank’s house looks just like this one, so that may be why it triggered the memory.

Ozzie's house.

I went inside and introduced myself to Forest’s newest koala. Or is that Forest’s newest bus stop?

Ozzie, standing behind a bus stop: Oh! Before I do, I guess I ought to introduce myself, ol' bear!

I had a chat with Tom near the wishing well, and he said he hadn’t seen me in so long, he just assumed I was involved in some shady stuff.

Tom: What's that? You mean you're NOT running away from a collections agent?!
Shh! Don’t let Copper hear you! If I go down, I’m taking you with me! I know you’re a cat burglar *and* a Peeping Tom!

Up near the train station, right next to my statue, I was chatting with Snake. I don’t know how this guy has stayed in town so long…14 months so far. For someone that’s not part of my “permanent 13,” that’s really quite an accomplishment. But apparently, I talked to him too many times today, because he started to get a little angry with me.

Snake: What is it? WHAT!?! Are you dense or something? I just want you to go away! In a cage!

With that, I headed home and ended my day in Forest. But if you haven’t yet seen my latest GameCube Moments video that I posted on Christmas Eve, here it is. Hope you enjoy! I’ll be back with another blog entry sometime in January. Have a happy new year, everyone!

Hornsby’s Return, Sale Day

Snow flurries were falling from the sky today. But I’m guessing Genji didn’t notice the snow, because he told me that it would start snowing soon.

Genji: I'm pretty sure it's gonna start snowing soon... The air's got that wintry feel to it, you know?
How soon is now?

Static and Snake were also nearby, and they apparently had an argument. They were both mad, but Snake took his anger out on me!

Snake: Go away! Just looking at you makes me want to scream!

I buried a pitfall in hopes that Snake would walk into it. Unfortunately, the wrong villager fell into the rabbit hole. Sorry, Genji.

Genji, in a pitfall: You're kidding me!

Since today is Sale Day, Crazy Redd was in town with his tent full of merchandise. But I didn’t want any of his items, so I just carried on with my day.

Crazy Redd's black market tent on Sale Day.

Another feature of Sale Day is that Tom Nook will have a bunch of grab bags for sale. Each one costs 2017 bells, and contains three items.

Sale Day grab bags in Nook's shop.

I bought two grab bags. My haul included a racer shirt, a Maki figurine, a red pinwheel, an old brick wall, a fancy pinwheel, and a blue golf bag. I put on the racer shirt and sold everything else back to Nook.

I found a new house in town, and Hornsby was inside! Hornsby was one of my earliest villagers in Forest, and I liked him a lot…particularly his catchphrase, “schnozzle.” In fact, I recently used an Amiibo card to add him to my New Leaf town as well!

But after greeting him, the very next thing he said to me was that he wanted a new catchphrase! Nooo!

Hornsby: You know, I'm really sick of saying "schnozzle" all the time, schnozzle. Oh, darn it! Did it again!

I couldn’t decline his request, and the game didn’t let me re-enter the same one. So I just added a third “Z” to the word; he now says schnozzzle.

I visited Sydney in her house, and she told me she was getting really tired. I told her to go to sleep, and she got mad…for a reason that didn’t even make sense. She was furious that I told her to sleep right here in the snow? But we were indoors!

Sydney: Jeff! What do you mean, "Go to sleep!"?! Right here? In the snow!?

She said she’s never going to forget this, and that it’s going to come back to haunt me someday.  I never cared for Sydney much, and now I know why. What a nut.

Over by the wishing well, Baabara told me I’ve put on weight. After I told her I haven’t, she told me not to lie. She said I put on 1.2 pounds since we last spoke.

Baabara: You've definitely gained 1.2 pounds since the last time I laid eyes on you, daahling. I see it.

After selling some fruit and other items, I was able to get my bank account balance up to 18 million bells for the first time!

Phyllis: Your balance is 18,000,000 bells.I then returned home and ended my game for the night. I did not do the Sale Day glitch today, but if you’re interested, here is a video of the glitch I recorded back in 2009.