Meteor Shower 2017

Claude the rabbit has hopped out of town. I got his goodbye letter in the mail tonight.

To my pal, Jeff, I have a hunger...and while I normally just grab a snack to fill up, this hunger will only be satisfied by exotic foods from far-off lands. So, I'm now a wanderer! -Snackily yours, Claude

The meteor shower was going on tonight, so several animals joined up near the lake to watch the shooting stars go by. However, Belle wasn’t very happy that Tom was sitting next to her.

Belle: I'd totally be enjoying this more if Tom weren't sitting next to me, in a tutu. Seriously.

Interestingly enough, Tom didn’t seem to happy that Belle was next to him either! Maybe one of them should just move? Or is that too simple of a solution? 😛

Tom: I'd rather just watch the meteors by myself, to tell you the truth...

Ursala, Tortimer, and Genji were also at the event. I stopped for a few minutes to watch shooting stars and enjoy the serene, peaceful music that plays during the event. The music is the best part, really.

Belle, Tom, Jeff, Ursala, and Tortimer watch the meteor shower at the lake in Animal Crossing for Nintendo GameCube.

Genji: The meteors are bright and flashy... fiery... powerful... Just like me, right, Jeff? Huh?

I enjoyed my time at the lake, but I eventually continued on. Maple wanted me to buy a pear for 1,240 bells. I declined the offer.

Maple: Um, this is kind of embarrassing, but would you mind buying this pear from me?
Pear or bear?

I found the tent of a summer camper in acre D-3. This is the first summer camper I’ve seen this year.

A summer camper's tent in Animal Crossing for Nintendo GameCube.

Inside, I found Tad the frog. He wanted to play a game in which I had to guess which animals he took pictures of while he was camping. But if I guessed incorrectly, he would take all of my money. I was a tad uncomfortable with those terms, so I did not play his game.

Tad: But if you're wrong, then I get all the money you have on you!

I found a new house near Kody’s place, and I met my newest neighbor, Joey the duck. He was disappointed that I didn’t bring him any snacks.

Joey: Your name's Jeff? Uh, nice to meet you, bleeeeeck. Even if you don't come bearing snacks.

I checked out the inside of his house, and it was surprisingly simple. It just had four sprinklers, a pool, and a red boom box.

The inside of Joey's house in Animal Crossing for Nintendo GameCube.After a stop at the post office and dump, I returned home for the night.

If you’re interested, check out my video of the meteor shower that I recorded two years ago.


4th of July Fireworks 2017

Today is the 4th of July (Independence Day in the USA), and that means the fireworks festival is held tonight. On my way to the lake, I got bit. The game said it was a mosquito that bit me, but I’m not so sure. Snake sure looked pretty guilty.

Animated GIF of Snake looking guilty right behind me after I supposedly got bit by a mosquito.
I’m feeling snakebit.

I then stopped at the pier to get a sneak peak at the fireworks.

Watching the 4th of July fireworks at the pier in Animal Crossing for Nintendo GameCube.

I worked my way around the lake, though I made a quick stop at Nookington’s to check today’s store inventory. Interestingly, there was a detour arrow and a detour sign, right next to each other. Much to Beyonce’s dismay, they were both pointing to the right, to the right.

A detour arrow and a detour sign on sale in Nookington's.

I then walked a bit south to the lake, where the fireworks festivities were being held. Kody was whistling and fanning himself as he enjoyed the fireworks exploding overhead.

Kody fans himself and smiles as he and Jeff watch the fireworks festival in Animal Crossing for Nintendo GameCube.

Belle, meanwhile, was acting like a beast.

Belle: Hey! Stop pestering me! Why don't you go watch the fireworks, in a tutu!?

I bought a yellow balloon from Crazy Redd’s stand for 480 bells.

I hold a yellow balloon that I bought from Crazy Redd's stand at the fireworks festival on the 4th of July.Static was also at the lake to enjoy the show.

I bumped into Tortimer, but not where you’d expect. He wasn’t at the lake for the festival, nor was he over at the wishing well. Instead, he was over by Ursala’s house for some reason. He encouraged me to take a train trip, and said otherwise, we may lose the train station! But I knew he was bluffing…or just very, very confused.

Tortimer: I'd hate to lose our train station because you're not riding the train enough! Take a trip, sprout!

At the dump, I found a grass model and a pad of paper. I took them both.

After making my rounds, I returned to the lake to enjoy some more fireworks. When I was done, I let my balloon go and watched it soar up into the sky. Happy 4th of July!

Animated GIF of Jeff letting go of his balloon during the fireworks festival.After that, I returned home and used a feature I almost never use: the journal.

July Entry: Tonight, I watched fireworks and bought a balloon.

Rain & Claude

Sadly, Otis has flown out of my life once again. I got his goodbye letter in the mail when I started up the game today.

To my pal, Jeff, I have a hunger...and while I normally just grab a snack to fill up, this hunger will only be satisfied by exotic foods from far-off lands. So, I'm now a wanderer! -Snackily yours, Otis

It was storming in town, so my villagers had their umbrellas out. Some of them were in bad moods, too. Like Tom, for example.

Tom: Hey! Jeff! Stop smiling all the time! This isn't the right weather for smiles, me-YOWZA!

When I spoke to Snake, he asked if I had been cutting down trees lately. I said yes (even though it wasn’t true), and Snake got upset with me. He called me a monster and threatened to tell my mom. 😛

Snake: You monster! I am SO telling on you! Wait 'til your mom hears about this, at KFC!
What a snake.

I soon met up with Forest’s newest resident, Claude the rabbit. In Happy Home Designer, he was the DLC character that wanted his house to look like a Nintendo game shop.

Claude: Hola. And good to meet you. I'm known as Claude. And you are...?

Several of my villagers were talking about the fireworks festival, which is coming up next week. I’m not sure if I’ll participate or not. We’ll see.

Hank: There'll be killer fireworks and little stands selling cool stuff! It's gonna be the best festival ever!

As Ursala was chatting with Maple, I went up to Ursala to talk. But she got mad, apparently because of something Maple just did or said. But Ursala took it out on me, saying that I make her so mad. I didn’t even do anything!

Ursala: OOOHH! You... You make me soooo MAD!!!

So I thought this would be a good opportunity to use a pitfall I dug up last time. I buried in the ground, and just waited for the angry bear to walk right into it.

Ursala, holding an umbrella in a pitfall: Don't just stand there laughing!
So I stood there laughing.

Tom asked me for an apple, and I had some planted near Nookington’s. So I grabbed one and took it back to him. But he seemed more interested in how I tracked down the apple, than in the apple itself. He did give me a mod wall for my trouble, though.

Tom: boy, you're sure resourceful! Who's your source? Who'd you get this apple from, me-YOWZA?
That’s not your concern. Just shut up and eat it.

After that, I finished pulling weeds around town (I had a lot, after 7+ weeks). When I was done, I headed home.