Toy Day

Today is Toy Day in the world of Animal Crossing. Not to be confused with Christmas Eve (which is tomorrow), Toy Day is the day where Tortimer will be at the wishing well plaza to hand out gifts. He will give a miniature car to boys, and a dolly to girls.

Tortimer: For Toy Day, I'd like to give you this miniature car.

Of course, I already received the car in a previous year, so he didn’t give me another one. Even though his dialogue seems to indicate otherwise. But here is what the car looks like; it’s a model of Gracie’s car.

The miniature car Tortimer gives boys on Toy Day.

In the mail, I found a goodbye letter from Leopold the lion. I kinda liked the guy, but at least I still have him in my other town (Ohio).

As you can see, snow now covers the ground and trees. Christmas lights are also up on many of the regular and cedar trees.

Shaking a Christmas tree (with lights) in Animal Crossing.When I visited Snake, he was complaining about how Katrina the fortune teller ripped him off. But I was more disturbed by the face he was making.

Snake: I didn't really get what she said, and she charged me 50 bells for a reading...
You’re complaining about 50 bells?

Since autumn is way over now, I wanted to change out of my straw shirt. So I went up to Nookington’s and bought this blue check shirt. I know it looks like a tablecloth, but I kind of like it. 😛

Me trying on the blue check shirt.

I found a new house next door to Maple, and I was surprised to see who it belonged to: Boots the gator! If you follow my New Leaf blog, you saw me recently mention that Boots was one of the Amiibo cards I recently got! I’ve been thinking about inviting him to live in New Leaf town, so it’s a coincidence that he showed up on GameCube right now. Welcome to Forest, Boots!

Boots: OK, I got it, Jeff! Good meeting you, Jeff!

Over by the waterfall, Static was not a fan of my blue check shirt. He said I looked awful, and he wondered who dresses me.

Static: You're looking awful as ever. Who dresses you?

That was pretty rude of him, of course. But on the bright side, he did give me some new clothes for free: a gray tartan. It looks alright, so I went ahead and put it on.

I had a little chat with Puck, and he was talking about Scott (my player in my secondary town of Ohio). But then he changed subjects and started talking about how hungry he is. I better not get between him and his sandwich!

Puck: Well, whatever. I'm hungry right now, and when I'm hungry, WATCH OUT! (animated GIF)After pulling weeds and talking to all of my villagers, I returned home. I played the Tennis game I found last time, for a few minutes at least. Tennis games are tricky at first until you get the timing down and learn the best places to stand. But I didn’t play long enough to fully get the hang of the controls, so I didn’t do very well.

Me failing at NES Tennis in Animal Crossing.That’s all for now, but I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2017!

Sale Day 2016

Did someone in town eat ham for Thanksgiving instead of turkey? That’s what I wondered when I found Hambo’s goodbye letter in the mail. I’m sure he’s in a better place now. Even if it’s just Tom’s stomach.

Hambo's goodbye letter.

When I walked along the edge of the cliff, I saw a snake lurking in the grass below. Well, technically it was Snake hiding behind a tree, but what was he doing? Once a ninja, always a ninja, I guess.

Snake hiding behind a tree.

And being the day after Thanksgiving, today is Sale Day! In Nookington’s, the entire first floor had nothing but grab bags for sale, at a price of 2,016 bells each.

Tom Nook: That's a grab bag. The price is 2,016 bells.

Each grab bag has three items inside. I bought two bags and got a kiddie wall, a bear pole, cabana flooring, a straw shirt, a pink pinwheel, and a striped pinwheel. The straw shirt looks autumn-y, so I put it on. I also started carrying the striped pinwheel.

The pinwheel made for a funny conversation when I spoke to Static. As the pinwheel spun in his face, Static asked what it was, and asked if something was stuck to his face!

Static asks if something is stuck to his face, as my pinwheel spins in his face. Animated GIF.I also had a chat with Hank, and he told me he painted my roof! So it’s now green, like him. But I’m not paying him for the work! Not even one buhk buck!

Hank: I can't wait until you see it! I painted your roof bright green! That's the only color I had, buhk buhk.

Speaking of green, I met a new villager today: Leopold the lion. He’s my mane man. He also lives in my other GameCube town, Ohio.

Leopold: Hey! What's happening? Uh... Have we met before, lion cub? 'Cause I don't remember you...
Uh, just ignore that face in the corner.

If you look closely, you can see a dig spot in the lower-left part of the above picture. I dug it up, and I got a Tennis NES game! It’s not every day that you net a free game. I’ll have to set this in my house; I’m sure I’ll have a ball with it.

Check it out! I dug up Tennis!

Mayor Tortimer was over by the wishing well, sharing some words about Sale Day. He said more stuff is sold on Sale Day than on any other day of the year, and that’s good for the merchants in town. But he said that he does his own shopping online!

Tortimer: ...Who, me? Oh, I buy all my presents online! It's quite convenient! I just go to

At 6:00, Crazy Redd’s black market tent appears. I wanted to do the glitch that only works on Sale Day. So I went into Redd’s tent and bought all three of his items. Once you do that, the tent will be closed up.

Crazy Redd's tent all closed up.

If you leave the acre and re-enter it, you’ll see the tent is gone. But not permanently, it’s just moved to another location. The interesting part is that the tent, and Crazy Redd, will now be at different locations! If you find the tent again, do not go in it. Keep looking until you see Crazy Redd standing by a sign post. Talk to him, and after his usual banter, he will walk into the sign post and disappear!

Crazy Redd walks into a sign post and disappears on Sale Day.After witnessing that, I returned home and ended my game for the day. See you next time!

New Ninja

It’s been a while (7.5 weeks) since I last checked in on Forest, but I ended that streak today. I found a goodbye letter in the mail: Goose is cooked.

Goose's goodbye letter.

Many of my villagers were talking about Halloween, which is coming up on Monday.

Candi: Here in Forest, everyone dresses up in jack o'lantern masks and scares away the evil stuff!

It didn’t take me long to find Goose’s replacement. Over in a spot where Jane the gorilla once lived (many years ago), I found Snake the ninja rabbit. I’ve had him in my City Folk town before. Those eyes though…they’re a bit disturbing.

Snake: Folks call me Snake. What about you? You have a name or should I just call you bunyip?

Even though I don’t plan on playing on Halloween, I thought I would buy a new shirt for the occasion. But the store didn’t have much in the way of spooky clothes, so I settled for this danger shirt. At least it’s orange and black, right?

Timmy: Would you care to try it on?
Danger, danger! Timmy is shooting energy balls at me!

There seemed to be a party going on at Static’s house, with Hank and Hambo joining Static, all hanging out there. But the happiness didn’t last. Hambo apparently said (or did) something that made Static steaming angry, while Hank just kept rotating in circles while standing next to a rock.

Static, Hank, and Hambo hanging out at Static's house.

When I chatted with Hambo, he said it feels like autumn. But then he immediately changed course, and said it doesn’t feel like it yet. Why would he try to deny that it’s autumn? Could he be afraid that we’re going to serve ham at the harvest festival next month?

Hambo: Feels like autumn, huh? Well, maybe not yet... Almost...

When I passed by the wishing well, I saw that Belle was mad. But I continued my walk around town, pulling lots of lots of weeds. Once I was done, I returned to the wishing well to verify that Forest was back to perfect town status. Even though it had been nearly ten minutes, Belle was still angry! I think this mad cow has some serious anger issues.

Belle: You don't want to make me angry! You wouldn't like me when I'm angry, in a tutu!If you like the older Animal Crossing games, be sure to check out my new Wild World Blog! I’m updating it regularly, so I hope you’ll follow along with the ACWW version of Forest too! 🙂