A Crop Circle Appears!

Last night, I noticed a new house in the same spot where Savannah recently lived. So I went inside to meet my new neighbor, and it was Tangy the cat.

Tangy: Oh! Hiya! I'm Tangy!Her eyes were so big, you’d think she was just freshly squeezed. She definitely looked juiced.

Today, Wendell was in town. I gave him an eel that I caught last week.

Wendell: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Th-thank you! Good food!The starving artist promptly slurped it down.

Animated GIF showing Wendell slurping down an eel in Animal Crossing: City Folk for Nintendo Wii.He then gave me the mystery circle D pattern. That is the last of the four patterns that I needed to make my mystery circle! Well, it’s probably better known as a crop circle. I placed one over by the museum, although I’m not sure if this will be its permanent (or only) location just yet.

My crop circle in Animal Crossing: City Folk, made from Wendell's mystery circle patterns.I (accidentally) found out that you can also use the crop circle patterns to make a letter “S” or even just some wavy snake-like designs around town.

A large "S" design made from Wendell's mystery circle patterns in ACCF on Wii.Over by Able Sisters, Kitty told me that Benedict and Nan have been fighting lately. Being the great friend that Kitty is, she hopes they never get it sorted out. Because she enjoys seeing them throw pecan pie at each other!

Kitty: It's fun to see them throw pecan pie at each other, so I hope they never get it sorted out!I went inside Able Sisters to get a couple of designs out of storage. Since it’s summer now, I put two bikinis on display for my animal villagers! One is a star bikini and the other is rainbow-colored. I don’t know who created these bikini designs, since they were given to me by friends who got them from other friends. But I hope my animals start wearing them soon. It’s pretty funny when you see a male villager wearing something like this. 😀

Two bikinis on display in Able Sisters in ACCF.And just in case you want to see what my current pattern slots look like (or if you want a closer look at the bikinis), here you go.

My current pattern slots as of June 30, 2017: Four mystery circle designs, two bikinis, my green brick path, and my UFO pattern.Static asked me to make a delivery to Poncho, so I did. He told me he was glad it finally arrived…and then he told me to punch him. So I did.

Poncho: Whoa, from Static? Sweet...it's finally here! Punch me!I started looking around for Static…and then I remembered he was in his house today. 😛 When I told him I made the delivery, he rewarded me with a tartan rug.

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