Zora’s Domain

I know Impa told me to go to Hateno Village. I didn’t forget. But…I got distracted and went off in another direction. 😛 I was climbing the hills above Kakariko Village when I noticed a shrine off in the distance. So I jumped off and used my paraglider to soar down there. It took me into a new part of the world, where I met my first Zora.

Tula: I knew it! You are a Hylian, aren't you?! Yes, you must be a Hylian! Otherwise you're one unfortunate-looking Zora!
Who are YOU calling unfortunate-looking, Tula Tuna?

She told me I should go meet Prince Sidon over at Inogo Bridge. But I kept exploring. And as I was fighting a Lizalfos during a storm, I got struck by lightning!

Link gets struck by lightning in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
This killed me, and I was shocked.

As the game loaded back up, I got this helpful tip.

Lightning Strikes: It may sound like a superstition, but lightning seems to strike metal objects frequently. If you hear thunder, unequip anything metallic.
NOW you tell me.

Eventually, I made my way over to Lanayru Tower. Activating it gave me the regional map for this area. Another Zora, named Gruve, was up on the tower. I sailed down to a shrine I spotted, where I found yet another Zora. She also encouraged me to meet Prince Zidon over on the bridge. So I did. The prince asked me to come back to Zora’s Domain with him, and I agreed to help out.

Sideon: Won't you please come to Zora's Domain with me?
There’s something fishy about this guy.

There were quite a few enemies along the way, and it didn’t take long for me to start going through a lot of weapons and food. Not only that, but I soon discovered that the path there was much longer than I anticipated.

At one particularly hard part, a bunch of enemies were shooting shock arrows at me. And even though I had temporary shock resistance, thanks to an electro elixir that Sidon gave me, it wasn’t enough to keep me from dying…including one time where some bees were also hot on my tail.

A shock arrow hits me as bees are hot on my tail.
I tried to charge through and make a beeline for safety. But this was a no-win situation.

After a long journey that felt like forever, Sidon popped out of the river to tell me…that I was almost halfway there.

Sidon: You're always halfway to Zora's Domain!

I continued on. After dying a couple more times, I realized I had to be more stealthy. So I started crouching anytime enemies were around, and I attacked primarily by sneakily shooting arrows at the confused enemies who didn’t see me. Fortunately, I had plenty of arrows, so this strategy worked…even if it meant my progress was quite slow.

Towards the end of the path, I was able to climb up a bit and use my paraglider to take some shortcuts. And at long last, I reached Zora’s Domain. There were many Zoras here that I talked with, and there were also shops, an inn, and a shrine in here.

Link arrives in Zora's Domain (in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Switch).After completing the shrine, I went up to chat with King Dorephan. He told me that I need to defeat the divine beast of this land, and he then gave me the Zora armor. When wearing it, I’ll be able to swim up waterfalls! This will come in quite handy for exploring the world!

After another sequence, I recovered part of my memory! I decided to stop playing at this point; I’m supposed to head up to Ploymus Mountain next. But I think I’m going to resume my previous objective instead. I want to get my horse back and head over to Hateno Village. But who knows…maybe I’ll get distracted again next time too. 😉

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  1. I did activate Lanayru Tower, but I didn’t want to carry on with a side objective 😛 So I just left and carried on with the main quest, haha.

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