BOTW #16: Eventide Island

While exploring, I made my way to Lakeside Stable and completed a nearby shrine. A bit later, I ran into Kass. His song told me that I should call lightning down from a giant mound. So I did just that, and the lightning strike exposed a new shrine.

Lightning strikes the mound (and Link).

I completed it and continued on my journey. I ran into a banana salesman that was so pushy, I literally had to fight him off. Sorry, but I don’t want your grubby ‘nanas, dude.

Traveler: ...What--do you hate bananas?Soon, I came across a pretty heart-shaped lake.

A heart-shaped lake in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch.I made a love connection here for a side quest, and then moved along to a nearby shrine. I completed it and then explored the town I was in–Lurelin Village. It’s a small fishing town, and it’s beautiful.

Lurelin Village in Zelda: Breath of the Wild.Here, I ran into a Gerudo named Flavi. She pointed me in the direction of Eventide Island. I decided to make my way over there, to see what it was all about.

Paragliding to Eventide Island in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BOTW).Once I got to shore, I received an on-screen message telling me that this island is a trial that I must complete without my normal equipment. So all of my weapons, clothes, armor, and food were taken from me! I was told I had to offer three orbs to three altars on this island to get my equipment back.

Offer up the orbs to the three altars on this island. Only then will I acknowledge your skill and return your items.
This isn’t the vacation getaway I was expecting.

While I could pick up items I found here on the island, there weren’t exactly powerful weapons lying around. At first, I had to use tree branches and boat oars to defeat enemies!

Attacking an enemy with a boat oar in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch.Some enemies such as Bokoblins dropped their weapons after being defeated, but they were still weaker and less durable than the weapons I’m accustomed to. At least I could still use my rune abilities (stasis, bombs, etc.).

I explored and found two orbs in (or near) enemy camps. It wasn’t quick or easy, but I was able to defeat (or sneak past) the enemies and put the orbs into their altars. The third and final orb, however, was going to be considerably tougher. That’s because a giant Hinox was wearing it around his neck!

Defeating a Hinox giant isn’t an easy task even when you’re at full strength. So imagine trying to beat one with very little food on hand, and using weapons like tree branches!

Fighting a giant Hinox with a tree branch in Zelda BOTW.Straight combat wasn’t getting me very far. After he butt-stomped me down a hill, I ran. I ran so far away. He followed me for a while, but eventually he gave up on me and went back to sleep. That gave me a breather, sure, but at a cost. When I returned for round two, I saw that his health had reset! What little damage I had done to him was all gone!

Clearly, I needed a new strategy. Eventually, I found a spot up a hill where he couldn’t quite reach me. He could throw rocks at me, sure. But I was able to avoid them for the most part. And I started dropping bombs on him. Sure, each one did very little damage to him. But I kept at it, and I gradually whittled down his health bar.

Fighting a Hinox in Zelda BOTW.Once his health was getting low, I remembered something else I could use: Urbosa’s Fury. That’s the electric attack I learned after defeating Vah Naboris. I used it, and it finished off the Hinox. Whew!

I took the Hinox’s orb to the final altar, which was just a bit off-shore. After placing it in the slot, a shrine popped up and I got my stuff back! Finally! I went inside the shrine, grabbed the treasure (a gold rupee), and collected my spirit orb. While Eventide Island was an interesting challenge, I was glad to get it over and done with.

The next time I played, I visited a fairy to upgrade some armor, and then expanded my stamina wheel twice. Next, I went to work on Tarrey Town some more. I chopped down some trees for wood to give to Hudson. Once I did that, he suggested that I find a good tailor for this town.

So I headed off for Kara Kara Bazaar in the desert, where I met up with Rhondson. She’s the tailor that makes all my women’s clothing for me. 😛 She agreed to move to Tarrey Town, and she set up her own clothing shop.

The tailor's shop in Tarrey Town.I gathered another batch of wood for Hudson, and he then suggested that we needed a general store in town. I’ll have to go to Rito Village to find the right bird person, but I’ll do that in a future entry. Anyway, I defeated a couple of guardians nearby for a side quest (and a disappointing reward).

Back in Kakariko Village, I completed a side quest where I collected a man’s Cuccos (chickens). I know a lot of people probably did this side quest about six months ago, but I just got to it now. 😛 Much like an angry Cucco, time flies.

Cado: That faint yet lovely flapping of wings... That musical clucking... Ah, truly the epitome of joy!!After exploring, I saw a large, tall maze off-shore. I paraglided over to it, and it’s called Lomei Labyrinth Island. I think this may have been the “apartment building” I saw before, although it certainly doesn’t look like an apartment building from this angle.

Soaring towards the Lomei Labyrinth in Breath of the Wild.As you might expect, it consists of a very large maze. Checking the map frequently helped me out a lot, although some passageways don’t show up there. But I made my through and completed the shrine–it was one of those “you’ve already proven your worth by getting here” shrines.

After I came out of the shrine, I found a passageway that heads down underneath the maze. There was a huge room full of guardians down here! Fortunately, they don’t all activate at once. But I killed several of them for some ancient gear, shafts, springs, and screws. These should help me upgrade my armor–I’ll be sure to do that before I take on Calamity Ganon.

Fighting two guardians in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.While walking down the coastline, I spotted a monument that told me to take an orb to Rist Peninsula. So I made the trek, put the orb in the altar, and opened up another shrine.

After completing it, I figured it was time for a status update. I’ve completed 70 shrines so far.

Status update as of September 21, 2017.As for my Hyrule Compendium, I have 266 out of 385 objects filled in. I haven’t bought any of them either; they’re all pictures I’ve taken myself.

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