Stardew Valley – Into the Mine

Day 3

It was raining as I woke up today. I cleared some space just outside my house, and planted some more seeds. As I was working on my farm, I heard a weird noise, a few times. It sounded like a ghost! I suppose it could have been the wind, but it sounded more like a ghostly manifestation than breezy precipitation.

Aside from the ghostly noise though, I was also noticing some static as music or sound effects would play. It started to get quite annoying. Apparently it’s a glitch, and you just have to restart the game to get rid of it. I did that after the day was over, but in the meantime, I just put up with it as best I could.

Anyway, I noticed my energy was getting low, so I went over to the saloon. I bought some bread, and ate it…once I figured out how. So I threw it up into the air, waited for it to fall, jumped up, and gobbled it down before it hit the ground. 😉

Eating bread (animated GIF) in Stardew Valley for Nintendo Switch.
Some people do this with popcorn. I use an entire loaf of bread.

Since it was already getting dark, I went home and went to bread bed.

Day 4

The rain was gone today, so I watered my crops in the morning. I then set off to explore a bit. I returned to the tent I visited before, but this time somebody was outside with a campfire. It was an old guy named Linus. Doesn’t he get cold living out here? Good grief. Maybe he can carry a blanket with him at all times.

The mines were nearby, but some rocks apparently fell and blocked the path. I tried to free the worker on the other side, but it was no use. Oh well. It’s his problem, not mine.

Rocks blocking the path to the mines in Stardew Valley.Over at Pierre’s shop, I really wanted the backpack upgrade. But I don’t have nearly enough money for it. But Pierre’s also had some seeds for sale. I was hoping for some ice cream seeds, but no such luck. 😉 But I had my eye on potato seeds, so I bought one. Actually I didn’t realize I was only buying one seed until I got home and planted it.

After working on my farm a bit, I went on to bed.

Day 5

It was sunny again today, and I saw that my first batch of crops was getting bigger. I got a letter in the mail from JojaMart. Apparently the landslide by the mines was their fault! It was a result of their nearby drilling! So basically, I had Joja on my mine. 😛

The good news is that they have cleaned up the mess, so I was able to check out the mines today. Inside, there was a man named Marlon. He wears an eye patch, and he gave me a rusty sword for some reason. But aside from the strange guy with the sword, this seems much like the mines you find in some Harvest Moon games.

Mining in Stardew Valley.You can smash rocks and dig in the dirt to find ore and other goodies. But since my inventory was full and I couldn’t keep everything I dug up, I didn’t stick around for long. I made my way back to town, and I saw the mayor Lewis peeing standing near the fountain.

Lewis: I hope things are going well on Ravine farm. I'd hate to see it all dried up.
Yet you didn’t mind it being a disaster zone for the past XX years?

Haley was nearby, and I tried to talk to her. But the game flat out told me that she was ignoring me.

Haley is ignoring you.When night fell, I headed over to the saloon. It was the busiest that I’ve seen it, with over a dozen people inside. I took a look at the jukebox; you can choose the song that plays. I also spoke with everyone…well, at least everyone that would speak to me.

A busy night in the saloon in Stardew Valley.After that, I checked my journal and saw that I have now spoken with 27 of the 28 people I’m supposed to meet. I have no idea who I’m missing, but I’m sure I’ll run into him/her eventually.

Once I was done at the saloon, I returned home and planted a few more seeds I had leftover. I then went to bed for the night.

Level Up: Level 1 Mining. +1 Pickaxe Proficiency. New crafting recipe: Cherry Bomb.

Other Notes

As you may have guessed, I’ve decided to continue making blog entries for a while, at least. The videos will also continue. Here’s one showing some of the highlights from Days 3-5.

One last note that I forgot to mention last time: The time it takes to save your game at the end of each day is about 20-25 seconds. That seems excessively long. It’s something you’d expect on an original PlayStation game from 1996. 😛

This game does seem to have some technical flaws and glitches (like the static), but perhaps some of them will be fixed in an update. I’m still enjoying the game regardless. See you next time. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Stardew Valley – Into the Mine”

  1. There are definitely a few big bugs and I’ve had the game crash on me before and lose a day of big progress. A patch is in the work to fix dozens of bugs. The long saves are here to stay from what I’ve heard, on the PC it was instant but the save system just doesn’t work well on the switch. Anyway I’m enjoying watching you play I am just finishing my first year on the farm. If you open up your inventory and use L or R to move over to the Friendship tab you can see who you haven’t met yet. At least recognize their face and it will have question marks next to them.

    1. Yeah, the saving isn’t a big problem since it only happens at the end of each day. But I thought it’s worth a mention. Thanks for the comment, and thanks for the tip about the friendship tab! I’ll have to give that a try.

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