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Nintendo has provided me with an advance copy of Disney Magical World, which comes out on April 11th for Nintendo 3DS. It has some gameplay similarities to Animal Crossing, while also featuring over 60 Disney characters. I'll be writing about the game and providing regular updates as I progress through the game. Please share this blog with other Disney fans or anyone else who may be interested.

Day 10: Upgraded Fishing Rod

I continued with the next action stage in Aladdin's world, and it had a fishing hole in it. I stopped to fish, and I caught a cashclaw. That earned me a new sticker for catching eight types of fish. I don't think I've mentioned this before, but just like in Animal Crossing, you can view an encyclopedia of the fish you've caught. It tells where the fish can be found and also shows the size of the biggest one you've caught. Anyway, the fish here gave me ruby bubbles, which I already knew is something Donald Duck was looking for. Sweet!

After beating the boss here, the cave started to collapse. Aladdin and Abu flew in on a flying carpet to save me. Even though I didn't get the material I was looking for, Abu somehow grabbed it. This prompted Aladdin to say Abu is the best partner he could ask for.

Don't let Jasmine hear you say that.
I went over to the recreation area (the first fishing pond) to speak with Donald. He asked for a ruby bubble, and in exchange, he gave me a "proper rod recipe." I took it to the workshop and it turns out I already had all the ingredients I needed. So I upgraded my fishing rod, which will allow me to catch more fish and to catch them easier.

Can I catch the Little Mermaid now?
After playing through another Aladdin action stage, I went to Alice's world for a quest there as well. But this one was different; it was like a maze. Different portals opened up and I had to figure out the correct way through. Some portals took me back to the beginning of the level, so there was some trial and error involved.

Door #1 or Door #2?
In the end, I earned a recipe for card clothes, which I need to enter a hedge maze. After making the outfit and putting it on, I earned a sticker for wearing my first costume ace ensemble.

I don't think it suits me.
I was going to enter the hedge maze, but I don't have enough stickers yet! So I went to Cinderella's world and Cinderella told me ghosts were pestering the birds. So I had to go on a ghost-hunting quest to save them. This level had a lot of enemies, including three separate bosses. When I defeated them all, Cinderella told me the birds were overjoyed. I then got a new sticker for clearing 20 episodes.

Funny, I didn't even see any birds.
I'll be back with more tomorrow, so I hope you'll return for more!

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