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Nintendo has provided me with an advance copy of Disney Magical World, which is now available for Nintendo 3DS. It has some gameplay similarities to Animal Crossing, while also featuring over 60 Disney characters. I'll be writing about the game and providing regular updates as I progress through the game. Please share this blog with other Disney fans or anyone else who may be interested. Want to start from the beginning?

Day 12: Building a Bridge

If you haven't yet seen my review of the game, you can read it here: Disney Magical World Review.

I was able to go on another action quest in Wonderland now, so I set out into the hedge maze in search of royal roses.

For ghosts, you're pretty good at landscaping.
After completing the quest, I gave a royal rose to the Mad Hatter, and he gave me the royal rose tea recipe.

Back in town, one of the residents asked me to make her some zebra striped Mickey ears. So I went to do that, but while I was there, I decided to make a bunch of other ears too. I knew there was a sticker you can earn for collecting 15 types of ears, and the ears were cheap to make, so I figured why not? That earned me my 43rd sticker. When I gave the zebra ears to the girl, she gave me a recipe for an Easter rug.

I then went back to Wonderland and went on a quest where I found some berries for the March Hare. That level had some new seeds, and I planted them on my farm in 100 Acre Wood. When I picked my own purple cosmos, I earned a sticker for harvesting 30 types of crops. I also stopped in Daisy's boutique to make some clothes, and I soon earned another sticker for wearing 16 ace ensembles.

When I went into the fortune teller's shop, I saw was able to unlock something new. For 5-10 nice points, I can have her cast a good luck spell on me. I can choose one that make rare items show up easier, one that makes more (and rarer) fish appear, or one that makes my cafe more lively. Give me the rare items!

Wish me luck!
The charm only lasts half an hour, so I decided to go on a quest in Aladdin's world. I had to fetch 10 bags of camel food in perhaps the largest quest level so far. It took me nearly 25 minutes to clear it. It's hard for me to tell how much the good luck charm helped me out, so I'm just hoping I got more rare items than I otherwise would have.

At the cafe, I fulfilled some requests, including one where I made a Mickey themed snack, drink, and sweet at the same time. My owner level went up to level 8 and I also unlocked a new background music for my cafe. After making some more new dishes later, I got a sticker for creating 30 types of dishes.

After that, I headed over to 100 Acre Wood and began an episode to build a bridge. Part of the forest has been inaccessible because of a river, but building this bridge should open up a new area to me. This episode has a warning in red letters though, telling me I'll be unable to leave 100 Acre Wood or save my game in the middle of this episode. That seemed a bit odd, but I continued regardless. Once it started, all I had to do was collect five logs. They were scattered around 100 Acre Wood, but they were large and very easy to find.

You guys should work for Tom Nook.
Pooh ran across the new bridge to collect more honey, and I followed behind him. This side of the river has several new items I'll be able to harvest, which is very helpful for recipes. There are also two new fishing spots, and I caught a new fish: a fortune flounder. That was my 12th type of fish, and it earned me my 47th sticker.

I decided to stay in 100 Acre Wood, since it has a few episodes I haven't completed yet. Piglet wanted to clean up the forest, so he asked me to bring him materials for a broom. He needed five bundles of straw...and I already had them in my pockets. So all I had to do was talk to Piglet again to complete the episode. It's a clean sweep! Cameron then flew in and offered to take a photo. You got it!

Piglet's last photo before I made bacon.
With every episode that I clear, I see that the items in 100 Acre Wood are regenerating (except for the honey, which takes a half day). So I'm stocking up on all these new goodies. I decided to do one more episode for the night, and Tigger suggested we all play hide and seek!

Not it!
Of course, Tigger forced me to be "it," so I began my search. It didn't take me long to find them all; they were all behind hills or trees. Clearing this episode unlocked quite a few more. I think I'll be spending a lot of time in 100 Acre Wood next time.

But before I ended my game, I stopped at the fortune teller's shop to buy some sparkles (just to use up my nice points). With the last one I bought, I got a sticker for collecting every sparkle in the game! I now have 48 stickers. I guess from now on, I can use all my "nice" points on good luck charms.

By the way, the official Disney Magical World site has some AR codes you can scan for new items! So be sure to grab them if you haven't already!

For the latest entries (or to comment or ask a question), visit the main Disney Magical World Blog page.

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