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Nintendo has provided me with an advance copy of Disney Magical World, which is now available for Nintendo 3DS. It has some gameplay similarities to Animal Crossing, while also featuring over 60 Disney characters. I'll be writing about the game and providing regular updates as I progress through the game. Please share this blog with other Disney fans or anyone else who may be interested. Want to start from the beginning?

Day 13: Party for Pooh

One of my cafe requests was to make some trendy food; something that fits the popular theme of the day. Sounds easy enough. The food page showed that today's theme was basic, so I made some rad veggie ratatouille. I then spoke with my manager again and he confirmed the request was fulfilled. This boosted my owner level up to level 9.

I'm sure he hates me for dressing him this way.
On to the next request: Make a rare dish. A screen explained the icons that show how rare a dish is, so I made some honey-apple iced tea. This did the trick, as my owner level went up to 10 and new background music for my cafe was unlocked.

I then went over to 100 Acre Wood for some more episodes. In the first one of the day, I had to find three blue thistles for Eeyore. I already had three of them in my pockets, so this was very easy to fulfill. With this new supply of his favorite food, Eeyore thanked me.

Yes, you look thrilled.
I was then able to take a commemorative photo with Eeyore. But even though a lot of commemorative photos will earn you a corresponding sticker, this one did not. I guess they don't consider Eeyore to be an important character. Poor guy. No wonder he's so mopey.

The next episode was another round of hide-and-seek. Once again, I had no problem finding everyone hiding behind trees. I quickly won the game and that earned me a sticker for clearing 30 episodes. The next episode began with Owl wanting to give some lectures. But he needed a podium, so I had to make a stump table for that purpose. So I went to Chip and Dale's workshop, and they made one for me. I took it to Owl, and I was then able to take a commemorative photo with him as well.

Hoo likes Owl? Raise your hand!
Even though I was making good progress in 100 Acre Wood, I wanted to play in some other areas of the game today as well. So I went to Cinderella's world and went on an action quest. I had to find some firewood for a girl who needed some to cook dinner. Now that she's able to, her mother will allow her to attend the ball.

If you're the boss, then I quit!
Before I finished for the night, I wanted to check on my cafe again. I saw the next request was to make a Pooh-themed party and invite Winnie the Pooh himself. So I went back to the workshop and made all of the furniture I needed (including the 100 Acre Wood wallpaper and carpet). I even took things a step further and make the menu all Pooh-themed items as well (even though I don't think I needed to). But this earned me a new sticker for making 4+ theme combos at the cafe. That's my 50th sticker! I then threw the party and Pooh showed up! He really seemed to enjoy the new look of the cafe.

Thanks, honey.
I took a commemorative photo with Pooh and ended the party. Fulfilling this request sent my owner level to eleven. And that's all I did for today, but I'll be back with more next time!

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