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Nintendo has provided me with an advance copy of Disney Magical World, which is now available for Nintendo 3DS. It has some gameplay similarities to Animal Crossing, while also featuring over 60 Disney characters. I'll be writing about the game and providing regular updates as I progress through the game. Please share this blog with other Disney fans or anyone else who may be interested. Want to start from the beginning?

Day 16: Magic Dungeon

While fishing, I caught a pouched pearlfish that was 108cm long. For catching a fish bigger than 100cm, I earned my 59th sticker.

I headed to Cinderella's world and rode the carriage to the Moonbeam Ball...or so I thought. Once I began the episode, it was actually called the Moonlight Ball. Apparently the outfit you have to wear is called the Moonbeam Ball outfit, yet the ball itself is the Moonlight Ball. Not a big problem, but it had me confused for a moment--I thought maybe I made the wrong outfit!

Is this a bad time to tell you I can't dance?
I began the dance, and some of these moves are hard to pull off. The timing has to be precise, and the slide moves are particularly tricky. I got three out of five crowns on my first attempt, and that wasn't good enough. The next five times, I got 4 out of 5. That also was not good enough; you have to be almost perfect to clear it. The game lists this dance as a one-star difficulty, and yet it's not forgiving at all. On my seventh attempt, I finally got a five-crown rating and cleared the event.

Cinderella gave me an invitation to yet another ball...ugh. These dances have become my least favorite part of the game. Don't get me wrong, I generally like rhythm games. I enjoy Theatrhythm Final Fantasy quite a bit, but Cinderella's balls are nowhere near as fun or playable. On the bright side, I earned my 60th sticker for clearing 40 episodes.

Just a couple of random observations about the game: One, Easter decorations are still up even though Easter is over. And two, characters' speech bubbles sometimes block your view, particularly when farming at 100 Acre Wood. I know the little animals are trying to help, but give me some space please!

Get out of my way!
With 60 stickers, I was now able to unlock something new at the castle. The guard told me there are tons of ghosts beyond this point. But I'm ready for it!

Let's roll!
I broke the seal, and this doorway leads to the basement of the castle...also known as the Magic Dungeon. Ghosts and traps will change each time you enter, and it's home to some tough ghosts. But it also holds some valuable items as well. The object is to get to the bottom of the dungeon.

So I went inside, and there's a circular room with several enemies--many of whom will charge at you mercilessly. And as you defeat one, another appears to take its place. The guard wasn't kidding, this is pretty tough! I died once, and had to use magic stones to refill my health a couple other times. Once I cleared the room, I was able to fish at a tiny fishing area at the bottom of a small waterfall. But I was unable to progress any further, because the next seal requires 65 stickers to unlock! I'm quite disappointed!

After that, I decided to return to Wonderland. I went on an action quest called "More Road Garden Ghosts!" All of the hedge maze quests feel pretty much the same, as do the action stages in most worlds. I completed the quest and returned to Castleton. I saw I only needed to wear one more ace ensemble for another sticker, so I went to Daisy's boutique and made a Mickey tuxedo outfit. That earned me sticker #61.

Here's your reward for changing your clothes!
I'll see you all next time!

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