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Nintendo has provided me with an advance copy of Disney Magical World, which is now available for Nintendo 3DS. It has some gameplay similarities to Animal Crossing, while also featuring over 60 Disney characters. I'll be writing about the game and providing regular updates as I progress through the game. Please share this blog with other Disney fans or anyone else who may be interested. Want to start from the beginning?

Day 17: A Bigger Farm

After growing some spooky pumpkins, I earned a sticker for harvesting 50 types of crops. After that, I decided to go to Aladdin's world. One of the merchants is now selling Golden Camel Handicrafts, which is an item I haven't seen for sale before. I don't know what it's used for, but it will likely come in handy for a recipe or a request at some point. He was charging 10,000 coins for them, so they're not cheap. But I still bought a few of them, just in case.

This must be the Hump Day special!
I stayed in Aladdin's world to go on an action quest. But to my surprise, Genie actually challenged me to a fishing competition! The first one to catch a rainbow scale wins! My very first fish was a walletfish, and it contained a rainbow scale! Just like that, I cleared the quest! Even though the exit opened up and I was free to leave, the level is a regular action stage too. So I went through the whole thing--I want all that treasure!

I have magic powers. You wouldn't understand.
I went to Cinderella's world for an action quest where I had to prepare for the Masked Ball by finding a mask to wear. The coachman informed me that I was not already wearing a mask.

You don't say.
This level had another ballerina boss, and after beating her, I obtained the recipe for the masked ball mask. Daisy made it for me, but I was in no rush to go dancing.

Instead, I went to Alice's world for an action stage where I had to recover a trumpet, wand, and teapot. In this level, I caught a silvershark, which earned me a sticker for catching 16 types of fish. The quest seemed to drag on forever, but I eventually finished it. I gave Alice some tea, and she rewarded me with a recipe for dreamtastic biscuits. I also picked up the rest of the ingredients I needed for a jeweled wand of hearts--a magic wand with a strength rating of 1800. That's the most powerful wand I've acquired yet!

I hadn't done an episode in 100 Acre Wood lately, so I decided to do that today. Once it began, Piglet had a seed but he didn't know how to plant it. Owl took over, saying it needed fertilizer to grow. And he knows just how to create some fertilizer!

Yeah, I bet you do!
But according to his book, we needed a gooseberry from a gooseberry seed. So I planted Owl's seed, and it takes half an hour to grow. As I waited, I went on an action quest in Aladdin's world. I had to catch a thief. Or at least a "suspicious man."

So is he guilty or just suspicious?
I then returned to 100 Acre Wood and gave Owl the gooseberry. He said that he followed the recipe, but he ended up with jam instead of fertilizer! He had been looking at the wrong recipe the whole time. He still thanked me by giving me some sweetberry seeds. But more importantly, my farming area has now doubled in size! I can now plant 16 crops at a time instead of eight! That's a good option to have, although I'm not sure I even need that much space! But I will gladly take it!

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