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Nintendo has provided me with an advance copy of Disney Magical World, which is now available for Nintendo 3DS. It has some gameplay similarities to Animal Crossing, while also featuring over 60 Disney characters. I'll be writing about the game and providing regular updates as I progress through the game. Want to start from the beginning?

Day 18: A Big Turnip

After a stop at the workshop, I earned my 64th sticker for making 30 different pieces of furniture. I then went to 100 Acre Wood, where I began an episode to find Eeyore's tail.

I'll reattach it. Got a thumb tack?
I must have looked like I didn't believe him, because he felt the need to prove it. So he turned around to show me his butt and the camera zoomed in on it slightly.

I didn't need to see that.
All I had to do in this episode was talk to everybody; the episodes in 100 Acre Wood are generally very easy. After that, I started the next one. Piglet gave me his sparkly seed to plant, but unfortunately, it takes two and a half hours to grow! So I went to Alice's world for some action stages. I really wanted to find a dandy silk hat, because I needed it for a Mad Hatter quest outfit I've had my eye on. I had Miss Teri cast a rare item charm on me (the more powerful, two-star charm), and then I played through the teapot boss level. I actually scored three dandy silk hats!

I returned to 100 Acre Wood later on, and Piglet's seed had grown into something huge. It took all of us to pull it out of the ground.

All this work for a vegetable?
It was a big turnip. Actually, it was gigantic. I also got a seed to plant another one. I wonder what recipes require such a huge turnip?

After completing an episode where I had to find Owl's autobiography, I went to Daisy's boutique to make my Mad Hatter quest outfit. Even though dressing up my character isn't something I care for that much, this Mad Hatter quest outfit is probably the first outfit in the game that I've actually wanted. And now I've got it.

Have I gone mad?
After trading some cards with the chancellor, I earned a sticker by trading him for a rare card. With 65 stickers now, I can unlock the second area of the Magic Dungeon. So I headed there right away. Much like the first room, it's a circular room and enemies keep respawning until you beat a certain number of them. It took me a couple of tries, but once I beat them, I got a recipe for a secret blue wand. And beyond the room lied another seal, one which requires 70 stickers to unlock. They're just messing with me now!

When I took the recipe to Yen Sid the wizard, I found out that the secret blue wand is called the Donald Star Wand. It has a strength rating of 2,000, which is the highest I've seen yet. Unfortunately, it requires a Donald Star Medal, which I don't have yet.

But I decided to go on an action stage in Cinderella's world. (I'm bypassing the next ball for now). Here, I had to collect flowers for a bouquet that Prince Charming was going to give to Cinderella. When I completed the stage, I got a sticker for clearing 50 episodes. In that level, one of the items I picked up was a mystic thread. That came in handy, because it's precisely what I needed for the next episode in 100 Acre Wood. I gave it to Pooh, and with that, there are no new episodes listed on the bulletin board for 100 Acre Wood. This may mean I'm done in this area (except for my farming, of course).

But of course there's still much to do in other worlds and in the game overall. The game has an addictive quality and it's hard to stop playing sometimes! I'll see you all next time!

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