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Nintendo has provided me with an advance copy of Disney Magical World, which is now available for Nintendo 3DS. It has some gameplay similarities to Animal Crossing, while also featuring over 60 Disney characters. I'll be writing about the game and providing regular updates as I progress through the game. Want to start from the beginning?

Day 30: July DLC

July is here, and as crazy as it sounds, that marks the end of the Easter season in Disney Magical World! That means Easter items will no longer appear for sale at McDuck's, Chip and Dale will no longer pester me by wishing me a "Hoppy Easter" all the time, and the giant egg decorations are finally gone. In their place is a big golden Mickey statue.

Did the gold Mickey hatch from the Easter eggs?
The new month also brings new DLC, but it's slim pickings this month. The only new item is this free Casual Mickey T-shirt.

Casual or lazy? Give us something better next month please.
After playing through several action stages, I headed off in search of the final stone tablet.

A stone tablet is better than a stone smartphone.
And then my ship was attacked! This is a bit different from your typical action stage; the screen rotates as I move around the deck of my ship.

Ghost overboard!
The whole level didn't take place on my ship, but I did enjoy that brief change of scenery. When I mentioned the puzzle-like elements last time, that was no fluke. Many of the action stages in the pirate world have mild puzzles that typically involve stepping on switches in a certain order or finding a clue that tells you how to proceed. The puzzles aren't hard to figure out, but I appreciate how they made this world slightly different in terms of how you navigate through levels.

I only saw one full moon, when Goofy split his pants.
After recovering the final stone tablet piece, the pedastal transformed, revealing Rascal Roy's orb. I'm not exactly sure what it does just yet, but it was added to my collection of precious items.

And here I thought you were half sparrow.
I've now completed a total of seven of the action quests in this world, which is half of them. I decided to wrap up my night in the pirate world and return to Castleton. After checking in on my cafe and my crops, I traded in some cards at the castle. I currently have 233 of the 300 trading cards in the game.

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