First World Boss Ghost

I’ve continued to host parties at my cafe. It truly is the fastest way to earn money. And once a Disney character has come to the cafe for a party, he or she may start appearing in Castleton. Here, you can see Aladdin and Genie dancing in my cafe.

Aladdin and Genie dance in my cafe.After holding a Beauty and the Beast themed party, Letta arrived with a letter from Belle. It was an invitation to another ball, which I attended and completed. I actually don’t mind the balls in this game. Either they’re not as frustrating as they were in the first game, or maybe I’m just better at them now.

Beast: I didn't know you could dance so well!
You could say I’m a beast on the dance floor.

I later got an invitation from Aurora as well, so I completed her ball too.

After helping all of the seven dwarfs in the Snow White world to unlock their mines, they named me the 8th dwarf! Come on, I’m not that short! They even gave me a dwarf name… I’m now Peaceful Dwarf.

Doc, giving me a dwarf name: Peaceful! Let's go with Peaceful!
Peaceful is gonna kick your butt for that nickname.

In Hawaii, a girl accused Stitch of being the blue creature that stole something.

Girl: The culprit was a blue animal that moved like the wind!
Sure it wasn’t Sonic the Hedgehog?

Of course, a ghost was the real enemy, and I was the one who defeated it. But I continued with episodes here in the Lilo & Stitch world, and one action quest pitted me against the world boss ghost. Each of the action worlds has a world boss ghost, and this is the first one I’ve encountered.

The world boss ghost of the Lilo & Stitch world in Disney Magical World 2.As you might imagine, the boss takes a lot more hits to defeat than a regular boss ghost. But there were tons of health refills here…way more than I needed. So I didn’t have any trouble at all taking the world boss down.

Completing the episode earned me a sticker for beating my first world boss ghost, which was my 95th sticker overall. It also allowed me to make a new wand at Yen Sid’s tower, and a golden rare quest outfit at Daisy’s boutique. Making the outfit earned me another sticker.

I’ve been unlocking lots of dreams, so I figured it was time to tackle a bunch of them instead of letting them all pile up. I started with a gold Mickey dream. It looked a lot like the first Mickey dream at first sight, but there were new activities. One of them was to “perform” with Clarice. And by performing, it means just stand there moving your arms as Chip and Dale jump on piano keys.

A piano dream with Clarice, Chip, and Dale.

It also has activities that allow you to drive with Chip and Dale, play with Huey, Duey, and Louie, and fly a plane as Donald Duck holds on to the tail of the plane for dear life.

The next dream I tried was “Seabed Splendor,” based on The Little Mermaid. There are activities that let you pose with various characters from the movie, float on a jellyfish, save Flounder from being stuck, swim with a turtle, or swim with a dolphin.

Swimming with a dolphin and Ariel in a dream based on The Little Mermaid.

I then flew over to the “Wait Here, Hunny” dream based on Winnie the Pooh. For the activities, I pinned Eeyore’s tail on, avoided some bees, bounced with Tigger, sailed around the tree on a balloon, and even climbed into Winnie the Pooh’s honey pot!

Splashing in Pooh's honey pot.Bouncing with Tigger in a Winnie the Pooh dream.

Even though this dream is one of the smallest, it has a lot of activities and it’s quite fun. One of my favorite dreams so far. I also earned a new sticker for dreaming of my first Winnie the Pooh stage.

I also replayed several previous dreams that I had unlocked again. A linking feature allowed me to select multiple dreams and then hop from one directly into the next. I earned 2,000+ nice points in the combined dream, which earned me the “Nice Dream!” sticker. I’ve now earned all twelve of the stickers in the “Magical Dreams” category.

I currently have 98 stickers in total, and my item collection is 48.32% complete. See you all next time!

3 thoughts on “First World Boss Ghost”

  1. Hooray! Disney Magical World 2 came literally 10 minutes after I gave that comment on the last post. I have been playing almost non-stop the past week and have earned about 70 stickers (yes I’m obsessed XD). I’m gonna give a review here in the comments:

    I absolutely love the new homeworld, so good (although the Three Little Pigs seem out of place). The Lilo & Stitch world is brilliant, both the quests and the surfing. The Snow White world was unfortunately poorly designed in my opinion and just felt like an excuse to introduce mining. Frozen and The Little Mermaid were pretty small worlds but the story/episodes were entertaining.

    100 Acre Wood is better than ever, and the whole world is brilliant (Kanga and Roo being added is great, the world is bigger, and the story is really cute). Wonderland is, unfortunately, awful. The whole scenery, characters, and the quests were just so un-entertaining, sadly. A bad choice.

    The “Challenges” in action quests come up far too often and I would have liked a way to skip them. Despite that, the action quests are easier and much more fun in this game. Earning more money is easier, crafing items is MUCH easier; the whole game has just been made less tedious and I love it.

    The balls are much more entertaining in this game, and surfing is very fun and easy to get the hang of. Mining is, unfortunately, awful. Those mining stickers are a real pain. The Magical Dreams are good the first time, but it’s not worth watching them more than once. The Cafe has been improved and there are even more fun characters to invite. The Dance Shows are a bit boring though.

    Despite a couple of poorly-designed worlds, and some annoying technical issues, this game, is on the whole, a HUGE step forward from the first game. The whole game is just so much more streamlined and less tedious, making it more fun for everyone. This is a good game for everyone who liked the first game! MY SCORE: 8.5/10 (thanks so much if you actually read all of this XD)

    1. Well put! I agree with almost everything you wrote. They took the same formula as the first game, and improved it in many ways. I don’t dislike the mining as much as you did, but I’ll agree that the Snow White world feels rather pointless.

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