100 Stickers!

Not long after beating the world boss ghost of the Lilo & Stitch world, I came to the world boss action quest of the Frozen world as well. After clearing the first several stages, I made my way up to this ice castle.

The ice castle where the Frozen world boss ghost resides.I met up with Marshmallow there, but then an innocent-looking snowman came into sight. But the snowman (being controlled by ghosts, of course) quickly grew in size and became the world boss ghost I was expecting.

Spike, the snowman world boss ghost of the Frozen world in DMW2.The boss (Spike) doesn’t put up much of a fight, as long as you keep moving. Just keep hitting the large snowflakes (or are they ice-flakes?) that he spills out and it’s not that hard. I received a recipe for a carrot wand, which is made from three types of carrots. Is that all it takes to defeat ghosts? Veggies?

The carrot wand in Disney Magical World 2.
This wand will get to the root of the ghost problem.

In the Alice in Wonderland world, I fought through a couple of action quests there as well. In one, I beat Jokerface, who is the world boss ghost of Wonderland.

Jokerface, the world boss ghost of the Alice in Wonderland world in Disney Magical World 2.
I disposed of him quickly. You don’t want to let a jester fester.

Beating him earned me the superhero sticker for clearing 80 episodes. That was my 99th sticker, and there was only one sticker to go in my current sticker albums. The only task left to complete was to complete all world boss ghosts…and there was only one remaining.

So I headed off to The Little Mermaid world of Atlantica. I made my way through the deep ocean in search of Sebastian, as Ariel and Flounder tagged along. Once we found Sebastian, the world boss ghost was also there. Time to fight King Kral!

Fighting King Kral, the world boss ghost in the Little Mermaid world in Disney Magical World 2.

Again, I didn’t have much trouble with this boss. It’s just a matter of avoiding projectiles and keeping your distance when he charges at you. Once I was done, I earned the “Big Boss” sticker–my 100th overall! A message told me to head to Castle Square.

The big 100 sticker seal to unlock in Castle Square.When I went up to the big “100,” a star named Sparklestar appeared.

Sparklestar: Ladies and gentlemen!

It took me flying through space to the many dream worlds in the game. On the bottom screen, the game credits rolled! Apparently I’ve beaten the game!

But that’s not the end. After the credits were over, I received a new sticker album called “Pro Stickers.” This album has 15 new stickers available, and I was immediately awarded with five of them that I had already earned. Each of these pro stickers comes with a reward. For example, the “harvesting guru” sticker (for harvesting 65 different crops) gave me a recipe for the Goofy Star Wand.

So don’t worry, the game isn’t over yet. There are still many episodes to complete, dream worlds to visit, items to collect, and stickers to earn.

After playing another episode in the Lilo and Stitch world, I again fought the world boss ghost. I completed the episode and got the “You’re Not So Big” sticker for beating a variant of a world boss ghost.

After all that fighting, it was time to return home for some relaxing dreams. I started with “Fun in the Snow,” a gold rarity dream based on Frozen. I jumped on some snow mounds, slid down an ice slide with Olaf, and went ice skating.

Ice skating with Elsa, Anna, and Olaf in the Frozen dream world of Disney Magical World 2.

Next, I went on a magic carpet ride in an Aladdin themed dream. I also posed with Abu, danced with Genie, and later got a magic makeover.

Riding a magic carpet in the Aladdin dream world of Disney Magical World 2.

And last but not least, I dreamed of “Pirates Ahoy!” I rode on a raft with Captain Jack Sparrow, shared some memories of the Black Pearl as our raft seemingly sank, ran on a rotating barrel in the water, and got to pose next to the pirate’s booty. Treasure, that is.

Riding a raft with Captain Jack Sparrow in Disney Magical World 2.Running on a barrel with Captain Jack Sparrow in DMW2.

I ran into this internet player today, holding an ice cream cone stacked up a bit too high. It’s leaning! You better start licking that, or it’s going to end up on the ground!

A three-scoop ice cream cone leaning to one side.
“It’s going to fall,” I scream!

I’m making a lot of progress lately…probably because I’ve been playing so much. 😉 I’ll eventually post a full review, but I can already say that I highly recommend the game. Want to check the latest price for the game?

My sticker count is currently at 106, and my item collection is 55.45% complete. I’ll see you all next time!

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