December Brings Winter Furniture

After clearing the final episode in the castle vaults (Yen Sid’s Challenge), I earned the “High Vaultage” sticker. That also scored me the sorcerer’s apprentice outfit and the recipe for the Mickey star wand.

The sorcerer's apprentice outfit in Disney Magical World 2.
Nothing says “I’m a serious magician” like a kid’s birthday hat.

At the cafe, I threw a silver rare Shiny Star party to fulfill a request. That boosted my cafe owner level up to 30, which is the maximum. It also earned me the Legendary Owner sticker. My reward for earning that sticker was some Easter wallpaper and an Easter rug.

Cafe Manager: Your owner level is maxed out!
Now my hat doesn’t look so goofy in comparison to theirs.

After making some outfits at Daisy’s boutique (and trying them on), I earned the Ace Ensemble Guru sticker. That unlocked the recipe for the Minnie star wand. And completing an action quest in Atlantica earned me the Legend sticker for clearing 90 episodes.

On December 1st, winter furniture started appearing in McDuck’s. Here you can see the snow globe, winter counter, snowman, and winter table.

Winter furniture on sale at McDuck's, as of December 1st in Disney Magical World 2.
The new set is very ice. I mean, nice.

Winter clothing and accessories are also available now. Some of these items are purchased with medals, not coins. I’m glad I’ve been saving up!

Seasonal accessories will also be sold at the souvenir cart outside. I bought this snowflake balloon today.

A snowflake balloon at the souvenir cart in Disney Magical World 2.

But wait! There’s more! In addition to the new stuff in-game, you can also download some new items. Head over to the official Disney Magical World 2 site, and scan the QR codes to receive them! One of the items is a tote bag with some reindeer and Olaf’s face on it.

When it was time for me to dream, I headed off to the gold rarity “Shiny Star” dream. The activities here all involve riding on flying stars around a castle with Daisy, Minnie, Pluto, Mickey, Goofy, and/or Donald.

The castle in the Shiny Star dream in Disney Magical World 2.Flying on stars in the Shiny Star dream in Disney Magical World 2.

Completing that dream earned me the “Shiny  Shut-Eye” sticker.

Next, I went to the Beauty and the Beast dream entitled “Tonight is the Night!” There are only a few activities here, and they’re not very exciting. Either you “dance” (by just standing on a circle that moves around), stand around, or take a bow.

Dancing in the Beauty and the Beast dream in DMW2.
I’m a bit steamed that I had to dance with teapots.

Taking a bow in the Beauty and the Beast dream in Disney Magical World 2.

And back in the Snow White world, a perfect mining run in the rainbow cavern earned me the “Double Rainbow Rhythm” sticker. That brings my sticker total to 112 so far, and my item collection is up to 67.98%. I’ll be back with more next time!

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