Royal Rose & Christmas Party

For a long time, I was stuck trying to figure out how to make a royal rose, which was the last farming crop I needed to grow. The collection page said it was made by mixing black with gold.

Seed name: ????. Where to find: Combining : Mix black with gold!Now the problem was that the royal rose is the gold rose. So how can I mix a black rose with a gold one if I don’t have a gold one? 😛 Figuring it was an error, I tried mixing red and white, red and black, and black and white (those are the only other roses in the game). But no luck.

So I thought maybe the gold had to be a different crop altogether. So I tried crossbreeding the black rose seeds with other crops that looked gold. That included the rich butterynut seed, the royal milkberry seed, and twinkle flower seed. None of those worked either.

But finally, when I planted a golden apple seed next to the black rose, I finally got my royal rose seed! I’m not sure why or how apples are crossbreeding with roses, but I’m glad to have finally figured that out. Once I harvested the rose, my farming collection was complete!

The royal rose in my garden, ready to be harvested.

Shortly before Christmas, Nintendo of America released another set of items via QR code on the official DMW2 site. It unlocks the following holiday items: Two Mickey Santa outfits (a red one and a green one), a rare festive candle, a festive Mickey hat, a rare dusk Mickey top hat, a rare bright mickey top hat, a festive tree balloon, holiday wallpaper, a holiday rug, a holiday table, a holiday chair, and a holiday counter.  For your convenience, here is the QR code.

QR code for some Christmas items in Disney Magical World 2.
Note: This QR code may only work with the American version of the game.

For a favor, Minnie invited me over to her house. The whole gang was there for a holiday get-together! It was a surprise Christmas party! Minnie also gave me two gifts, a holiday candle and festive wreath. We then took a commemorative photo together for the occasion.

A commemorative photo taken at Minnie's Christmas party.
Merry Christmas, everyone!

You can see I was using my shocked pose there. I’ve been having fun with that greeting (maybe a bit too much), using it all around town for no particular reason. It just looks funny, that’s all. 🙂

Animated GIF showing me acting shocked all over town.

I recently had my first StreetPass hit in Disney Magical World 2! Sadly, it does not show the StreetPass visitor arriving by balloon like it did in the first game. But this is her, Wendy.

Wendy, my first StreetPass tag in Disney Magical World 2.And by request, here is a look at me wearing the reindeer outfit I got last time. Why does it have a bow though?

The reindeer outfit in Disney Magical World 2.I went home for some dreaming, going on the Winnie the Pooh themed dream “Hold on Tight!” and the Peter Pan dream “Starry Night Flight.”

Me and Pooh holding onto our balloons as a wind storm swirls us around.
A wind storm gives me and Pooh a wild ride.
Me, Peter Pan, and Tinkerbell fly past Big Ben.
It’s time to catch a flight.

It looks like there are only two more dreams I haven’t viewed/played yet, so I’ll be sure to finish those off next time. Right now, my overall game collection is at 89.24% complete. Have a Merry Christmas, and I’ll see you next time!

8 thoughts on “Royal Rose & Christmas Party”

  1. I’m so happy to have found your blog, again! I read it back when I got DMW, but lost track of it when I changed laptops. Thanks for all the info on hybrid seeds, it really helps. Now if I could just get that 100th sticker. I have a ton of trouble with the ballroom Diificult dances, even with a 100 nice-points boost.

      1. I’m thrilled to say that I did it! After posting that comment, I got a renewed sense of determination. I drank some high-caffeine tea, kissed the cats for luck, and put on the headphones to drown out the husband’s noisy Sportsball game. After getting the 100th sticker, I celebrated by attending the Sleeping Beauty Ball while dressed as Maleficent. I’ve since zoomed up to 112 stickers. Woohoo!

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