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May 25th was Goofy’s birthday, so I made sure to track him down on that date. As part of a favor, he gave me the recipe for Goofy paint buckets. It can be made over at Chip and Dale’s workshop. This picture shows what it looks like, as well as the ingredients needed.

The Goofy paint buckets item in Disney Magical World 2 for Nintendo 3DS.I’m not a fan of these special items that can only be unlocked on a specific day of the year. It makes it a chore to complete your item collection.

One day, I was visiting Donald’s house, and Goofy commented on Donald’s furniture. He said that Donald’s chest looks like Donald’s chest.

Goofy: This chest looks like Donald', chest. It's a chest-chest!
What a goofy thing to say.

Now that June is here, you can buy items from the festival and summer sets at McDuck’s. Here you can see the festival counter and festival screen. The festival bed and tropical resort water tank (from the summer set) are behind them.

Festival and summer furniture items on sale in McDuck's.There are also some summer outfits available.

New seasonal summer clothes on sale at McDuck's in Disney Magical World 2 for Nintendo 3DS.In addition, Miss Teri’s Shop of Wonder has 12 new food recipes (six that are summer themed and six that are festival themed). You can buy them with nice points.

Foods You Can Make: Poppin' Shaved Ice

I held a festival themed party to try out some of the new stuff; Mickey and Minnie showed up. Confetti falls in the cafe, and you can see fireworks on the back wall.

A party using the festival theme in Disney Magical World 2 for Nintendo 3DS.

Interestingly, my collection status shows that I have over 100% completion. That’s kind of annoying when games do this, because you don’t know how far you have to go until it’s really complete.

Collection: 101.18%

But even though summer items are here, it’s still officially spring until June 23rd. So Easter decorations are still up, and characters will still keep wishing us a Happy Easter for a few more weeks! Crazy, huh?

Anyway, you may want to play on June 9th, which is Donald Duck’s birthday. You may get an exclusive item from him only on that date. 🙂

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  1. Hello, I’m back! I haven’t read much here recently because I got busy with other things. But now I’m back to reading all your blogs! And yeah, I do agree on the completion percentage side of things.

    1. Oh I’m not complaining about having events, I was just complaining that the completion percentage isn’t accurate. Like you can have over 100% completion showing, and yet still not have everything yet. It makes it difficult to know how much more you actually need. I know it’s probably due to the QR code items I’ve scanned, but it’s still a (small) annoyance.

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