Easter Decorations are Finally Gone!

June 9th was Donald Duck’s birthday, so I tracked him down and he had a special request for me. He wanted me to make a sailing ship model for him. He gave me the recipe, and I took it to Chip and Dale’s workshop.

The sailing ship model for Donald Duck's birthday in Disney Magical World 2.
500 coins? Is that the sail price?

I made two of them, one for Donald and one to keep for myself. I took Donald’s ship back to him. Happy birthday, Donald!

Donald Duck: I'm putting this in my room right away. Come and see it!
I like how the characters go swimming in summer. It’s a nice touch.

As you can see in that picture, he said I could come and see the sailing ship model in his house. I wanted to see if that was true, and sure enough, it is!

It's the model ship you gave Donald!
Donald is a bird that’s true to his word.

At the café, I’ve been making the new summer foods that I mentioned last time. The food section of my catalog is now complete.

Food: 243/243As of yesterday (June 24th), the spring season has officially ended in Disney Magical World 2. Finally, no more Easter decorations and requests! The Easter season lasts way too long, just like it did in the first game. There’s no reason it needs to stick around 2+ months after Easter is over.

The Castle Street plaza is back to normal. Easter decorations are gone now.
Those Easter eggs were starting to stink anyway.

As for my café parties, it seems that I only need to hold four more parties until I’ve held them all! Other than that, there’s not much left for me to do in this game. I’m still missing some of the character birthday items, but that might be about it. My overall completion percentage for the game is at 102.52%.

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