Camofrog’s Pic for a Toilet

On Monday night, Camofrog told me to check out what he was wearing. He said he was wearing clothes that I designed, but it just looked like he was wearing gold roses. 😛

Camofrog, standing in gold roses: Hey, check this out! I'm wearing clothes you designed, right?!Agent S came up to me and asked if I was her dream guy! She seemed smitten with me for some reason. I think she’s just nuts.

Agent S: Um... Hey there. Is chance you're my dream guy, dearie?Up on Main Street, I spotted my current gator (Boots) hanging out with my previous gator friend, Drago.

Drago and Boots hanging out on Main Street in Animal Crossing: New Leaf for Nintendo 3DS.I StreetPassed someone named Matthew from Slifer, so I checked out his home in the Happy Homes Showcase. Virtually every room of his house was filled with bugs, fish, or sea creatures. Most of them weren’t even rare ones.

Resting in Matthew's home full of sea creatures in ACNL.

Today, as I was putting some perfect peaches into my secret storage space, Vivian barged into my house. She brought me a gift, but it wasn’t particularly appealing. It was just a banana.

Vivian: Here. Take a banana!Back outside, Big Top approached me and said I was eyeing his toilet! Not true!

Big Top: J bear! You're totally eyeing my toilet! Don't deny it!
Okay, okay, you caught me.

He wanted me to buy it from him for 1,440 bells. I agreed to the deal, just to be nice.

Camofrog asked me for some new furniture for his house. I knew exactly what to give him.

Camofrog: Oh! A toilet!He seemed to appreciate it, and in return, he gave me his picture! Wow! I’ve been trying to get his picture for months, and it turns out, all I had to do was to give him a toilet! Has he been holding it all this time? He must have reeeeallly needed to go! 😛

Camofrog: Camofrog's pic! Thanks again for the help!I then took his picture back to my house to take a look at it. He looks a bit angry in this picture. Well, maybe he was just constipated.

Camofrog's pic on display in my house.His favorite quote is on the back: “What you can’t see can’t hurt you.” Well, he better not look before he flushes.

Quote on Camofrog's pic: What you can't see can't hurt you.This is my 30th villager pic (not counting pics from special characters), and I then put it into storage after taking the above pictures. And now that I have it, I plan on letting Camofrog move out the next time he asks. I already have someone in mind to take his place when that happens.

My recent dream visitors have been Amanda from Parody, Ava from Hyrule, Jomana from New Leaf, and Manel from Poochie. Thanks for stopping by!

One other note: The schedule of this blog is changing. Rather than twice a week, there will now just be one entry per week (most of the time). I’ll still be playing the game daily, and there will be weeks that have more than one, but it’s time to cut back a bit. Not a whole lot seems to happen most days, and I’d like to spend more time with other games (such as Splatoon 2 and Breath of the Wild).

My Wild World Blog will still be updated twice a week.

A Fantastic Bucket

Yesterday, Boots was telling me how to use the camera to take screenshots. Of course, I already knew how to do that. 😛 But since he suggested that I take a picture of him, I went ahead and snapped a pic.

Boots: OK! Cheeeeese!Big Top asked me for a cherry tonight, so I picked one for him. He enjoyed it, and he rewarded with a “fantastic” bucket.

Big Top: A fantastic piece of fruit deserves a fantastic gift! Here--take my bucket!Lily told me that she was planning on moving out of town on the first of this month. That would be impossible, since it’s already the 22nd. But clearly, she meant the first of next month. Last November’s Welcome Amiibo update “fixed” fun things like net glitching, and yet mistakes like this are still in the game.

Lily: Well, that really resonated with me. So I've decided to move on the 1st of this month.
You’re not going anywhere, this month or next.

It’s Saturday night, so I made a trip into Club LOL to catch a performance from K.K. Slider. He played K.K. Bossa for me. Octavian and Peck were also there to enjoy the show, sitting on opposite sides of the club of course.

K.K. Slider performs for Octavian, Jeff, and Peck in Animal Crossing: New Leaf (ACNL) for Nintendo 3DS.Back in town, I enjoyed a short visit with Bob on the yellow bench.

Bob and Jeff sit on a bench in Animal Crossing: New Leaf (ACNL).I spoke with Camofrog, and he told me how much he wanted to drink a cup of buttermilk. Um, okay. Nice chat. 😛

Camofrog: On days like this, I want to down a cup of buttermilk and refresh myself by working up a sweat!

My recent dream visitors have been Emma from Minitown and Melody from Pink Sea. Thanks for stopping by!

Fishing for Camofrog

The mailbox of Booker (my 2nd character, not the dog) filled up recently, so I switched characters to clear out his mail. One of his letters was from Isabelle, and it was about the town’s anniversary back on May 2nd. It included a sapling clock. So apparently, every character will get one. Not just the mayor.

Dear Booker, May 2nd will mark 4 years of our mayor presiding over this town! To honor his time in office, every villager will get a special celebratory gift! -Isabelle from Town HallAnyway, Peewee the gorilla was camping at the campsite today. The gorillas aren’t one of my favorites species.

Peewee: I heard the local specialty is one of my favorites, the peach! I love this town! GAHAHA!I found Gulliver down on the beach, talking about maple syrup. Before he started getting too sappy, I informed him that Canada is the country he was headed to. He’ll be sending me a gift from there tomorrow.

Gulliver: Oh! My beloved maple syrup! Please tell me you've heard of this country! You've gotta!Camofrog asked me for a butterfly fish tonight, and I really wanted to help him out (so that maybe I could get his picture). So I went down to the ocean and started fishing. I wasn’t having much luck finding a butterfly fish, but I was catching some other valuable fish and bugs. Sharks, blue marlins, red snappers, and several types of tree bugs.

After half an hour of fishing, I decided to give up. I saw a small fish shadow near the ramp back up to town, and I told myself that would be my last try. And surprisingly enough, that was a butterfly fish!

I caught a butterfly fish! As mayor, welcome to my pockets!So I took it over to Camofrog, and he rewarded me with…some slate flooring. How disappointing, after all that work. Ugh.

But on the bright side, all those fish and bugs I caught earned me some big bells. In fact, I earned enough to kick my bank account balance over 101 million bells.

Your current balance is 101,040,000 bells.Of course, I keep forgetting that I don’t have to go up to the post office to deposit money. I could do it in my own house, thanks to my ABD.

Luna told me my recent dream visitors have been Hayley from Phoenix, Shawna from Seashell, Levi from Forest, and Pansy from Salazar. Boots also mentioned dreaming of Nathan from Oldwell. Thanks for stopping by!

Boots, standing next to an illuminated tree PWP: Nathan from Oldwell appeared in my dream recently.