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Entry 42: Jeff & Elly's Wedding

Yukon and Gaston were recently hanging out together, playing on their guitars.

Lindsay and Tobias seemed to be having some troubles, but I told them to try to work it out. However, they just stood there and looked at each other.

Without saying a word, they both knew it was over and there was nothing I could do to change their mind. They got divorced.

On TV, George Sr. was advertising corn dogs! I wonder if he made them with the Cornballer.

Also on the news, I found out that Buster has been forgetting to brush his teeth before bed. Wait, why is this on the news? When asked about the resulting tooth decay, Buster said it was 90% cavity.

Breezy was gaining fame for growing a huge, record-breaking radish. In fact, it was so big that she couldn't pull it out of the ground by herself! So she got several other Miis to help. Actually, it looks like Breezy and Gaston are just barking out the orders, and making everyone else do the hard work!

I later checked in on Tobias, and he was still feeling blue.

Jeff had a heart icon over his apartment window, so I quickly checked it out. He finally wanted to propose to Elly! At the amusement park, Jeff prepared to pop the question. But Elly had more important things on her mind.

I mistimed my button presses a couple times, and a large bird ruined one of my attempts.

But on my final chance, I was finally able to ask Elly. She said yes!

The wedding was held right away. It was attended by George Sr., Miss Piggy, Gaston, Mr. Bean, Xavier, Charlie Brown, Annyong, and Luigi.

They took their honeymoon in Germany, where they visited Rudesheim.

Afterwards, Jeff gave me a nutcracker as a gift. What?! Nobody wants a nutcracker on their honeymoon!

Just a few minutes later, another heart icon appeared. This one was on Miss Piggy's window. It turns out she and Zoidberg want to have another baby! This will be their 5th child, while no other couple on the island has had any kids yet.

I gave Weird Al a hard-boiled egg and told him to just eat it. He did, but he loved it much more than I expected. He blasted off for his super all-time favorite food!

I went to see Jeff and Elly's house, but they didn't seem very pleased to see me.

On the beach, Zoidberg discovered a beached whale! He called in a few friends to help pull it to the ocean (from whence it came).

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Notes: Nintendo has graciously provided me with an advance copy of Tomodachi Life. Thanks, Nintendo! All Miis shown were made by me or my friends and are not in the game by default.

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